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Meet the Adoptables!

Below are our latest sato rescues looking for loving homes. For information on how to adopt them, please email Join our facebook or twitter networks to get notification of adoptables as they are rescued. If they are listed at a particular rescue group be sure to give them a call.

Rocket is a 29-pound, approximately 9 month old black lab mix with distinctive ears.
He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. He had rabies, bordetella, and dhlpp on 8/18 and his second dhlpp on 9/9.
He has tested negative on his 4DX.

An adorable, 24-pound labbish mix
He's neutered and under two years old
4dx negative
up to date on vax
rescuer/contact: Haydee de Jesus

45-pound, one-yer-old spayed female
She is a lovely, beautiful, sweet and humble Labrador-Pointer mix who loves people, children and dogs.
Maya was abandoned right before giving birth to 9 puppies in a very secluded place up in the mountains. She was rescued and fostered along with her puppies by a family with children and dogs. She is sweet, humble and obedient. She loves taking naps in tiny places and enjoys watching TV on the laps of her humans. She loves to cuddle. Maya is boarding at the veterinary clinic right now and she misses her humans. School began and their foster mom didn't have the time to keep taking care of them.
4DX negative
fecal negative
rabies, bordetella, and dhlpp
See complete health record
Maya's medical record
rescuer/contact: Sharon Mercado

Sally's rescuer/contact: Yamayra Valentín

2 years
spayed female, Siberian Mix, 42.4 pounds
DHLPP Jan 7, 14 (DAPPV Lepto 4)
Bordetella Jan 7, 14.
Rabies Jan 7, 14/ Exp date Sept 16 2014
Tag #11649/ Serial #S300571A/ Manufacturer Pfiser
Treatment for Positive Heart Worms
Arena's heartworm treatment:
4-02-2014 - 1.8ml Immiticide - right lumbar
4-03-2014 - 1.8ml Immiticide - left lumbar
followed with Prednisone 20mg x 28 days
Re-test - 8-29-2014: Neg x 4
Deworming: Pyrantel
Sulfamethoxazole Jan 8, 14
Prevention: Heart Guard Plus
Arena was abandoned in a Commercial Center, on December 31, 2013. Her eyes were the most sad ones, I have ever seen. She is loving, intelligent, and love cookies and the rawhide bones.
Rescuer/contact: Miriam

Spayed, 4-year-old, small greyhound mix
35 pounds
Sweet and gets along well with other dogs and kids
up to date on vaccinations: rabies, bordetella, dhlpp on 5/16/14
heartworm negative
monthly ivamec and frontline
Kassie was found roaming around on a busy street in the city. She was skinny and balding and depressed, but now she is playful with other dogs and is a happy and peppy girl. She loves to play with other dogs and she loves young kids. Kasalta is smart and obedient and such a tender loving good girl who loves to be held and hugged and she especially likes her belly rubs.

Randy is lovely, friendly, and sweet...but you can probably tell that from this photo.
He is neutered and received his rabies on August 27, 2014
He is about 28 lbs.
Randy was abandoned in a strip of beach near/after the airport, called Piñones, which has traditional been a dumping ground for dogs (for many years), There are outdoor food kiosks on the side of he road and it's fairly uninhabited...but he wants his own home! Rescuer/contact: Tati Friedman

This sweet mix is a spayed female, who is a little under two years old.
She weighs 22 pounds
Rabbies Vaccine- September 25, 2013 ( Tag # 1183)
Bordetella-1st Dosis- September 25, 2013
2nd Dosis - October 16, 2013
DHLPP & Corona-1st Dosis- September 25, 2013
2nd Dosis - October 16, 2013
Fecal-1st Fecal Test-September 25, 2013
Positive for Hooks and whipworms. Was given Pra-Pyr -Fen ( Dontral Plus which is a combination of Praziquantel, Pyrantel and Fenbendazole)) and was redewormed again with Pra-Pyr -Fen ( Dontral Plus which is a combination of Praziquantel, Pyrantel and Fenbendazole)) on October 16, 2013.
2nd Fecal Test- October 16, 2013 - Result negative.
snap 4-September 25, 2013 - Result negative
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with Children: Yes
Good with cats: I don't Know
She is really a great , great dog and is time for her to have a family of her own.
Rescuer/contact: Giselle Colon at

This yellow lab mix was rescued when she was pregnant in March 2014. She is a great dog, very docile and sweet. She is about a year old, spayed, and weighs 39 pounds.
rabies Vaccine- March 6, 2014
Bordetella- March 6, 2014
DHLPP & Corona-1st Dosis- March 6, 2014
2nd Dosis - March 29,2014
Fecal-1st Fecal Test- March 6, 2014
Positive for Hooks. Was given Pra-Pyr -Fen ( Dontral Plus which is a combination of Praziquantel, Pyrantel and Fenbendazole)
Snap 4-March 6, 2014 - Result negative for all 4 diseases
Fleas or ticks: Capstar Tablet was given on 3/6/2014.
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with Children: Yes
Good with cats: I don't Know
Rescuer/contact: Giselle Colone


18-pound, neutered male
Rescued on 4/10/14
4dx negativo
4/10 vacunas (dhlpp/bordetella/rabia)
4/24 dhlpp
4/25 castración
approximately 7 or 8 months as of May 3
very sweet, precious
Rescuer/contact: Sonia Cosme and alexiabejarano last contact: 6/17

Spayed Female
1.5 years
20 libras
4dx negativo
Rescuer/contact: Haydee, date of last contact: June 19


Spayed female
color; Black/brown
Age: 1 year
Weight: 32 lbs
Vaccines: DHLPP 2/25/14,
Rabies 2/25/14
Rescuer/contact: Claudia Amaya (for Estrella)
Very loving

Angel Andres

Neutered male
5 years old
He is not tall, but weighs in at a solid 42 lbs
Up to date on vaccinations
After being treated for heartworm, he is now heartworm free and on preventative
This boy was rescued in November 2013 when he had terrible mange, heartworm, and other ailments. He spent a lot of time in the clinic and received a lot of love and care to become the healthy and beautiful boy he is today with his amazing red coat. He is very tender and noble, loving and friendly. He adores people and other dogs, is well behaved. Almost perfect in the words of his rescue contact. calm, happy and always smiling
Rescuer/contact: sharon Mercado
Movie of AA is available

Angel Andres medical record

Here's a new photo of Angel Andres....boy, is he ever ready to get a forever home in the Northeast!


Name: Lulu
Spayed Female
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 30 lbs
Vaccines: DHLPP 3/17/13, 4/4/13, 10/12/13, april 20/14
Bordetella 5/12/13 , april 20/14 Intranasal
Rabies 4/22/13
Tested: HW/erch/anap 4/24/13 Negative, 10/12/13 Negative
Spay: Yes 05/06/13
rescuer/contact: Claudia Amaya
waiting since April 23


Spayed female
2 years
45 pounds
longish hair
super sweet, happy
rescuer/contact: Cecille Correa
waiting since: March 18, 14 up to date on vaccines 4dx neg


4 years, 44 pounds
beautiful spayed female chocolate lab
She's been waiting a long time to get on a plane to be in her forever home. (Been in her rescuer's home for over a year)
Very friendly, sociable, sweet and gets along well with other dogs.
Her repeated 4Dx gave a + result to erlichia on June 16. Being treated with doxy.


Chocolate is 4 yrs old.
Rescued from a "finca" (a farm) in the country where he was basically by himself and totally neglected. Despite that he is friendly and sweet.
About 60 lbs.
He was fully vetted in mid June Rescuer/contact: Edi


Sweet, lovable Maverick was rescued in April from an abandoned lot in Toa Baja along with his wife Maggie and their 2 puppies Morgan and Murphy.
He is obedient, well behaved, trained and sociable dog which would be an asset for any shelter.
Age- 4 years
Weight- 57 pounds
rabies Vaccine-April 3, 2014
Bordetella ( Oral)-April 3, 2014
DHLPP- 1st Dosis-April 3, 2014
2nd dosis- July 16,2014
Fecal Tests- 1st Fecal Test- April 3, 2014
Result was Negative. No OVA seen
2nd Fecal Test- May 23, 2014 Result was Negative. No OVA seen
snap 4- Performed on April 3 ,2014
Result was positive for heartworm. On May 7, 2014 Maverick was administered the Immiticide treatment for his heartworm.
On 05/16/14 he was administered Doxycycline INj and was continued in Doxycycline capsules.
At the end of June a microfilaria test was performed and Maverick was administered Ivermectin inj.
Neutered- Yes. On July 16, 2014
fleas or ticks: Yes at the time of rescue but none since then.
Maverick was given Capstar green tablets on 04/03/14 and on 05/16/14. He was also applied frontline on 05/16/14
His skin and coat are in excellent condition.
Good with other dogs: yes but he is very mellow and calm and should not be in a house around puppies or hyper dogs.
Good with Children: Yes, yes, yes
good with cats: I don't know

Maverick's rescuer is Giselle Colon

This lovely long-haired/black labby mix was rescued with her husband and two babies. Here she is snuggling with one of those babies that has since found a loving home in Maine. Her foster mom has only good things to say about her. She is house broken and behaves really, really well. She gets along with other dogs and children and is very smart.
She weighs 50 pounds and is spayed
Age- 4 years
Rabbies Vaccine- April 3, 2014
Bordetella- April 3, 2014 ( Oral)
DHLPP & Corona-1st Dosis- April 3, 2014
2nd Dosis - April 17, 2013
Fecal- 1st Fecal Test- April 3, 2014,
Result was negative
snap 4- April 3, 2014 - Result negative for all 4 diseases
Heart worm Preventive- Yes. She has taken her monthly heartworm preventive starting on April 30, 2014
fleas or ticks: Capstar Tablet was given on 4/3/2014.
She had beautiful hair but had a hot spot at the moment of her rescue. She was given Cephalexin 500 mg every 12 hours x 14 days and was given baths with Oxiderm Shampoo. At the moment and after shaving her hair she looks great and the hot spot disappeared.
Rescuer/contact: Giselle Colon at


Nino still plays like a puppy even though he is estimated to be 1.5 years
He weighs between 25 and 30 pounds
He's neutered, received his Rabies vaccination and DHLLP in December 2013 when he was rescued.
He is getting his bordetella (as of 7/31)
He had a second DHLPP in May when he was neutered. He has been on Heartguard since May 2014. On May 2014 also he got his 4DX exam plus fecal. They give him Pyrantel for intestinal parasites. His results were good and he is really healthy!
Niño's rescuer says he is a very active who loves to run, jump and play!!! He shows no food aggression and he is good with other dogs. He lives with 4 in his foster home. He is really a good boy that wants to play with everything and everyone. He love toys and will bring them back to you while playing just for you to drop the toys again!!


Sonic is a special needs. His badly broken left front leg had to be amputated. But, it doesn't appear to bother him!He gets around very well and was an exceptionally good patient during his surgery.
He weighs about 25 pounds and is 1.5 years (as of 7/31)
He is up to date on his medical work
Rescuer/contact: Ruth Camilo


Neutered male
1 year old as of mid June 2014
About 35 pounds
Up to date on rabies
He is super affectionate. Would love a human to share a couch with and cuddle. Passive. Gets along with dogs well. Tolerates annoying toddler like a champ. Takes pills very easily. Loves the bath. Rides well in car. Knows sit. Stay and down. Needs work on house training, potty training. Needs toys to keep busy. He is still in the chewing phase. Rescuer/contact: Nicole

Eva Luna

This gorgeous girl is being cared for by one of our veteran rescuers, so we imagine she is up to date on all her shots, spayed, and ready to go home! Rescuer/contact: Gisele Colon

This year-old, neutered boy is super friendly.
He weighs 21 pounds
4DX 8/18-14 . Anaplasmosis +, treated w/ Doxicline x 21 days
DHLPP 8/14/14
DHLPP 9/8/14
Bordetella 8/14/14
Rabia 8/14/14
Fecal 8/14/14

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