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In Memoriam


We were sad to hear that Fenway passed away surrounded by family after a courageous battle with cancer. He was 11 years old. That's him on the left next to his dad, who is a very compassionate dog lover. Fenway leaves behind canine brother Jack, an 8-year-old Plott hound, and "Big" Leo, an Italian greyhound who showed up at the front gate one day and decided to stay for dinner. That was over 4 years ago. On the far right is Fenway's human brother Chris. Fenway arrived in Mass. many years ago with his five litter mates.


Casey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge inNovember 2013. His last week was difficult, but he stayed calm to the end. Health issues were affecting his quality of life, and there was nothing that could be done. As on that first day when his parents adopted him and gave him the first hug, they were with him at the end for a final embrace before saying good-bye.

Casey had been adopted seven years ago through a partnering shelter of All Sato Rescue located in New Jersey. Casey came into the All Sato Rescue system after a woman who found him waiting outside the house she had moved into--his owner had left him behind! When he first arrived at his new adoptive home he was timid, but after receiving love and encouragement he came to trust his parents and others. Casey became the “best” dog you could hope for, always obedient and willing to please. Early on he responded to words and commands. One of his neighbors remarked, “He’s the nicest dog on the block.” When another dog joined his family, two years after adopting Casey, he welcomed her immediately. They were best buddies for five years, enjoying many walks and lying in the sun on our patio in nice weather.

His parents cherish the memories of Casey . . . . . . he definitely made their lives richer by being a part of it.


Lovely Belle, a Senior Sato and beloved ambassador for Puerto Rico's finest export, passed away in October at age 16. She leaves a huge hole in the lives of her family. Her mom said it feels as if she has lost a limb.

Tipping the scales at about ten pounds, Belle was a small dog with a big personality. Contrary to most Satos, she was not a foodie. But, she lived every other facet of life to the fullest. She adored her snuggles, walks, naps, and play times.

She was also a constant companion,going everywhere with her moms--to work, on vacations to Florida, NYC, NJ, and Seattle (and that was just in the last year!), and for walks on the beach near their summer home on Cape Cod.

Belle was a gentle and steadying presence during many ups and downs--offering support during deaths of loved ones and sharing joyous occasions like her moms' wedding where she served as "best dog."

Belle had been slowing down the last few years and let her family know when it was time for her to move on. After a rough start on the streets of Puerto Rico, Belle knew a life full of blessings, perhaps the most important being the fact that she knew she was a cherished member of the family.


Back in May of 2002, we heard from a family that had just adopted Gordy...they wanted to let us know that he had settled into his new home and bonded immediately with his new human siblings--a 7-year-old brother and 5-year-old sister. In fact, Gordy was already spending every night curled up at the foot of his brother's bed. His mom said that she had not wanted to let Gordy on the bed, but he and his brother were so cute together that she didnât have the heart to separate them. (And, yes, we do like her VERY much for feeling that way!!)

They said that Gordy was so popular with all the kids in the neighborhood that whenever he went outside, they all started calling his name. Then Gordy would spend the day running around after all of them. His mom said that he had his own fan club. Gordy was also a quick study. He learned all his indoor manners within a week.

Gordy was the absolute best dog! He was full of personality - He didn't walk into a room, he skipped or trotted always! He loved people and loved to snuggle up with them, even if he had just met them. One of his favorite things to do was sit outside in the sun for hours at a time (Satos love their sun!) He was a happy, loveable little guy - people would comment that he looked like he was smiling. He probably was.

We were so sad to learn that Gordy died of cancer in January 2012, after almost ten years as a loving companion, neighborhood fixture, masterful cuddler, and loving brother. His death left a very big hole in the life of his family, but he will in their hearts forever.


Here's a lovely note that we received about Pancho from his dad.

About 10 years ago, we adopted a Sato from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. named Pancho. He grew to be the most loving, loyal, and wonderful family dog one could ever hope for.

He was also a terrific watch dog. Pancho always let us know when someone was approaching the house. During his time with us, our family grew with the birth of our son and daughter. Pancho was great with the kids and followed them everywhere to make sure they were okay.

In the fall when I cut trees for firewood, Pancho was right there with me. He never turned down an invitation to go for a walk, cut wood, or go for a car ride.

While he loved everyone in the family, he seemed to form a special bond with me. Pancho stayed by my side no matter where I went in the house. If I made a move to leave a room, he was right there and would follow me. No matter how late I got home from work he was there to greet me.

While this story is one of great happiness and joy, it has a bittersweet ending. On January 18, 2010 at 1:30pm, Pancho crossed the rainbow bridge. While his heart was big and strong, his kidneys weren't, and we lost him. We all still love him and miss him terribly.


Fernando was a very special rescue for ASR President Edilia Vazquez. She spied him in a near-death scenario as he was attempting to cross an expressway. Fortunately, Edi had some yummy sausages with her, for just such an occasion, and she was able to get this gentle lab mix into her car and off to the vet.

Blind in one eye, from a beating, Fernando also had a bullet lodged in his shoulder. But none of that affected his temperament: he didn't have a mean bone in his body.

He went to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA where he was adopted by an extraordinary family with parents and two human brothers. Fernando was in heaven.

But in August 2009, he sustained a spinal injury when he lost his footing during a particularly expressive leap. He was in considerable pain the last few months of his life, but his family was always with him.

Everyone at ASR loved Fernando. He was a great role model in showing that cruel experiences don't have to make some one or some thing cruel. We are very grateful to his family for giving him the life he deserved--even though it was a short one.

Reflections on the Passing of Chopin: Forever in our Hearts

September 13, 2009

He woke me, early, for his morning walk. Except, this time, we needed no harness, no leash. He even gave up his collar which, in the past, always seemed to make him uneasy when we removed it, as I am sure it reminded him of the days when he did not belong.

We walked for miles through town, on this peaceful Sunday morning, to the crossroads of the Sudbury Reservoir, where the road separated two levels of water, encompassing a mini-waterfall and whirlpool.

Months ago, we had made a bucket list of sorts, which included a run on the beach at sunset. Unfortunately, a no-dogs-allowed sign, and his life-long aversion to water (undoubtedly from his days seeking shelter from the hard rains of the streets of San Juan, where he had roamed as a homeless dog), seemed to divert us from this simple pleasure.

Not so this morning. I lifted myself over the guardrail and set myself down on the rocks with my feet over the water's edge. I reflected on our unfettered love and my sense of loss. And then he appeared. No longer my sleek chocolate lab-doberman, but rather a slender solitary water bird. He landed upon a lone rock in the reservoir about two hundred yards away.

We sat in silence and pondered what had come, and gone, and returned. He reminded me that a life well-lived defines and provides meaning to all creatures and beings.

We recalled the list and, as he spread his wings to dry, the overcast sky began to thin some, and veins of blue broke through the early morning mist. We looked at each other for some time, and then, he rose from the rock, he danced upon the water, and he flew as strong, as proud, and as happy as he had ever been. For now, the fear of water was gone; the bucket list complete.

And as he flew away and faded from my sight, I realized that I had my own bucket list and that I had achieved, its most important item, which, until now, had evaded me through my self-absorption: To love without limitation, to give of yourself, selflessly, to know when to let go of the ephemeral, and to cherish the memories of a life seemingly too short, yet so full, is the greatest gift we can give to another being, and to oneself.

Happy Endings


Mila went to her forever home in early April 2017 and is now officially the baby of the family. Mila's new granddad didn't even really like dogs before he met her--and now he is totally in love with this little cutie pie. Mila's mom writes us that Mila isn't only one of the best things to ever happen to her, but Mila is also one of the best things to ever happen to the entire family!


Chloe has been adopted by the Denney family. She now has lots of people with whom to take naps, snuggle, go for car rides and share a love of hot pink clothing and accessories!


It was love at first sight for Sato Rubi and her new mom. From the moment Rubi came in the door of the Humane Society, Waterville Area and landed in Ashley's arms, Ashley knew that Rubi was the dog she had been looking for. Rubi stayed cuddled up close to her mom, but quickly came out of her shell when she met her five new human siblings, all of whom fell in love with her instantly. Rubi now has plenty of people around to pat her head and pat the special spot under her neck. Belly rubs are fun too!


Rico has a great home in New Jersey, which he found through our partner the Monmouth County SPCA. He weighed just 13 pounds when he was adopted in April 2017, but he's gained about 25 pounds since then. He is much loved by his new family.


Nagui is healthy and happy at her new home in Massachusetts where she loves to play and chase. Nagui found her home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling MA.


Barlow (the black lab mix) is a little bundle of energy, full of curiosity and enthusiasm. Those qualities will serve him well as he explores his wonderful new home on Cape Cod, Mass. with his new friend Elvis (another rescue, yeah!!). Barlow was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass., where he only had to wait three days before his new parents came along to pick him up. He is much loved.


Lyra has been doing great settling into her new home. She's very sweet and affectionate with everyone she meets. She loves to meet new dogs and play, especially with her friend Nico, who came from the same wonderful shelter that she did....that would be Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. Lyra is working now on basic training and leash manners- her energy level is pretty high, but she's smart and is picking up commands quickly. She loves to play fetch and tug of war and then conk out on the couch with her brother.


Mia has that special look of bliss, even with her little eyes closed, just being near her new mom. This lucky pup is safe, happy, and much loved.She enjoys playing with her many new toys (some of them are almost as big as she is!) and then curling up on her new dad's chest for a little nap. Mia has been meeting lots of new friends and family and is a big hit wherever she goes.


Bailey now lives in Amherst, Mass. She was a special 18th birthday present for her new mom and found her wonderful new home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Here's Libby in the arms of her big--and beloved--sister Franny. Libby is so sweet and feisty and extremely smart. Her only bad habit is eating her own poop! (At least she doesn't roll in it!) Despite this one flaw, her family loves her very much. Libby was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.

Charlie is very energetic and happy and she loves to play with her sato sister Rosie, pictured below. She is thriving in her new home, which she found courtesy of the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ. Rosie was adopted from the same shelter.


Rosie is the very cool big sister to sato Charlie...pictured above.


Wylie was adopted into a wonderful home, which is a small farm in the countryside with sheep and chickens, so he has plenty of room to roam, run, and explore. He is being introduced to the sheep slowly, because they are much bigger than he is. But he also has a nine-year-old canine sister named Jessie, with whom he is growing closer by the day. Wylie is whip smart and loving and his new parents say that he will be well loved and cared for for the rest of his life, which means the world to us.

Sargent Socks

Could there be a better name than Sargent Socks?? This lucky guy traveled to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Massachusetts and found a wonderful new home where he is spreading joy. He is teething now so he loves to chew on his new family members, fortunately, they don't mind! They feel blessed to have him, he is their best friend.


Gemma was given her new name because she is a precious gem...She also has her own Instagram page! Her new parents are very accomplished photographers. She is doing FANTASTIC! She is so smart and already knows sit, lie down, and shake. Her new parents say that she is a blessing.


Rosie went to her forever home in early March from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. She is doing fabulously!! She was just under 7 pounds when she first went home and now she tips the scales at 17. She loves going for walks, chasing her toys around, snuggling with her family on the couch and napping in the doorway while soaking up the sun. She is the most sweetest puppy!


Lola finds there is no pillow more comfortable than her dad/best friend's feet. Lola has overcome a rough past and now lives in Maine where she is thriving and making her dad very happy. She's happy too--she loves being outdoors, going for walks and car rides, and playing tug of war. She is a sweet and empathetic girl who is eager to please.


Lando has brought much joy and fun into his new home. Everyone adores him and he is a big hit wherever he goes. He clearly loves hanging out with his dad. Lando was adopted from the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, NH.


Romps on the beach? Check. Older canine brother to show you the ropes? Check. Your very own stick and personal stick thrower? Check.....looks like Spruce has it all in her amazing new life. She found her home through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. She now goes for weekly beach runs and on hiking and camping trips. She has new parents who are committed to spoiling her and they say that she is absolutely the sweetest, most loving puppy.


Daisy is a very happy and curious puppy, who has completely stolen the hearts of her new family, which includes two human siblings and an older canine brother (also a rescue!!). She has a big, fenced yard, a nice neighborhood to explore, and 4 dog cousins that she will see all the time. One of the 'cousins' is also a Sato, so they will have lots to talk about. Daisy was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Tessie found her new home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts.She came up with her four siblings. She is the best girl and she is much loved by her new family.


Morena's new mom wasn't even looking for a dog when she stopped by the Humane Society, Waterville Area in Northern Maine to visit. She went outside to the kennels and ran into one of the staff members with a small black dog. That dog was Morena and the two had an immediate connection. It wasn't long before Morena was packing her bags and moving to her forever home. They've been together months now and Morena has proven to be extraordinarily loving and appreciative. She is friendly and playful and she loves every dog and cat she meets. She is even more comfortable around men--she was a little scared at first. Morena's mom writes that this Sata has changed her life.


Lola has moved into a beautiful home in Freehold, NJ with a huge fenced-in yard, a pool, lots of comfy beds and plenty of toys. She loves to play ball, run, explore, and then snuggle with her new family members. She is very smart and quickly mastered "sit" and "lie down." She has become a big baseball fan and goes to lots of games with her new human siblings.


Emma looks very proud to be in the arms of her new mom and surrounded by her new family. She can't believe how lucky she is to have both a human sister (Grace) AND a human brother (Grant). Surely this little sata has lots of play and cuddle time in her future. She found her wonderful new home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Ernie is a goofball, whose new family "loves him to death!" Ernie found his forever home through the Monmouth County SPCA in Freetown, NJ.


Sullivan is absolutely exceptional. He is the perfect mix of playful and snuggly. He loves to play hard, and once he tires himself out, he is most content in the arms of someone he loves. Not to mention, he is just beautiful. Sully was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ and he is his owner's very first rescue pup. She has had dogs before, but never a Sato....and she is in for quite a treat!


Pedey's new family tell us that they love him to pieces. He was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. and now lives in New Hampshire with two kids that he adores. They have formed quite a pack. Pedey has good manners and loves to play--and also to snuggle.


Charismatic Remy was adopted through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. He loves his older canine brother Jax and anyone else he meets. He is such a sweet, smart puppy and he loves to cuddle.


It took Charlie a little while to get used to the concept of living in his very own house, but he's become so comfortable now that he makes a beeline for the bed after a long play session outside. He doesn't even give his new mom a chance to take off his harness! He is loving having his own backyard to play in, with balls to chase and people to throw them. He’s such a sweet boy and a great addition to the family. Charlie found his home through the New Hampshire SPCA.


Pepper is a doll, whose whole family is in love with her. Since moving to New Hampshire (Pepper was adopted through the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham), she has been introduced to snow, a feline sibling, and the joys of napping with her head resting on one of her new family members.


We hear from Flavia's new family that this little sata is a great fit, incredibly smart, and making a big difference in their lives.


Buddy was very skinny and dirty when he was rescued, but he had a palpable desire for a better life. And now he has one! Buddy found a very loving home through Humane Society, Waterville Area in Northern Maine. In addition to loving new parents, Buddy has a puppy brother and sister. He is greatly adored by his new family. His dad takes him on long walks every day and they play together with lots and lots of toys.


Lia found her forever home through our friends at Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. Her new family wrote to say that she had a great first day. After a really enjoyable car ride, she made herself right at home in her new yard. She has an amazing appetite and after some serious exploring she settled down for a little rest. She stretched out in bed with her new parents and slept all night, woke up and took a nice walk. She has met a lot of her new neighbors and is a little shy but sweet as ever, stealing hearts! She is an angel and her family say they are blessed to have her.

Liv Tyler

Here's the lovely Liv Tyler going to her forever home in the arms of her new BFF/human sister, Sophia. Liv found her home through the Monmouth County SPCA. She is an amazing and wonderful pup and just as beautiful as her namesake. She was given her distinctive name in Puerto Rico and her new family is keeping it because they see her new life as her chance to "liv."


Andy is getting used to all the coats and outerwear that any doggie needs to survive a winter outside the tropics. He is a big fan of lying on the deck in the sun and then running around the house at top speed with his favorite toy. He gets to go on lots of outings and really likes his visits to Home Depot and Petsmart where he always makes new friends.


Duke has grown from an itty bitty puppy into a big handsome boy with very expressive eyes! He loves hanging out on his new human bed. Duke is about five months old now and doing great. He found his home through the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ.


Finn went to his new home in New Hampshire on March 26, 2017. He was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine. He is an adorable addition to his new family and is very intelligent and affectionate. He is already learning to sit and stay and starts puppy school soon.


Tito (on the left) is enjoying his amazing new home in Massachusetts. He is happy and loving and plays beautifully with his new big sis, a rescue husky named Bennie. Tito now has a big yard to run around in with Bennie. He is a pro at chasing down tennis balls and loves to say hi to the neighbor dogs that drop by for visits. He also has a deck where he can take naps in the sun--very important for a Sato. He sleeps in bed with his parents and gets to go to work with his mom in Boston. He is very popular in the office.


Bodhi's new mom wrote us to say that the minute she saw his face and his one blue eye/one brown she knew he’d be forever hers… She think Bodhi felt it too! He is such a sweet, loving, playful boy. He likes to play Frisbee and has made friends with the neighborhood dogs through the fenced in yards. At night he likes to snuggle and loves to give (and receive) kisses. He’s incredibly smart and an excellent watch dog…always protecting his momma.


Gorgeous Samay has a new home in Maine. She was adopted from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in late March and just had her first chance to walk in the snow. Samay is adjusting beautifully to her new home and black lab mix older brother.


Sassy (on the left)shares an intimate moment with one of her new canine siblings. She has three in all! They all eat together and sleep together. Sassy's new mom is an employee at the New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, NH, where Sassy arrived one winter evening after leaving Puerto Rico. She is an amazing lady, according to her mom.


Ok, so maybe a bath isn't the greatest thing about having a fabulous forever home, but everything else has turned out really well for Lalo who spent all of 20 minutes on the adoption floor before being scooped up by his new mom. He now lives on the beach in New Jersey, where he gets to run around on the sand, chase waves, enjoy the scenery...And when he's not at the beach, he gets to go to the local dog parks where he can play with his new friends. Lalo is also a big cuddler, who can't get enough of his new mom. Lalo found his home through the Monmouth County SPCA.


Philly was rescued with her seven siblings and mom near a public swimming pool. Now she is a much adored family member who likes to take naps after breakfast and spend quality time lounging in the family room. She is super sweet.


Here is Luna getting a little rest after some intense playtime during which she pounced on one of her toys and batted another one around the coffee table. She is very much enjoying all the pleasures of having her own wonderful home. Luna was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Nothing like having a new BFF who also doubles as a comfy spot for a little snooze! Ella clearly hit the jackpot. She found her new home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Queso found his new parents through the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ. And it looks like we don't have to worry that he won't be getting enough love! He brings much joy and happiness into his home.


Buttons is enjoying a total lovefest in her new home, found courtesy of Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass. She is getting lots of lap time for snuggles and she is already best friends with Laney, the other canine in the house.


Aqua has quickly become the Princess of the house--she even has a new pink harness with a crown motif on it. She is enjoying major cuddle time with her new mom and already has a new best friend, another dog who is slightly older and can show her the ropes. Aqua found her home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Evie is very sweet and curious. She likes to get into everything. She follows her mom everywhere, curling up next to her at night. Evie is living now with two other cats and two Irish setters that she likes to watch from the safety of her bed or couch. She has been a wonderful light for her new family, who have been dealing with the loss of their former feline Harvey, who passed away from cancer. Evie is making everyone feel much better!


Fiona has a lovely new home in Lyme, Connecticut. She is a charming, intelligent girl who is much loved by her new family. She is so happy to be able to run around her very own house, exploring every nook and cranny.


Lila now lives in Central Massachusetts. Her new mom describes this cutie as the sweetest pup! She wasn't even fazed by the sight of snow on the very first morning in her new home!! She has gone from a beach dog to a snow dog!!! Her mom is going to knit her a sweater so she stays warm. Lila found her home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Shyla and her new brother/BFF enjoy some quality time together. Shyla's new mom says that she is a special little lady, who fills their hearts with love and is an amazing addition to the family. Shyla found her home through the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.


Nala went to her new home on Christmas Eve of 2016, thanks to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. Since then, this sun bunny has learned to love romping through fields after a new snowfall and has traded in her tropical beach jaunts for beach explorations along the coast of Maine.


In Lucy's new home, she gets to have a lovely, comfy bed all to herself where she can enjoy being surrounded by tulips.


All Sato Rescue has been able to transport more cats to our shelter partners recently and we are thrilled about it. Coquito is loving her new life in Massachusetts. She has two siblings, Margarita and Mojito, both of whom are labs. Coquito and Margarita sleep in bed with their parents every night.


Fig is a small dog (22 pounds) with a BIG personality. She definitely likes to run with the big guys. Take her to the dog park and she is the spark that gets everyone running around and playing. She has adapted really well to her new home, cold weather and all, and always has a smile (at least when she doesn't have an enormous dog bone in her mouth!) Fig was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Ginny was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ. She is a sweetheart who loves being outdoors, going for walks, and riding in the car....but most of all, she loves it when her new parents pet her and show her lots of love. (Lucky for her, they do that a lot!)


We heard from Daisy's dad that he and his wife are in love with their Sata. From the looks of this photo, the feeling is mutual...


With her distinctive voice and the endearing way she crawled up her dad's sleeve to find a spot on his shoulder, Rory made a lasting impression on her new parents when they visited Cape Ann Animal Aid in December 2016. Now she is a very important part of the family, which includes canine sister Tessie. Rory loves to cuddle and be held and she loves to follow her mom around the house to see what she's doing. She LOVES treats, she loves belly rubs and she loves to hide under blankets when you are lying down to watch TV. She also enjoys knocking things off counter tops! (She can still get away with it because she's so cute!)


Stella found her home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. We heard from her new mom to say that she is very happy to have Stella in her life. Stella is crazy smart and so sweet.


Meet Dottie. She loves to climb in laps and give kisses. She is very affectionate and very loved. Dottie was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA.

George Marc

George Marc found a forever home with parents, two adult daughters and a 4-year-old grandson named Landon. Landon always wanted a dog of his own with the name George--and now he has one! The whole family all fell in love with this Sato the instant they met him. He is a very calm, fun-loving dog, who likes to be near a family member at all times. He is growing very fast and his new vet thinks that he is going to be a very big boy. George Marc was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Fish received his distinctive name from his new dad, a marine scientist, who runs his own consulting company. That means, Fish will be able to spend lots of time with his new dad even during work hours. Fish is adapting well and very happy.


Marley has developed a very strong bond with his new human sister Sarah. He follows her all over the house and never misses an opportunity to sit in her lap. Marley was actually Sarah's 16th birthday present, but he's the one who feels as if he has been given the best gift ever--a loving, forever home! Marley was adopted through the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine. (And, yes, he is still getting used to winter.) He also has a 14-year-old rescued canine sister named Goldie. She likes to sleep a lot, but he has so much energy and enthusiasm, that he is actually inspiring her to play more.


Sarah has settled very nicely into her new home. She is such an amazing dog. Except for a few small bad habits--hey, we all have them!--she's very well behaved. She is getting very spoiled, what with all the comfy beds and couches, plush squeaky toys, endless treats, and a new BFF who was adopted at the same shelter she was--Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Olive had a very tough early life on the streets of Puerto Rico where a terrible injury cost her one of her legs. But, hey, that's not stopping her from enjoying hikes along the trails near her new home in Sudbury, Mass. (She was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society right in Sudbury.) Olive is now happy, safe, and loved. She is a mellow and affectionate girl, who knows how important it is to stop and smell the roses. She often just sits down for about 15 minutes when she's out in the woods to take in the scenery and feel the love from her new family.


Gorgeous Coco has a big fur coat and a lovely hand-knit hat to keep him warm during a New England winter. His new dad says that he is a good boy who is "basically my everything!" We can so relate. Coco found his forever home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Alana has a real zest for life. She loves every new experience--from watching the fish swim in tanks at the pet store to rolling around on piles of dirty laundry (as she's doing here). She loves everyone she meets and refuses to come inside until she has greeted everyone properly and given them the chance to rub her belly. The only thing she doesn't like are her winter boots! Alana found her home through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Lola is very much loved. She is a very good, smart, loving little girl! And her family feels incredibly fortunate that they wandered into the Naples Humane Society last week and after thinking about her a few days went back and adopted her.


It's very hard to get photos of Maggie-Mae who goes by Maple because she is constantly on the go. She and her new cat friend spend lots of time chasing each other around the house and Maple loves to entertain her new family by pouncing on unsuspecting objects around the house! She is being totally spoiled with all the toys she wants, her very own swimming pool, and a boat for adventures. Maple found her home through the Naples Humane Society in Florida.


Lola celebrated the new year by going to her new home! She was adopted from the Naples Humane Society on New Year's Eve. She was very scared and tentative at first, but these days, she has really come out of her shell. She is so smart that she quickly mastered lots of commands and she is so social that she gets excited whenever she gets to meet a new dog--and she has discovered that she loves horses! Lola loves her dog walks, her comfy beds, and snuggling with toys that are almost as big as she is.


Kahtoola is officially the love of the life of her new mom, who says she could never have asked for a better dog. She also told us that adopting Kahtoola has opened her eyes to the situation for animals in Puerto Rico, which as you know is quite dire. We always appreciate hearing that our rescues are raising awareness. Lucky Kahtoola has a summer of hiking in the white mountains of New Hampshire to look forward to. But, for the time being, she's going to snuggle under her blanket.

Hamilton and Natasha

Gatos Hamilton and Natasha have a great vantage point from which to check on the birds and squirrels attempting to enter their yard. These two are much loved family members. They're crazy eaters, and they like to curl up on their parent's laps every night after spending most of the day chasing each other and playing with their human siblings.


Miles found his lovely forever home and new BFF Sophia, thanks to the Naples Humane Society in Florida. His family wrote to tell us that they are very happy to have found him.

Bailey originally went to Maine from Puerto Rico but she now lives in Pennsylvania. (She still roots for New England though if you look at the name of the sports team on her collar!) Her parents tell us that she is he sweetest pup with not an ounce of aggression in her! Her biggest flaw could be that she loves a little TOO much- it can be overwhelming for guests. She loves cuddles, and fetch, and loves to sleep by the fireplace.


Jax ​recently joined a family that was mourning the loss of their beloved 7-year-old lab/shepherd mix who passed away from cancer right after Christmas. After three weeks of having a very quiet house, his family went to the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Ma​ss.​ and brought Jax home. He has been filling the place with love ever since. His favorite thing is to curl up in someone's lap for a good snooze, as he's doing here.


Isabella has brought much joy and happiness into her new home, which she shares with a similarly sized canine brother Max, who is also a rescue. They love taking naps together on the couch. She was adopted through the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, NJ.


Lily now lives in Harvard, Mass. with her brothers William and Jack and sister Ellery pictured here. In addition to having such great playmates, Lily has a huge backyard. Her new mom says that the whole family already loves Lily more than words can describe.


Leila found her home through the Humane Society for Greater Nashua and is loving her new life in New Hampshire where she has a big yard to explore and goes for morning walks on trails. She loves playing in the snow and going for rides in the car. She is so sweet that she makes friends with every new person and dog that she meets. Her parents work hard to make her comfortable--they even pushed two dog beds together so that she has plenty of room to stretch out her long legs.


Ruby is the sweetest, funniest, smartest, silliest, faaaaastest little peanut around, according to her new mom. She is also a great addition to her home. Ruby was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Hanson, Mass.


With Kiro's gorgeous furcoat, he should never have been living in the tropics. So, he's thrilled that he can now call Maine home. He loves romping in the snow, letting the snowflakes cling to his luscious eyelashes, and then stopping off at the salon for a little pampering afterward. Kiro's life was not on a good track in Puerto Rico. He was surrendered to a high-kill shelter with his best friend Sheera. An ASR volunteer actually went and paid to adopt them both so she could give them a better life. Both were adopted through the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.


Louie now lives in the beautiful town of Essex, Massachusetts. He is a sweet boy who loves every dog and person that he meets and his new family is totally in love with him.


This gorgeous boy with the distinctive blue eye came to All Sato Rescue through the Humane Society of Puerto Rico and flew to our amazing partner the New Hampshire SPCA. Milo was not a big fan of shelter life, lovely as the NHSPCA is. He was kind of sad and nervous and it took quite awhile for the perfect family to come along and recognize the lovely soul just waiting for a chance to express himself. That perfect family happen to run a horse farm and Milo gets to greet all the clients. He is polite, respectful and can be a real couch potato, especially if there is a fire going that he can lie in front of. We are so grateful to the NHSPCA for having faith in this boy and finding him the great life he deserves.


Onix went to his forever home right after Christmas.He has a new sister named Khloe, who is a lab mix, and they love to play together. He also loves going on long walks and sleeping next to his new mom. Onix found his home through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Franklin is a beautiful and loving boy who fits perfectly into his new family. He was adopted from Humane Society of Naples, Florida several months ago. He has two older brothers, Winston and Spencer, who are also rescues. His new mom works from home, so he gets lots of attention all day. He also has a large fenced-in yard for running around in. Among his favorite games are: finding all the squeakers in the toys and removing them, sticking his face out the car window, biting the legs of his brothers, lying in the kiddie pool on hot days, and snuggling between his mom and dad on the couch.


Benny is learning to walk on a leash and be a good little brother to two ten-year-old feline siblings that are bigger than he is. In his new life, he goes to doggy daycare, plays with great toys, and snuggles in his very own comfy bed. Benny found his home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


Finn recently celebrated his first birthday. He has been the most wonderful loving sweet boy in his new family. He goes a few times a week to a new dog park where he has a reputation as a real rough-and-tumble player despite his small size. But he never hurts any of his pals and always listens to his parents when they tell him to settle down. He kisses everyone who comes to the house, not a mean bone in his body!


Odin was named after the Norse God of magic and poetry. In mythology, Odin gave up one of his eyes for wisdom, and Sato Odin has one blue eye and one brown eye--so it is quite fitting! He was adopted through Cape Ann Animal Aid and now lives on the North Shore of Mass., but goes on adventures all over New England and documents them on instagram! For instance, he loves digging holes at the beach, visiting breweries, playing soccer, taking naps, hanging with his canine pals, climbing mountains, frolicking in the snow, and guarding his home against squirrel invaders. He is so friendly that he wants to say hello to everyone and play with every pup he meets.


So many laps to cuddle on, friends to play with, toys to chase, and hugs to exchange in this wonderful new life of his....Theo gets ready to leave the Monmouth County SPCA with his new family.

Gonzola and Rocosola

Gonzola and Rocosola were adopted together from the Naples Humane Society in Naples, Florida. They are a bonded pair and a lovely family wanted to keep them together because their own two children as so bonded themselves. Their new mom says that the two kids and two dogs are as close as can be. The parents had searched for months for the perfect dog--little did they know that they would end up finding the perfect dogs!


Brody was adopted within just hours of becoming available at the Monmouth County SPCA in NJ. Here he is in the arms of his new human brother, getting a special greeting from his canine brother. Brody now lives in Brick, NJ.near the ocean. He has his very own big fenced-in backyard and is looking ahead to spending summer on a boat, going fishing, and swimming. For the moment, he's trying to figure out what the deal is with snow and why it's so cold out, and wondering what Santa might be bringing him for Christmas that could possibly top the best gift of all--his very own home!


At All Sato Rescue, we love our gatos too....so we were especially pleased to hear from Shadow's new parents. Shadow (in gray) was named for his propensity to follow the shelter attendant around like a shadow. His mom is Puerto Rican, but living in Hudson, Mass., so they have a very important shared past. Shadow and his brother Mozart adore each other and make for a very happy family of four. The two cats were featured in a short video taken by their mom that won first place in a local cat film festival!! But they have remained remarkably humble for being such big stars.


Ocean's new family came up with his name because they wanted something related to the beach...it was only later that they learned Ocean is from a tropical island famous for its beaches. Talk about kismet....Ocean joined a family with a rescued feline sister named Angelina, with whom he spends much time playing and napping. They also have a lot of fun annoying each other! Ocean has two adorable human sisters Nicole and Olivia. He was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


All the rescuers had a soft spot for Yugo--65 pounds of pure love! And it took him a long, long time to be able to get on a plane to find his forever home. But it finally happened and we are all shedding tears of joy, because he has found the perfect home! As you can see here, Yugo goes everywhere with his new peeps. He sleeps in bed with his human sister every night and spends his days running around with his new canine pals at the horse farm where his sister rides. He receives lots of love every single day and he is so happy! Yugo was adopted through the New Hampshire SPCA.

In just the few days that Harper has been in her new home, she has brought her parents much joy. She's fitting right in and getting plenty of rest after her long trip and the scary time when she was abandoned with her litter mates. There are so many new spots for naps in her new forever home! Harper was adopted through the Naples Humane Society. She came to Florida with her sister, Sofia, profiled below.


Sofia faces many decisions in her amazing new home. For instance, should she play with one of her toys or munch on her yummy chew stick? And if she opts for a toy, which one? The unicorn, the rabbit, or maybe the tennis ball? Good thing this girl has a ton of puppy energy to take advantage of all the wonderful new options in her life. She has her own backyard, a big bed, and a devoted mom. Sofia found her home through the Naples Humane Society.


Guari has won the lottery! He has an amazing new life in Maine. His new home is on three acres of land, and he and his canine big brother Milo get to play in a huge fenced-in yard. His mom works from home, so he is never alone. In fact, he and Milo have a full-sized bed to nap on right in her office! They get homemade dog food and lots of treats.Guari is playful and spunky and you can always count on him for a laugh. He was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine.


With her beautiful coloring and grace, Bijou reminds many people of a fawn. She also has the famous Sato earspan. It looks like she may be tuning in to some Puerto Rican radio stations all the way from her new home in Cambridge, MA. Bijou and her new mom go on long walks every day and Bijou is making many friends, both human and canine. She is smart and healthy, energetic and playful, and she has filled her new home with love. Bijou was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Mia recently left the tropics for a lovely life in New Hampshire. It's much colder, of course, but her new mom has purchased plenty of winter outfits for her. In this photo, Mia is wearing one of her new stylish jackets on an outing to Petsmart.


It's time to celebrate shar-peis and give a big shout out to our amazing partner, Mid-Atlantic Shar-Pei Rescue Operation. They are a group that goes above and beyond to help our rescues, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Meet Pumba. Pumba spent 90 days in the foster home of an extraordinary couple named Larry and Nina, who are absolute magicians at building the confidence of a dog that has had a tough past. Their secret--lots of love and an occasional Halloween costume. Pumba went to a home with two human siblings who immediately became his best buddies. He is very patient and tolerant with the kids, who constantly want to cuddle with him. He goes to his sister's soccer practices and is her biggest cheerleader. See two more shar-pei placements below.


Adonis was dumped on the streets in early November. But, thanks to All Sato Rescue and our amazing partner, Mid-Atlantic Shar-pei Rescue Operation, he is happily ensconced in a wonderful new home with parents who would never abandon him. Adonis is pure joy and love. This handsome, wrinkly boy greeted his new parents for the first time as if they were his long lost best friends. And maybe they are! His new mom and dad took him for a 45-minute walk and by the time it was over, everyone knew that it was a match made in shar-pei heaven.


Victoria was left locked in an abandoned house when her family left Puerto Rico to live in the U.S. mainland. She was essentially dying of dehydration and starvation. We'll never understand how anyone could treat an animal like this. But, thanks again to the wonderful people at Mid-Atlantic Shar-Pei Rescue Operation, she found a wonderful home in Laurel, Maryland. She is living with a family of empty nesters, who lost their dog awhile ago. Once they got over their loss they started the search for a dog, but had some specific criteria. The dog had to be young enough so they could grow old together, but also quiet and calm. That's not always easy to find--but it sums up Victoria perfectly. After a brief "Meet 'n Greet," it was clear that Victoria fit the bill. Considering Victoria's horrible humble beginning's she in paradise now where she is loved and the center of attention.


It didn't take Bruin long to become a proud fan of his local ice hockey team...Who would have expected this little Puerto Rican pup to fall for a winter sport? He is loving his new life and the best part is that he gets to hang out and cuddle with two of the best human sisters he could have ever imagined.


Lola moved in with a family in Florida that had been feeling a little sad and lonely. They were a mom and her elderly dog, who had recently lost their sweet chihuahua mix. Things were pretty quiet around the house. But that all changed the second Lola arrived on the scene! Lola has filled her home with joy and energy. She attends doggy daycare where her daily report lists wrestling as one of her favorite activities. Also super fun is chewing her mom's shoes into little bits. Lola had a DNA test done and boasts some noble ancestry, including a German Shepherd and a Chow Chow. No wonder this little girl has such a BIG personality. Lola was adopted from the Naples Humane Society.


Liria's new family includes two rescue cats, a rabbit, and a 14-year-old human sister--and they all love each other very much. Liria was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. She was only 8.8 pounds when she was adopted, but is now tipping the scales at 13 pounds. She loves to eat, like most Satos. She also loves to cuddle and play with her toys. She sleeps next to her mom every night and is bringing much happiness to her new home.


Max (on the right) loves to go for walks around his new neighborhood. He and his big brother have matching raincoats just in case there's an unexpected shower. They are great friends. Another favorite activity is cleaning up the dishes after their parent's dinner. Max was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Django has a comfy bed to sleep on and a sato sibling to play with, who's showing him the ropes. He's doing great, according to his new mom, and loving his new life in New Jersey. Django was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold.


It didn't take long for Finn to be adopted into the perfect new family. This lucky Sato has three adorable human siblings, so there are plenty of opportunities to play and plenty of laps to lie on. Finn was adopted through the Humane Society of Greater Nashua in New Hampshire.


Penny has brought much joy into a home that was still grieving the loss of its previous dog. She is very lovable and cuddly. She is her mom's new shadow, but she loves her dad and her sister (pictured here) just as much. She has a feline sibling named Lucy, with whom she is becoming very good friends. They chase each other around the house until one of them gets too pooped to keep going. Penny loves car rides, as long as she can sit on someone's lap. She found her new home through the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, NJ.

Winnie McPooh

Winnie McPooh's new parents sent out an adoption announcement on October 21 to commemorate the important day that this little Sata went to her forever home. Evidently her dad had put his foot down three years ago, saying "no more dogs"...but this little cutie (who went from 28 pounds to 34 in just a few weeks!) made him a willing participant. Winnie loves to chew her squeaky toys into shreds and she sticks to her parents like glue. They say that while she has added a lot of dog hair to the house, strewn her toys everywhere, and insisted that they get up at the crack of dawn, she has also added immeasurable joy and laughter. Winnie McP was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Harley is full of love and so smart that he is already acing his training. His new family says that they are very happy to be able to give him a safe and happy home--so are we! He has already brought much joy into their lives. Harley found his home through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Hanson, Mass.


Belle recently found her forever home through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Her new mom says that Belle is the best little pup, who is really enjoying her new stuffed animal collection.

Dolce and Gilbert

Dolce (being held) came up to Massachusetts first and found his wonderful home through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury. Then came Gilbert to complete the family. Gilbert was quite an ambassador for Sato rescue in Puerto Rico. He accompanied his rescuer on many school trips to talk to kids about animal welfare. These days, he's kicking back some, going on nice autumn walks along the Mystic River.


Bela has managed to put a very painful past behind her and enjoy every second of her amazing new life. She was found starving along the side of a rural road. It's hard to imagine her as skin and bones--thank goodness!--given what a lovely, curvy figure she has developed, topping the scales at well over 60 pounds. Her new family reports that she is very happy, and we can tell! Bela loves to interact with her new human baby brother and she also loves having her mom on hand for belly rubs. Napping on a comfy couch is her favorite "activity." She loves trips to the dog park and has made friends with several other dogs, including some other satos! She doesn't like rain very much and is scared of running water. She absolutely LOVES playing in snow. She's been such a wonderful addition to her family.


Gwen (named for Queen Guinevere) is seen here letting her much bigger older brother Arthur (also a Sato) know that she is boss. Gwen was recently adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Massachusetts. She has adjusted very well to her new home! Along with her brother Arthur, she has a sister named Roo, and she is much loved by both of them. There has been quite a bit of wrestling and chasing since she joined the family. Gwen also gets to enjoy a huge fenced-in backyard and doggie daycare.


Stella found her new home very quickly--and it's a really good one! She has loving parents, a new BFF, and a beautiful red reindeer sweater to keep her warm. Not only that, but her new family promises to take very good care of her. We are so happy!


Felix has been filling his new home with love and affection ever since he left Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester Mass. in June. His favorite things to do are digging in the sand, sniffing out hidden treats in the house, and playing soccer in the back yard. He is so sweet and gives lots and lots of kisses to everyone he meets. He loves learning new tricks and knows how to roll over, shake hands, and spin around. He also loves sweet potatoes, children, and other dogs. He is so special that his new parents often get stopped by strangers talking about what a great dog he is and he is also loved by his parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles!

Twinkie and Sugar

Siblings Twinkie and Sugar have such a deep bond that their new parents recognized immediately that they had to be adopted together. Now the two are inseparable and get to share in all their favorite activities, such as cuddling, getting belly rubs, and lying in the sun. Twinkie is a little bigger than her sister and can have a bit of a diva attitude at times. She is the queen of belly rubs and loves to fetch a ball. Sugar is as sweet as her name suggests. She gives great kisses and loves to be petted all over. She even likes to be cradled like a baby in the arms of her parents. She went through a big teething faze--but, luckily, that has passed! The girls were adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Fico loves playing with his new squeaky toys and his parent's grandkids, who are 10 and 12 and give him lots of attention. He goes to work with his new mom and gets loving from all her customers.He waits patiently at the door and just wiggle wiggle wiggles when his father comes home. Fico has such a happy spirit about him. He was adopted from Humane Society, Waterville Area in Northern Maine.


Scout did not have to wait long at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua in New Hampshire before finding a wonderful home. His new family report that he is amazing and they love him.


Frodo has been a delightful addition to his new family. His parents report that life certainly is different now! They are very much enjoying laughing at Frodo's antics. Frodo found his forever home through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Poly and her two brothers were rescued when they were just a few days old. They had been born on a shooting range where Puerto Rican police officers go to practice. Their eyes weren't even open at that point. An All Sato Rescue volunteer bottle fed them until they could eat on their own and did an excellent job fostering them and getting them ready for their big journey to Massachusetts. They arrived at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. and lucky Poly found the perfect home--complete with a lap!--in no time at all.


We recently heard directly from Sato Sophie with a dazzling endorsement of her new home! She says her new family is great. They gave her lots of new toys, her own very soft bed to sleep in, and a couch and chair for naps. They take her for long walks on the beach and they get buy her puppy ice cream as a special treat. They play with her all the time, especially outside with her ball. she loves her new home!

Sarah and Allan

A family was very interested in adopting Allan (on the right) when they saw his photo on the Humane Society for Greater Nashua website. And when they went to get him, he had made a friend--Sarah, another Sato who had come up on the same flight. So, this incredible family did the only thing possible, THEY ADOPTED BOTH DOGS!! Now, the two Puerto Rican pups are playing with all their new toys, chasing eachother around their new home, and taking naps in the front seat of their new car.


Peyton is so sweet and friendly that he loves everyone--whether they be human or animal. Of course, his parents top the list, but he's also crazy about his new bunny sibling, as you can see here. The other thing that he's crazy about is belly rubs. He is always on the lookout for one and even rolled over recently to see if one of his dog friends might oblige. Peyton is his family's pride and joy and they couldn't be happier. We suspect he feels the same way.


Tucker is such a sweet little boy, and fearless ! He loves snuggling on the couch with his new mom and dad and playing with his tiger pull toy. He is the perfect addition to his family. Tucker found his forever home through the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.


Diego is the sweetest most loving dog, who was recently adopted through the Humane Society, Waterville Area in Northern Maine. He is much loved by his new family and will have a great new life. He goes for long walks every day and he sleeps in his parent's bed. He is definitely part of the family!


We recently heard directly from Jacob. He told us that the doctor thinks he should lose a pound, but he thinks he looks great! We agree...Jacob also confided in us that he still has a little trouble being nice to other people and dogs. He adores his family, of course, but he had a bad time in his very first home (before he was rescued) and doesn't want anyone or anything coming along to mess up his amazing new life. Who could blame him? He spent many summer afternoons in his very own pool. Jacob has been in his "new" home now for almost a year. He was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sterling, Mass.

Cookie and Rita

Cookie and Rita are so bonded that we were hoping for them to be adopted together. (Once, when they were separated in Puerto Rico, Cookie escaped from her foster home and traveled miles to go find her sister.) But, we knew that finding a new family with a big enough home--and heart!--to adopt these two large girls together might be tough. Fortunately, the Moores of Waterville, Maine stepped in. When they visited Humane Society of Waterville and met Cookie, they quickly saw that she really needed to be with Rita. They also saw what sweet souls these girls are. Cookie and Rita now have two human siblings and a cat to play with. They're mellow and cuddly at times, and still two playful puppies especially in the morning. It feels like they've always been part of the family.


We heard from Piper's new mom, that she is head over heals in love with this little Sato. Piper was adopted through our wonderful new partner, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Westbrook, Maine. She also told us that adopting Piper has changed her life for the better...


Here's Lauren in her beautiful, big new backyard with her wonderful new brother. She found her home through our partner, the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. and is already much loved by her new family.


Reilly moved to his forever home one week ago and has already captured the hearts of his new parents. (They are both dog owners and animals lovers, who said that adoption was the only option when it came time to finding a new canine family member.) Reilly enjoys playing with the three dogs that belong to his new grandparents, as well as going for walks, finding laps to nap in, and carrying around sticks that are twice his size. He is learning new tricks every day--he can already sit, stay, and come. His parents are so proud of him!


Rosie is doing great in her new home where she has a kitty cat brother that she likes to take naps with. She also loves going out to restaurants with her dad. Rosie was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA.


Maya, named for the great poet Maya Angelou, went to her forever home in February 2016, through our partner the Humane Society of Greater Nashua, in New Hampshire. She now goes by many nicknames, including "Silly Gilly," "Sweetpea," and "Howler Monkey." A sweeter dog there can not be! She is a pure delight and joy...in this photo, she is demonstrating her "I'm available for belly rubs" pose.

Maya has grown to love her routines and reminds her parents when it's time to walk or go to bed or relax on the couch together. She loves to stretch out on the couch right between her mom and dad and get a good petting on both ends. (Smart girl!) Maya knows her mom's work schedule so well that about half an hour before she is due home, Maya is in position. When her mom walks in the door, she races around or howls or throws herself down to the floor with her belly up looking for a good belly rub. (See photo!)


It doesn't get better than this....we heard from the new mom of Jangmi that this adorable little chihuahua mix has found a wonderful home where she is adored. Her name translates to "Rose" and she has become the Rose of the house. Her mom had recently said farewell to her beloved 17 year old Lahsa apso and her heart and arms were aching to love another four legged bundle. Jangmi rescued her mom just as much as her mom rescued her.


Dobby was very shy when she met her new family at the Monmouth County SPCA in NJ. She was even shivering. Her new family has two cats, so they thought a shy dog would be a perfect fit. But within a couple of days, Dobby "blossomed" and became a very happy and a VERY energetic dog. She has 2 big "brothers" - one of whom is home for the summer. Another brother lives in northern NJ and comes home once a week. They love to play with her...Dobby's mom is retired and home most days, so she and Dobby are together all the time. They take walks every 3 hours between 8am and 11pm. All in all, a pretty nice life for our Dobby!


Moose was rescued in the parking lot of a supermarket as a little puppy. Hard to believe that these days, she is chasing sticks in a lake and tipping the scales at 55 pounds. But, that's what a loving home and regular meals will do! Her new dad reports that she is doing AWESOME! Just a really sweet, loyal, and fun puppy--albeit a 55-pound one.


Emma found her forever home through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. two years ago and her parents recently checked in with us to say that she has been their joy ever since! She is still doing very well! Healthy and happy! She enjoys playing, napping, and especially eating treats! They can't imagine their lives without her.

Bella B.

Imagine being dumped out on the streets of Puerto Rico by someone who cared nothing for your fate and then ending up in a home with a person so concerned about your welfare that they make sure you wear your lifejacket in the water...That is the dramatic turn that Bella B's life has taken and we couldn't be happier for her. This lucky girl now lives in a beautiful home on a lake in Maine where she gets lots of love from her mom and many visits from canine cousins.


Cerbie (short for Cerberus) is a pup with sophisticated taste and a keen sense of comfort - only the fuzziest blankets for her! She's very expressive and smiles a lot. She's such a fast learner, it's hard to keep up with her. She can solve puzzles in a matter of minutes and hide & seek is one of her favorite games. She's also an avid snuggler and needs dedicated cuddle time every day. Cerbie came up to the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. in mid May with her six siblings. She recently got together for a playdate with her sister Gracie. They were SO cute together. They played together just like puppies--even though they are young adults!--and shared everything.


Maggie is thriving in Maine. She had a sad start in Puerto Rico, including the loss of one eye. But now she couldn't be happier. she has laps to curl up on and a loving family to call her own. Maggie was adopted through Humane Society, Waterville Area in Waterville, Maine.


Camella fittingly went to her new home on Father's Day. She joins furry sibling Lucky, who was very sad after losing long-time best friend HoneyBee, who recently passed away. Canela's new parents had been monitoring the website of our partner, Humane Society of Greater Nashua, in Nashua, New Hampshire. Canela's photo stood out and pretty soon Lucky went to the shelter for a meeting. It went well! Now, Canela is in the wonderful, forever home that she has been waiting and hoping for.


Iupi's unusual name is short for UPR--or the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras, which is where he was rescued. He is super friendly and makes friends wherever he goes--even at the vet's when he is getting a shot! His very best friend in the world is sister Jaidyn. If he is not sitting with her, he's close by watching over her. In this photo, they are watching cartoons. He loves laps and will not, under any circumstances, sleep alone. He is even learning not to chase the cats as much! This adorable bundle of love was adopted from Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine.


Ginger is a lovable, sweet, baby girl, who wants to cuddle, smile, kiss, and meet everyone she sees. So, that sounds pretty good, right? Boy, has she grown!!! She is now approximately 23lbs and keeps getting taller... But, she still manages to maintain her slender, girlish figure. She is best friends with all her new toys, and she loves other dogs and gets so excited to meet and play with them. She is also bonding quickly with her cockatiel brother, Ernie. Ginger was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.


Ruby was waiting for her forever home at the Humane Society of Puerto Rico, our dear friend and partner. It looked like she might have to wait a long time, so we sent her up to Brunswick, Maine to Coastal Humane Society. Lucky girl! Her new parents wrote to say that they are forever grateful that she made her way to Brunswick! Ruby is the best thing to happen to her new family! She is amazing...


Gigi and her new mom made an instant love connection at the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. This lucky gato now has her own kitty cat jungle gym, a baby sister named Charlie, comfy quilts to nap on, and a collection of catnip toys. She is playful and happy.


We don't often see Russian wolfhounds in Puerto Rico--but Sabra certainly looks like one. This big, beautiful girl found her forever home through Humane Society for Greater Nashua in New Hampshire, so she is definitely in the right climate for her thick fur. She may be a little long for her window seat, but other than that, her new home is a perfect fit....She is much loved.


Scout is playful, smart, and very loving....and best friend to her new mom. She was adopted from the Humane Society in Waterville, Maine, so she is living in a beautiful place. She also has some great new canine best friends to play out and hang with and sometimes she gets to sleep under the covers with her little head on the pillow.


Redick went to his forever home in May 2010. We recently heard from his mom after she was going through his file and found the letter sent by his rescuer, who happens to be All Sato Rescue President Edilia Vazquez. Redick is a happy, healthy, loving animal who has brought more joy to his mom's life than she could have possibly imagined. He has been her loyal and trusted friend for the last 6 years. (She also points out that while her own mother has no photos of her daughter in her office, she does have a mousepad with Redick's image on it!) Redick was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Thank you for all that you do and most importantly helping animals find their forever home.


Martin went to his new home in the fall of 2015. He was a little shy at first, but now he practically rules the house. He is especially protective of his mom. He would throw his little 20-pound body in front of an oncoming train to save her. He is also very bonded with his dad and totally adores his brother and sister too. He is well taken care of--some might even say he was a tad spoiled. He sleeps at the end of our bed or up in the pillows and has lots of toys and treats.


Stella has quite a lineage--her ancestors were terriers, chow chows, and Siberian huskies! At least, that's what her DNA results showed and that's part of why Satos are so special--they represent such unusual combinations of genes. Stella also has the distinction of being her family's first ever puppy and she takes that role very seriously. She lives with her parents and a brother and sister with whom she loves to play fetch and run around the yard. One of Stella's favorite activities is eating--kibble with mom's meatloaf is a special treat! She has more than tripled in size since she went to her new home in New Jersey--going from 7 pounds to 24.


Is there anything in the world nicer than cuddling up for a nap next to your new mom? Not if you are a rescued Sato. Cooper is definitely feeling the love. He was adopted through the Monmouth County SPCA into a great home where he is already an important member of the family.


Grace's new mom wrote that she is totally in love with her new puppy. She says that Grace is perfect and loving and that it blows her mind to think what might have happened to this sweet little girl if All Sato Rescue hadn't been there to help. (We know the feeling!)


Pirate was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine. He is so smart and acts like the canine equivalent of Velcro. His new mom says that she hasn't had to use a leash since his second day in his new home because he never wants to leave her side!


Silver was one of a litter of eight that was rescued by our dear friend Ruth Camilo, who works tirelessly to save satos. Silver loves to play and run and is one of the best cuddlers around! He was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. and his new mom came by the Whisker Walk in Lancaster, Mass. in early June to say hi to the rescuers who were up visiting from Puerto Rico. We're so glad she did...


Ruby has such a beautiful new life that her collar is color coordinated with the flowers in her new garden. Her new mom loves Ruby's sweet and bubbly personality and soulful eyes. Ruby even has three young granddaughters to dote on her. Ruby was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Gertie is getting lots of love, hugs, and kisses in her new home in Naples, Florida. She found her home through our partner Naples Humane Society. Her family tells us that she has brought them much joy and is a quick study when it comes to training. She even sits patiently to wait for her food!


Remember your very first dog as a kid and how you both kind of grew up together? Looking at this photo, we see some serious bonding in the future for Bubba and his new three-year-old sister. Bubba's family wrote us to say that they are head over heals in love with him and can't wait to spoil him rotten. He was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Hearing from Cisco's new family was particularly rewarding for all of us. This sweet boy spent some time on the streets and then more than TWO YEARS at the San Juan pound where he was treated for a very painful skin condition. He was adopted once, but his new "owner" didn't take very good care of him and the condition returned. Now, thanks to Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine, he has the home that he has long deserved where he can go on walks and hikes, play, take naps, and chew on tasty bone. He loves meeting kids, adults, and other dogs on his daily walks. Everyone comments on what a happy dog he is!


There was some serendipity involved in Acapella's adoption. Her new mom, who works for a nonprofit that provides discounted medical supplies to our partner Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland,just happened to mention to the shelter staff that she was looking for a wire-haired dog for her family. Coincidentally, Pella had just arrived from Puerto Rico the night before! As soon as Pella became available for adoption, the whole family showed up to meet her. (Actually, they arrived a full hour before the shelter opened just to be safe.) It was love at first sight. Pella is terrific, lovely, and sweet. She is already learning "come" and walks like a champ on her leash. She quickly mastered going up and down stairs--something she had not done before. She even dances around in happiness when she gets treats.


Dickson was adopted from the Sterling Animal shelter in Sterling, MA in January '16. He is very happy in his new home. He especially loves cuddling with his cousin. (Dickson is the lighter of the two.) Dickson is very lovable and full of energy. His new parents love him very much.


Dulce was named for her caramel color and sweet disposition. In fact, she is so sweet that she is happy to give up her very own bed--and settle on the floor--so that her new sister can take a nap in it. They are already the very best of friends. Dulce was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


We recently received an update from Rhubarb's family to mark her one-year anniversary in her forever home, otherwise known as an "adoptaversary." They said that they have endeavored to make sure she has a good life--and by the looks of it, they have succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. She loves going in the 'adventure box' (car). She loves her vegetables (carrots, corn, green beans, broccoli....fresh or frozen doesn't matter). She loves rolling on her back in the tall grass.

Rhubarb has stayed in hotels and been in stores and restaurants. She is still working on her restaurant etiquette, but the waiters have been very encouraging. A pie lady even beckoned Rhubarb into her gift/pie shop, saying that she paid for dog insurance on the shop, and by golly, Rhubarb was welcome.

Rhubarb routinely goes on urban jaunts around Boston, but she's also been to the tops of peaks in Maine and Vermont. For her one year adoptaversary, her parents took her to see cows. She loves cows because she can kiss them and they kiss her back.


Lucas is one happy camper! He has a huge new comfy bed all to himself....


We heard from Captain's new dad that this sato is the happiest dog he has ever met. And who wouldn't be happy to have a wonderful new home, lots of love, plenty of food, comfy beds, toys, treats....etc.?? Captain was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Nala was originally adopted from the Humane Society of Puerto Rico, a close friend and partner of All Sato Rescue. But, after more than a year, her "owner" returned her. Fortunately, one of our volunteers happened to be there and swooped her up immediately. Now Nala lives in Maine with a nice family who would never consider returning her. She is enjoying lots of love, attention, and warm laps for snuggling in and watching TV. She is even thinking of taking up knitting since her new mom likes it so much and it helps out on chilly nights. Nala found her home through the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.


Yara and her siblings were left to die by the side of a country road. Fortunately, one of our regular rescuer's whose name is Angel--and who also happens to be an angel--heard about them and went to help. This sweet girl soon flew to Florida and found a lovely forever home through the Naples Humane Society. Her new mom wrote to tell us that Yara is super sweet.


Sadie and her two pups were lucky enough to be rescued by a good friend of All Sato Rescue and sent to a wonderful group in New Hampshire called For the Love of Dog--Rottweiler Rescue. All three have found wonderful forever homes. Sadie hasn't been in her new home for all that long, but she has adjusted super quickly (although her relationship with the cat is a work in progress!) and is already a beloved member of the family.


Felipe and his litter mates were "for sale" along a rural road when ASR President Edilia Vazquez drove past. Selling dogs on public roads is against the law in Puerto Rico--and Edi is an attorney, so there was no way she was going to let this happen...The puppies were covered in fleas and she took them right home. They turned out to be a very fun loving, rambunctious group.As soon as they were ready, they went to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Felipe was adopted by the Guerster family and couldn't be happier.


Tiger's new mom says that he is a super goofy little guy, whose favorite activities are walking on the beach near his new home--and napping on the couch. In fact, she sent us three photos of him napping and he does indeed look very happy. Sometimes, he goes belly up (as you can see here), sometimes he gets totally under the blanket, and sometimes he stacks the blankets in a big pile and rests his head on them. Tiger had a very sad past, so it's about time that he gets to do whatever he wants...he found his wonderful new home through the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.


Joy does her name proud. She is a true delight, who is bringing--you guessed it---plenty of happiness, cheer, and joy into her new forever home. Her parents promise to provide her with a loving home for the rest of her life.


Trinity has moved to New Jersey and couldn't be happier. Adopted through the Monmouth County SPCA, she now has a lap to sit in, a yard to play in, and a deck to sun bathe on. Her family loooves her! She is such a wonderful puppy!

One day Kaighn's "owner" decided that he no longer wanted this cutie, so he opened the door of the house, threw him out, wouldn't let him back in, and refused to feed him. We heard from a neighbor who said that Kaighn was running around the neighborhood crying. Who could stand it?? Now, Kaighn has the great permanent home that he deserves thanks to our new partner Animal Rescue Network of New England. He lives in New Hampshire and recently took a road trip to Maine. He had a lovely Easter dinner and met his new extended family. He was a BIG hit! Kaighn loves playing in the snow and hanging with his new mom, who would never, ever, ever turn him out of his house.


Pancho was rescued by a homeless person after he had been hit by a car and fractured his leg. This person was watching over Pancho in a parking lot and called our partner, the Humane Society of Puerto Rico, for help. The Humane Society took him in and made sure that he was healed. Despite having been abandoned and then badly injured, Pancho was especially sweet. Everyone wanted the best for him.

And now he has it! Our other wonderful partner, Humane Society of Waterville Area in Maine, found him the perfect home. Pancho was an Easter present for his brother Kaleb and the two instantly bonded. They are now totally inseparable, as you can see here. Pancho gets to be at home during the day with his mom and then as soon as Kaleb gets home from school, they hang out, play fetch, or nap together. Pancho even cheers on Kaleb at his Little League practice. Pancho's new home is in the country so there is plenty of open space for him to play--it's a long way from the parking lot.


Hoover may be four years old, but he still acts like a puppy. He also loves to give hugs. Hoover was rescued by ASR President Edilia Vazquez, who has saved literally hundreds of pups (probably thousands) over the years, but he stands out as one of the most special. Hoover went to Cape Ann Animal Aid and now lives in the beautiful town of Manchester by the Sea.


Jasper moved to Massachusetts in February and realized quickly that he is not a fan of cold weather. It is very hard to get him outdoors if the temperature falls below 40F. Otherwise, everything is great though. He is especially happy to have a best friend who is a Boston Terrier. Jasper is a sweetie. He was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Emmy has been a proud member of the McElligott family for three weeks. She loves, loves, loves her three human siblings and the feeling is mutual. Everyone she meets falls in love with her. She loves all people and all other dogs she meets. She is her family's second sato...their first one, Sophie, passed away in February at almost 15 years of age. Emmy was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Penelope has already brought immeasurable joy to her new family. She is such a sweet puppy. This lucky girl has lots of brothers and sisters to take her on walks and play with her. She has a nice big house and lots of green spaces and she also has a safe, beautifully decorated crate where she likes to curl up with her stuffed animals.She is a great fit for her family.


Last November, the DeGenovas of Manasquan NJ made a family decision to adopt a Sato from the Monmouth County SPCA. It had been six years since their beloved Coco had passed away and they felt it was time to bring a new pup into the family.

They saw Chacha's adorable face on Facebook and ran right down to meet her and, yes, it was love at first sight. She has made a huge impact on their home life. (She is so sassy and feminine that they changed her name from the original Candela to Chacha.) She's very smart, playful and so grateful. She loves her walks with her sister and play time with her brother. She loves family outings to the Jersey Shore and even loves watching movies with everyone at night--as long as they save her space on the couch.


Newton has absolutely no regrets about leaving Puerto Rico for New Hampshire. After all, he now has his own comfy bed at the foot of his new dad's chair, new toys to sleep with, a TV tuned to Scooby Doo, and his very own aquarium. He's also going to be visiting a lot of dog parks, running on trails, and going hiking and camping. Newton and his dad plan on having lots of fun. Newton was adopted from the Humane Society for Nashua.


Now that Vako is in his forever home, he has blossomed into a confident, self-assured little Sato who likes to play with dogs two, three--or even four--times his size. No longer nervous in public places, he now likes to go out and enjoy his surroundings. Lucky boy is even going to have his very own puppy in April, so he will always have a best friend to hang with. Vako's new mom writes that she believes she was meant to find Vako and that he has brought much light and love into her life.

Casey Alonzo

Casey Alonzo's journey to Maine began when he, his brother, and mother were tossed out of a car on a street in Puerto Rico. If there is any "luck" to be found in this horrific act--it's that it happened in front of a very kind man, who lives in his car. He immediately took all three dogs into his "home" and contacted us for help. Soon enough, all three were headed to our amazing partner, Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine.

That's where Casey was adopted by some exceptional parents, who are giving him the life he deserves. Casey has an awesome toy collection and he is very good at entertaining himself with it. He runs like the wind up and downstairs, around the living room, past his pile of toys, occasionally grabbing one and dashing off with it. He typically gets so tired out from these manic episodes that he rushes upstairs and drops into a deep sleep.

It's so rewarding to see Casey getting so much love and attention. His parents wrote that they treat him like one of their children and we believe them.


All Sato Rescue sometimes rescues gatos too....and it's always a joyous occasion when we see one enjoying its new home. The little gray kitten here, Edizo came up to Cape Ann Animal Aid through our close partnership with the Humane Society of Puerto Rico. He is super sweet and loving and he has become close friends with older brother Kiya. Kiya lost his best feline friend to cancer last month, and has warmly embraced Edizo to fill that painful void.

Gronk, Hettie, and Callen

Siblings Gronk, Hettie, and Callen were lucky enough to be adopted together--and, boy, are they having fun exploring their new home! They are safe, happy, and a joy to have, according to their new parents. These three were adopted through the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Here's Roger just a couple of weeks into his brand new life--and it's a good one. He enjoys hiking, going for runs, sleeping in front of the fire, learning new tricks, and playing with all his new toys. Roger was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society, in Sudbury, Mass.

Kona Fox

Kona Fox's new dad wrote to tell us that she makes his family complete! She loves her two new little sisters and is friendly with all the new people she has been meeting. She likes to play hard, sleep hard, play hard, sleep hard...and then chew on a few treats in between. Like most Satos, some of her favorite times of day are breakfast, dinner, and snack times. She and her sisters have lots of adventures ahead.

Chloe has just joined a family that lost their 12-year-old sato to cancer about a year ago. They took their time to find the right dog and that dog is Chloe! She is playful, happy, energetic, loving, and sweet. And she has landed in the right family! Her new parents love to hike in the mountains, swim in lakes, and walk around town and the woods and fields nearby.Not only that, but Chloe has extended family members living nearby with young children and every single one is a dog lover. The future looks bright for this gal who was found abandoned in a densely populated part of San Juan.


Bailey was scooped up in a nanosecond at the Monmouth County SPCA and her new parents couldn't be happier to have her in the family. She is so well behaved already! She LOVES to eat, naps a lot, (see photo...) and follows her new mommy and daddy everywhere they go.


Here's Piper surveying her enormous new toy collection. She was adopted from Humane Society of Naples, FL in late February and is settling in nicely. Her new parents say they love having a new baby full of energy and sweetness.


One small step for a pup--one giant step for a Sato! Here's Finbarr taking his very first tentative trek through a pile of snow. There's nothing like this where he comes from in Puerto Rico. Finbarr has become the head of the house in record time. His name hails from Ireland where his dad is from. Finbarr loves to eat, sleep, and play...and give everyone he meets a huge, excited welcome. He'll be enrolling in puppy class soon.


This gorgeous girl is Julia, who found her home through our partner All Shepherd Rescue in Baltimore. Julia had been hit by a car after she was abandoned on the streets of Puerto Rico, so we couldn't be happier to know that she is now living the life of a queen. She is a sweet girl, wonderful friend and family member, and expert cuddler. She now has a large yard to play in and an owner who is committed to making her life easy from now on.


Annie now lives in Massachusetts. She is just the happiest little girl and so loveable! She has so many toys, blankets, chews, bones, and treats...her new mom says that Annie is getting spoiled, which seems perfectly reasonable. Annie found her new home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Azabache has settled in very well to his great new home in Massachusetts. He was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. He is healthy and energetic and spends most of his time playing with his toys, until he is so tired, that he has to take a break and find a lap to cuddle up on. His new family loves him very much and the feeling is mutual.


George is a bit of a celebrity. He was featured in a news segment on our transport of Satos from San Juan to the Humane Society of Waterville in Maine. His trip was sponsored by a grant that we received from the ASPCA/Subaru and a news crew documented the dogs' arrival at the shelter. George was quite the standout--due to his enthusiastic greeting of the news anchor! He quickly found his forever home where he has several canine siblings, one of which is another Sato!


Philly may have been born in the tropics, but she is a cold weather girl at heart. She LOVES the snow, especially when she can dive head first into it. She even hates wearing her coat. When it gets really cold, she'll let her dad put it on her, but then she looks very sad...Philly is a well behaved, sweet dog, who loves to curl up next to her person to take a nap. She also loves running in the yard and chasing birds. (She never catches them...)


Una, formerly know as Hillary, was a very special case. She had been abandoned at a dump where some local hooligans were using her as target practice. They shot at her front leg and it was so maimed by the time she was found, that it had to be amputated.

But Una has a zest for life and love for people that cannot be denied. We were all pulling for her. We posted her story on facebook and so many of you responded to help pay for her surgery. We are happy to report that Una has been adopted into an extraordinarily wonderful home, thanks to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass..

Una's new family had been searching for a dog for months, but hadn't found "the one." Most appropriately, they were visiting the shelter on Valentine's Day and happened to see her in her little red sweater. It was love at first sight.

Since then, Una has become a dear family member who amazes her parents with her bravery and ability to connect with everyone, including her very grumpy feline brother, Leroy. Una lives on a gorgeous flower farm where she will have a blast once the weather warms up. She is both a cuddler and a mischief maker--in other words, she's perfect!


Piper now lives in Maine with her new parents, two human siblings, and 11-year-old mini schnauzer sibling, who looks kind of like her. Her new parents had talked about adopting another dog for years and when they saw Piper's photo on the Humane Society, Waterville Area website, they knew she was the "one." They fell in love immediately. Piper is mild mannered and a perfect fit for the family. She sleeps with her new mom every night and loves to play with all her new toys.


We don't usually run a photo credit in the Happy Endings section, but our rescues don't usually run into professional photographers while they are out on a walk. Such was the case with Scout who proved to be a compelling model for Matthew Muise, a terrific photographer who referred to Scout as "gorgeous" and a "real treat" to watch. Indeed, it was difficult to pick just one photo from the amazing array of choices. Scout was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Scout LOVED his first snow...he was full of silliness as he dashed and leaped through it, stopping to eat a bit of the tasty white stuff or lie down in it until his new mom could catch up. Scout has an older canine brother, who has never cuddled with other dogs, but their mom has already caught them snuggling on the couch.


Roxy has turned out to be a terrific little dog - sweet, affectionate, cheerful and an all-around pleasure. She’s taken well to training - she responds to commands, comes when called, and is reliably house broken. She also adapted well to the cold weather. It helps that she has her own warm coat! She has the silkiest, softest fur and her new mom says that Roxy keeps getting even cuter, if that’s possible. Roxy's mom can't imagine a dog that would be a better fit for her!


The email that we received from Elena's new parents was entitled "We love her!!" Naturally, we read it right away. Elena was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. She has been amazing, grateful,loving and smart. Her new family is thrilled to have her--especially her new brother. She is pretty crazy about him and likes to hang out on top of him whenever possible. Elena loves the snow and loves to give kisses. She has great puppy energy but she also loves to snuggle--in other words, a perfect combo.


This handsome long-legged guy with the distinctive socks was found as a puppy in the middle of a highway. Thankfully, a very kind person pulled over and nabbed him out of harm's way. Maybe it was this early close call in life that has given him such a great attitude. Bradley is a happy-go-lucky guy, who doesn't sweat the small stuff. He appreciates every second of life and nothing really bothers him. He loves other dogs and he loves his family. He still has the softest puppy fur!


Petey was part of a big litter of adorable lab mix puppies that went to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. He was lucky enough to find a home with brothers Tyler and Matthew, who are making him feel very loved.


Tessie is still learning to trust her immense good fortune at finding a loving, forever home. She is completely, totally, and indestructibly bonded to her new mom, as you can probably tell. Tessie is a sweetie, who loves the snow, which is a good thing since she now lives in Worcester, Mass.


Pebbles is doing great in her new home and her new parents love her very very much! She is a sweetie who can't get enough of favorite toy "Frogger." She has found, however, that a little of this cold white stuff can go a long way...even though she has a beautiful orange jacket to keep her warm. Pebbles was adopted in December 2015 from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Mass.


This beautiful girl with the distinctive Sato ears had to wait a long time in Puerto Rico before getting the chance to find her forever home. But, boy, did she find a good one! Maggie now lives on the coast of Maine. She was adopted through the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick. She is adjusting nicely to her new life. It helps that she has lots of new friends, toys, a big yard, comfy spots for napping, and devoted parents. They said that when they met her at the shelter, it was love at first sight. Maggie is a sweet girl, who loves everyone she meets.


Banjo adores his new mom and dad. They are working with him to try and slow down his eating. Banjo loves to inhale his food--as so many satos do. Banjo was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA.


Monty arrived in his new forever home in Massachusetts during a 20 degree cold spell and a snow dusting. He was not pleased! But, having his very own house, loving parents, toys, treats, and comfy spots for napping--more than make up for leaving the tropics. Monty has so much energy in the mornings that he jumps like a kangaroo. His parents say they "absolutely adore him!"


Janie was named after a woman who played a very important role in the life of Janie's new mom when she was a child. Continuing the tradition, Janie also plays an important role in her mom's life. They live in the lovely seaside town of Rockport, Massachusetts, about a 5 minute walk from the ocean. There are lots of friendly dogs in Rockport and Janie loves them all, including her friend and neighbor Sarah, a Great Dane! Janie is a master at discovering the softest, most comfy places to nap...


Megara was adopted as a five month old puppy back in 2009. Her mother was recently looking through old files and came across a letter from Megara's rescuer, which prompted her to check in with us. It's lovely to see this beautiful girl looking so healthy and content--and sporting her very own hand-knit antler hat--at age 7. She clearly ended up in a wonderful home. Megara is a joy to her family.


Sterling went to her forever home just two days before Christmas. She is a beautiful puppy with a wonderful disposition. She is friendly, gentle and already much loved. In this photo, she is sharing a comfy bed with her new older brother, George, a 15-year-old white Maltese. They get along great. Sterling was--most appropriately--adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


Giovanna and her sisters arrived at Cape Ann Animal Aid in December and were all quickly adopted. Giovanna's new parents wrote to tell us that they are totally in love with this sweet girl. She's so fun and loving! Giovanna and her sisters were very special to their rescuer, whose name is Giselle. Giselle named the litter after her own three sisters and herself: Giovanna, Giselle, Georgiana, and Geraldine.


Ziggy is a happy fellow who loves to be cuddled and loved when he isn't playing with his many chew toys or going for rides in the car with his human family of 2 sisters (known as "pup pups") and his new mom. He is definitely fitting in and dedicates himself to charming his family every day....it's super easy! Ziggy will be getting all the love he deserves. His family has gone nearly three years without a pet, after losing their dog of 14 years--so they are all thrilled to have a dog in the house again. Ziggy was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Zac arrived at the Humane Society in Naples, Florida with his littermates, all of whose names began with the letter "Z." His new mom, who is a 17-year-old high school student, went to the shelter thinking she would leave with a small, fluffball of a puppy. But it was love at first sight with big Zac. The second she saw him, she knew he was the perfect fit for her home. She says that he is a handfull, but that she wouldn't trade him for anything.


"Thank you for changing our life for the better," is what Riley's new parents wrote to us. Riley is their first ever dog and she has made quite an impression. She has spunk and energy and loves going for walks on the beach near her new home on the coast of Massachusetts. Riley was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester. She's growing like a weed and they can't wait to see what type of young lady she turns into.


Comfy bed, check! Stylish sweater, check! Loving home, check! Looks like little Tucker has all the bases covered. He was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. where he arrived with his brothers and sisters all of whom have gone on to loving forever homes.


Billy went home from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. in mid November. Fortunately, he was immediately given a sporty winter coat so that the New England weather wouldn't be such a shock. His new family is already very familiar with Sato magic...they adopted their first Sato from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. almost 12 years ago. But Charlie passed away last July. Charlie was a wonderful dog and so is Billy. In fact, his new mom writes that Billy has everyone "wrapped around his paws!!!"


Uko's new parents really put out the welcome mat for him. They wrote to tell us how much they love him. Uko was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA.


It was another case of love at first sight for Ollie and his new family. Ollie arrived at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. where he immediately clicked with two of the volunteers. Those volunteers are now his new mom and new sister. He joins a family that includes Sally, an 11-year-old terrier mix who is also a Sato, and big brother Henry, a 3-year-old lab mix from Georgia. Ollie is settling in very well. He loves playing with all the tennis balls, toys, and bones. He is having tons of fun with Henry. Every night he goes to bed tired and happy dreaming of the next day's adventure.


Most of our rescues are mixed breeds, but every now and then we save a purebred dog that has been heartlessly abandoned. That was the case with Piper. This gorgeous Belgian Malinois was placed into a wonderful home through our partner All Shepherd Rescue in Baltimore. Piper is a sweet girl, who is incredibly intelligent and athletic. She is lightening fast with a real talent for agility--she may compete one day--and she likes dock diving. Dock diving is a competitive sport for dogs in which they are judged by how far they can jump off a dock. The first time that Piper competed, she had the longest jump!

Piper's family is so supportive of her activities that they rent out space in a pool so that she could indulge her passion. She gets so excited when she's about to jump in after a toy, that she shakes all over. When Piper isn't doing sports, she takes K9 Nosework classes, which she loves. (Who wouldn't love tracking down hot dogs and cheese whiz?) Another favorite activity is terrorizing the local squirrel population. Though Piper would love to be a lap dog, she can't quite fit, but that doesn't stop her from trying.


Charlie now lives in Gloucester, Mass. in a house with his two new sisters, Ella and Chloe, and with Gia the cat. He has a lot of dog friends to hang around with and gets lots of love. He is a quiet guy when he's in the house, but get him outside and he's all about playing and exploring. He loves the beach and walking in the woods.


Bacon's new mom says that, next to having human children, adopting him was the best decision her family has ever made! Bacon was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in Middletown, NJ. Bacon is sweet,well behaved and smart. He is best friends with his 8-year-old brother, with whom he goes on long walks through the neighborhood.


Angelina and her brother, 7-year-old yellow labs, were abandoned by their owners at a clinic in Puerto Rico about a year ago. They had heartworm, erlichia, skin problems, anemia, and more. The combination of health issues and depression caused the death of the male. But fortunately, a sister rescue group stepped in to save Angelina. It took a year to get her healthy and ready for a trip to Boston where she went to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. She was just adopted, and we heard right away from her new parents to say that they will do everything possible to make her happy and healthy in her new home. Her days will now consist of roaming her big yard, going on walks, and getting lots of love and attention. From this photo, it looks as if Angelina is putting her paw on her new mom's leg just to make sure that this is all real and she isn't dreaming...


Jack goes for hikes in the mornings, then heads to work with his mom where he gets a ton of love from lots of different people. In fact, everyone who meets him falls for him!


Ruthie is a love, who adores playing and snuggling. She is crazy about her new ten-year-old human brother and really wants to be friends with her four new feline siblings--they aren't so sure. Ruthie's mom recently lost her 12-year-old sato to liver failure, so Ruthie is filling an important gap and is taking that responsibility very seriously. Ruthie was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Bentley is fitting in perfectly to his new family of four. He loves to cuddle, and play! His family tell us that they can't wait to watch him grow and experience new things--like one of our famous New England winters. Bentley was adopted from the Sterling Animal Shelter.


Osito is so healthy and hearty today that it's hard to believe he was in such bad shape when he was saved from the streets that his rescuer thought he was going to die. Whether he's running like the wind around the neighborhood park or digging up a storm at the beach, Osito always seems to have energy to spare. He especially likes playgrounds because he can run up the slides! Osito was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA.


Andy's new mom wrote to tell us that everyone who meets this little Sato ends up smiling. We get it! Andy is a sweetheart, who loves all other dogs, cats, kids, babies, and big humans. He was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine and is having a great time exploring all that his new home state has to offer. He has already gone on a big hike where he could sit on a rocky summit and enjoy the view. His mom says that she didn't know her heart could love another creature so much...


Since ​Lulu's new dad has allergies, he and his wife had to wait an hour after they first met her at the shelter to be sure that he didn't have an allergic reaction. It was a long hour--both for them and for Lulu, who greeted them upon their return with lots of kisses, bounces, and tail wags. From there, it was into the car and on to her beautiful new home in the seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island. Lulu knew she was home the second she walked in the door and spotted her own bed and new toy collection. She especially liked the stairs--up, down, up, down again. It's still one of her favorite games.

Lulu is an all-star sweetheart who loves affection, is curious and enthusiastic about everything and eager to please. ​She's also a HAM, who loves to show off her many tricks, including expert hole digging (not her parent's favorite). ​She has admirers wherever she goes, from the vet's office to her neighbors, to the mailman whom she greets with a kiss on the face in exchange for two milk bones and a belly rub. Lulu was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Even though Benny (in the center with the brown spot around his eye) now lives in Massachusetts, he still gets to hear all sorts of endearments in his native Spanish. That's because his new family is originally from Peru. He has new human sisters who are huge animal lovers and new canine sisters with whom he has become very bonded. He has a comfy bed to sleep on and a new winter jacket and he loves taking hikes in the woods and exploring nature with his new family. Bennie was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Minnie (the little black min pin in front) now lives in North Yarmouth, Maine with five human siblings, two canine rescue siblings, two cats, a gecko, and several fish. It's a busy and fun household. Minnie is the baby in both age and size (well, except for the fish!) and everyone loves her. Her big brother Rigby (a Shepherd-Chow mix) makes a point of sitting next to her at meals so the cats won't try to steal her dinner. Minnie is very loving and gives lots of kisses to her many admirers. She was adopted from Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine.


Finn is a super happy camper in New Hampshire. This sweet pup (in the foreground) just arrived at his new forever home and he is madly in love with big brother Archie (in the rear). Finn follows Archie everywhere and they play constantly. Finn's new parents said that his personality exactly fits their family. Finn is another lucky adoptee through our newest partner, the Humane Society of Greater Nashua, in NH.


The rescuers that we work with save the lives of hundreds of dogs. Every dog is special to them, but some take specialness to a new level. That was the case with Aussie shepherd Cisca and her rescuer Sharon. Fortunately for everyone, Cisca found a truly extraordinary home through the Mass. Aussie Rescue and Placement Hotline.

This intelligent, attentive, gorgeous girl lives in dog paradise in Northwestern Mass. Her new home sits at the end of a long dirt road, with fields and woods on all sides. There is no end to the things that she can explore. Her two equine siblings roam the lawn freely and she has two black lab big brothers that gamely try to keep up with her boundless energy for play. Her new mom is on sabbatical, so Cisca is rarely alone. Cisca first arrived during a crashing thunderstorm, which she endured by sitting on the lap of her new mom...it was quite a bonding experience.


Emma is another lucky pup to be adopted through our new partner in New Hampshire, the Humane Society of Greater Nashua. She is already very much loved by her family, which includes a 12-year-old dog brother and two senior citizen humans! She has been to the beauty salon and the dog doctor and is in great health and very pretty.


Doc recently left Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. for his forever home, where he lives with two Boston Terrier rescues. In this photo, sister Zoe is showing her new brother the kind of stance and expression that best conveys "We are ready for our walk now!" Doc will probably pick this up very quickly. He is a wonderful dog. His parents wrote that they look forward to many years of happiness with all three pups and that Doc will be loved and cared for throughout his life.


Pepper was adopted through our newest partner, the Humane Society for Greater Nashua, in New Hampshire. Pepper was a little nervous at first--she'd never had her very own home before! But now understands that she is an important part of the family and her true sweetness has emerged. Pepper is looking forward to the holidays when she gets to meet her two college student siblings when they come home for vacation.


Reyo was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. and she is much adored by her new parents. They tell us that she LOVES to eat! (We often hear that about Satos.) Reyo is very healthy and growing like a weed. She enjoys running in the back yard and meeting all the other dogs in the neighborhood.


Bengie was rescued by a woman who noticed this gorgeous boy wandering around her neighborhood all alone with no caretaker. He was very skinny and she began feeding him regularly. When he disappeared for a few days, she feared the worst. He finally showed up with a horrific eye infection, probably from being attacked by another dog or hit by someone cruel.

But these days, Bengie's biggest concern is organizing his toy collection! He now lives in Maine, where is lovely fur coat is going to come in very handy. He was adopted through the Coastal Humane Society by a couple who assure us that he will always be safe. He has a huge chair to nap on, plenty of falling leaves to chase, and, boy, does he love his car rides...


Sealie recently caught up with his old friends from Puerto Rico at the Woofstock event. We were so glad to see him. Sealie was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. back in 2013. He loves people and dogs, but doesn't like it when people wear heavy shoes and he also hates water!


Some powerful stars aligned to bring Wolfie to the home that he was meant to have. First, a friend and fellow rescuer visited a "sanctuary" in Puerto Rico where she spied him in a cage with 12 other dogs. When he jumped up to say hello, she saw that he had only three legs and immediately took him home. She then arranged for him to fly to a shelter in Virginia, but that flight was cancelled at the last minute because of hot weather. Wolfie's rescuer was sitting outside the airport ramp, crying beside his kennel when All Sato Rescue president Edi Vazquez jumped in to help. Edi arranged for Wolfie to fly to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. the next day--and the rest is history. Wolfie was adopted into a loving home with rescue brother Weasel and rescue sister Mabel. Sadly, Wolfie lost a third, and very special brother recently. Golden doodle Jack died unexpectedly of a heart attack and Wolfie remained by his side for 6 hours until Jack's body was buried.


Kloe (on the right)has an older brother named Tucker, who is also a Sato. And they adore each other. They play together all the time and if they're not playing, they are snuggling together--or else sitting patiently side by side, in hopes that someone will give them treats.


Izzy's owners visited Puerto Rico before they adopted her and spent a lot of time giving food to the local abandoned dogs. Later, when they were ready to add a puppy to their home, they went to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. where they fell in love with this little Sata. When they learned that she was from Puerto Rico, they knew it was meant to be. Izzy is very smart, very lovable, and very playful--and she has two human sisters to throw toys for her to chase.


When Nino isn't outside basking in the sun, he's inside making himself comfortable on his new couch. His dad reports that Nino is extremely smart, picking up basic manners like nobody's business. He's also an absolute lovebug. The minute you sit down, Nino needs to be right there with you, head pressed hard up against you so you'll be sure and notice him! His dad says that Nino will live out his days being treated like doggy royalty!


Bo (on the right) found his forever home thanks to the fact this his parents were "foster failures." It's one of our favorite phenomena....that's when someone signs on to do the very important work of fostering a dog while a permanent home can be found. But, at some point, the foster parents fall so in love with their houseguest that they realize it already has a permanent home. Judging by this photo, Bo landed in a particularly wonderful one, with a big comfy couch that he can share with his canine siblings. Bo lives in Maine.


Sally has a big new family that includes lots of siblings: human brother George (pictured here), Sato brother Zamboni, and feline siblings Stanley and Irene. She also has a pool where she learned to swim and devoted parents. Sally was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Odin lives in Massachusetts now with a big backyard. His best friend is a cat named Lucy and his parents love him to pieces.


Bear is a beautiful boy who LOVES his people and isn't shy about showing it. He's also smart...his sister Lindsey taught him to sit, shake, high five, down and stay and he got it all super quickly. He loves to play fetch at night--his favorite toy is his lion, though he has lots of others to choose from. Bear has thoroughly enriched the lives of his new family and they tell us that they will always take good care of him and love him forever.


Maggie (on the left) was adopted into a home with a big fenced-in backyard--and a big canine brother named Buddy. Buddy was very shy around men before Maggie came along, but she is such an extrovert and so sweet and loving with everyone she meets, that she has helped him come around. He, in turn, has been incredibly patient and generous in sharing his space with a new little pup. She also has a feline sibling. Maggie is much loved and well taken care of. She lives in Manalapan, NJ.


Copper gets a lot of questions about his name....given he's a black lab mix, people wonder where the name Copper came from. But, his dad is an electrician, so copper has special significance. And that's good, because Copper is a special dog. He is doing great and is already loved to pieces by everyone he meets. His new mom wrote to thank All Sato Rescue for changing both their lives! Copper went to his new home over the summer from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Gracie lives in Chicago where she has a very full life. She has a large and unique collection of squeaky toys and spends lots of time running around the house with them. And she loves to go to the dog beach where she dives right in to retrieve balls that are almost as big as her head. After that, she may look around for a nice lap to curl up in.


Loki (on the left) was adopted back in 2011 and we were thrilled to recently hear from his parents. He's a wonderful dog, who enjoys taking walks and playing with other dogs, though truth be told, he's a bit on the lazy side. He loves his naps. Curling up on his favorite couch is always fun, but nothing beats hanging out in bed with his dad and rescue brother Duke.


Tilly recently celebrated her on-year anniversary in her forever home. Here she is with brothers Alden and Morgan. Over the last year, she has become an adored family member. She is sweet and happy...Tilly was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.


Nala went to her new home in the beginning of the summer and quickly fell head over paws in love with her new dad. She is playful and loves to cuddle. Nala was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Lluvia (on the left) loves hanging out in the window with her BFF. They do everything together, from racing around the yard to sharing squirrel patrol duties. Lluvia was adopted from Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine. She is a wonderful, cuddly, and goofy addition to the family.


We received a very nice email from Carlotta to let us know that she had had a great summer with parents Pat and Gary and feline brother Romeo (pictured here). Carlotta went for long walks everyday on the beach or in the woods and made tons of new friends.In fact, she modestly mentioned that everyone she meets, thinks she is wonderful! Not only is she a looker, but she is a talented singer, a tireless retriever, faster than a speeding bullet, and able to jump across little rivers--she even jumps over Romeo!


Cinder was found on a beach in January 2015 and made her way to the animal shelter in Sterling, Mass. in the spring. That's when she was adopted into a great home where she is full of love and kisses and loves everyone around. She is doing great, putting on weight (that often happens with Satos!)and enjoying her new home.


This long-legged lovely is Lilly. She was adopted through the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. She is loving her new life and so thrilled when new people want to meet her. Her only issue at the moment is getting used to car rides. She didn't go on many in Puerto Rico, so it's a new experience and she gets car sick pretty quickly. Since her new mom drives a lot, we're hoping Lilly will get her sea legs soon so she can start enjoying road trips.


Judging from the great photos we just received of Ryder in his new home, he is very busy exploring every available option for napping. For instance, sometimes he likes to lie on the couch with his belly to the ceiling, other times he likes to bury his snout under a mound of quilts, and then there's a really interesting pillow to lodge himself against. Everyone loves this sweet pup with the gentle temperament. In addition to napping, Ryder likes to play with his friends at doggie daycare.


Lucy (on the left) is the perfect combination--a bundle of energy AND a masterful snuggler. She is doing great in her new home where she has human siblings, as well as a big canine older brother with whom she engages in spirited tugs of war. Lucy goes on hikes through the woods with the whole family and then cuddles up in someone's lap. Her new mom writes "Sato is the way to go!" Lucy found her wonderful home through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Bridget was pretty overwhelmed at first by her amazing new life...she loved her new mom, but she wasn't sure if she was all that crazy about the man in the house. Still, a lot can change after a few weeks of regular meals, long walks, play times, treats, toys, security, and love. Now, we hear that Bridget absolutely adores her new dad!Bridget was adopted from the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton, NY.


We received a wonderful email from Bella's new person...(Bella's original name was Mia.) He told us that he had wanted a dog his entire life (He's 19.), but it was never the right time. UNTIL NOW! With Bella, he has found his best friend--and clearly, she has found hers. To see the transformation from scared little pup with blotchy fur, to this confident girl with the shiny coat is the reason we do all this hard work. Bella had been abandoned to fend for herself on a dangerous road.

Ollie Jax

Ollie Jax scored big time...his new forever family includes two siblings, a mom, and a dad who works from home. That means this cute, freckle-faced pup is always going to have someone to play with. Ollie J. was adopted through Caribbean Puppy Connections in Marshfield, MA.


This gorgeous, sweet girl was rescued from a busy intersection where she might easily have been hit by a car. Her reward for surviving that awful situation is that she recently moved to the beautiful state of Maine. Thanks to our friends at Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Luna now has her own home and big yard.


Ruxin went to his home on Valentine's Day, which was very fitting because he is all about love. He has come a long way since settling into his wonderful new home in Connecticut. When he first arrived, he was pretty nervous around me, didn't know what "sit" meant, avoided water, and couldn't figure out how to get up the stairs. Now he is confident, social, loves everyone, sits on command, and has become quite a swimmer! He is a much loved (and spoiled) puppy, who has a thousand treats, toys, and beds. He goes for hikes everyday and has lots of new dog friends.


Mario...also known as "Super Mario" was placed through our amazing friends at Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue in Pennsylvania. He went to his forever home a little over a year ago and has been having a blast ever since. He now has a younger brother named Roamin, also a golden and they are both living the life! Mario spends his days lounging on a chair, which he often shares with his brother, or taking many car rides. He has even been known to venture onto a raft in the pool without hesitation. His new mom says that she would adopt a couple more Marios in a heartbeat.


Dash came by his great name honestly...he is super speedy most of the time. But, he also knows there's nothing quite like a good nap on the couch right next to mom. Adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass., Dash has the honor of filling an "empty nest." His new mom has had to watch her three human sons grow up and move on...so, now she has Dash and he isn't going anywhere!


Bosely is incredibly smart and well behaved. His mom reports that he will occasionally have a "puppy moment" but even those aren't that bad--in fact, sometimes they are pretty funny. When he does something "naughty" he usually does it right in front of his mom, like stealing her slipper! Bosely lives on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. All the Vineyarders who meet him, fall in love with him.


We heard from Nova's mom that this sweet little lab mix is the best dog she has ever had. Nova has the sweetest disposition, is very smart, and picked up obedience training easily. Her mom says that she cannot imagine life without Nova and it looks as if Nova's sister feels the same way.


Ollie was adopted from Caribbean Puppy Connections in Marshfield, MA when her mom was six months pregnant with Ollie's baby sister. That made for some powerful bonding between sato and sibling, as you can see here. Ollie keeps everyone on their toes, escaping from everything, but she is so sweet and so lovable that everyone forgives her for scaring them!


We first heard of Aldo after he was rescued from an abusive home by a friend of All Sato Rescue. She had the greatest things to say about this handsome guy....But he had no place to live, so he was taken to a vet clinic where he spent two months. The staff there all fell in love with him. Then a Puerto Rican animal cruelty officer (pictured here) checked in on Aldo to do a behavioral assessment so that we could reach out to sharpei rescue groups to see if one of them would have room for Aldo. Sometimes when a dog is mistreated, he has a hard time trusting people. Not Aldo! He totally charmed the cruelty investigator.

But, in animal rescue, it really does take a village...once it was clear that Aldo was a very special sharpei, we still needed to find a sharpei rescue group that would give him a chance. We were very lucky to find the kind-hearted people at Mid-Atlantic Shar-Pei Rescue Operation. They gave Aldo a warm greeting and kept him safe--and they fell in love with him too. And then, finally, what we were all hoping for all along happened...Aldo found his very own forever home in Annapolis, Maryland. He goes for walks with his new parents along the Chesapeake Bay where he makes sure the squirrels give them a wide berth. He has been setting records for inhaling his dinner--usually in under 20 seconds. He loves napping in his crate, meeting his neighbors, getting hugs and kisses, and most of all knowing that he will never have to move again!


Archie's new mom wrote to tell us that she and her family couldn't be happier with their new puppy. She said that she thinks he is happy too and from his confident, yet comfortable, pose here in the arms of his new big brother, we think she's right! Archie was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.

Brady (on the left in his new dad's lap) was a very anxious little pup when he arrived in New England. Noisy planes, being in a crate, strange people, cold weather...it was a lot to take in. But he was very lucky to get some extra TLC by one of our key volunteers in New Hampshire. Brady lived with her and her Sato while he gained his confidence and then he met her boss, who happens to be a huge dog lover. The next thing Brady knew, he had been adopted into his very own family and was being compared to a New England football legend!


When Lily isn't patrolling her big new yard to keep the squirrels in line, she's out and about exploring the Maine seacoast with her extended family. She has cousins and grandparents and siblings of both the human and canine variety. She has formed a special bond with her 7-year-old human sister, Kelly. The two are inseparable. Lily also loves playing with her canine senior siblings...Big brother Cliffy is arthritic, so he stands in one spot and lets Lily run around him in circles! Lily is very smart...she learned from sister Daisy that if she sits very obediently, someone is likely to give her a treat. Lily is a true cuddlebug, who is always looking for a hug. She was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Lulu flew up to Boston with her sister Lala during a record-breaking snowfall. Fortunately, it only took a couple of days before she found the perfect parents to adopt. They had a cozy bed and blankets all ready for her to curl up in and forget about what was happening outside! Lulu was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Otto lives in the historic town of Concord, Mass. in a very loving home with a family of four and no other pets. That means he gets a lot of attention! He has adjusted extremely well and is a regular member of the local dog park. He has lots of energy, loves to wrestle and can run like the wind! He is so happy and pleased to meet new people and dogs. He is his family's very first dog--which is a pretty big deal--and they are his very first family! His dad tells us that Otto has brought a special spirit to their home. Otto was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


Zoe was adopted through one of our newest shelter partners, Humane Society, Waterville in Maine. She found an exceptional home and has become instant best friends with big brother Zeus, a Great Dane. She's a very sweet, loving, mellow girl, who was just treated to her first birthday party. Zoe's mom especially loves that Zoe is always smiling.. Even when she sleeps!


Let's see....Elsa has a yummy bone to chew, a remote control handy and a big screen TV tuned to Animal Planet! As if that weren't enough, she also has a big yard to run around in, a very patient older sibling named Kira who is a Rhodesian Ridgback, and parents who adore her. Score!!! Elsa was adopted through Humane Society Naples in Florida.


This little Sato arrived at the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey with the name Daniel. But his new human brother and sister felt that Rico would be a more appropriate name for him, considering his heritage. Rico's new siblings are not only considerate of his feelings, but they were also so committed to adopting him that they saved up their own money to cover his adoption fee.


Hunter wanted to live in New Jersey, so he flew to the Monmouth County SPCA where he was adopted by one of the volunteer adoption counselors. Because his new mom is an expert at making dog/human matches, she knew right away that Hunter was the perfect fit for her family, which includes three doggy sisters. He couldn't agree more.


We heard from the new parents of Lexi that she is the sweetest little doggie- she likes everyone who is kind to her, and they haven't met a person who doesn't immediately fall in love with her. She's making friends all around town. It took a few days for her new brother George, an 11-year-old terrier mix, to get used to the idea of having a baby sister, but now they are getting along very well. Lexi is finding her place in her home and in her family's heart. She was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


There are so many things that Trekker loves about his wonderful new life. He loves fetching balls, splashing around in the water, and showing up his classmates in puppy training class. He loves chewing on bones, pulling the stuffing out of his favorite toys, and spreading it all over the house. (He really loved chewing up the couch, until he found out that it made his new parents very unhappy.) He loves camping and hiking in the woods and finding a boulder to stand on so he can get a better view of the squirrels. But most of all, he loves cuddling up close to his parents when they are all sleeping in a tent. Trekker was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


This handsome boy was living at a car dealership in Puerto Rico when the manager called animal control to have him taken away. Knowing that things wouldn't end well for Duncan if that happened, an employee reached out to a friend of a friend of All Sato Rescue. Pretty soon Duncan was headed to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. and he was adopted into a great home. He now has a 15-year-old Sato sister named Carly and he gets to hang out with his parent's four-month-old granddaughter. He likes to lick her feet! Duncan is a sweetheart, who loves giving kisses and getting belly rubs.


Phoebe found her forever home in March 2015 through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. Her new parents say that she is a "delight" and their "beloved baby."


This beautiful boy was left behind when his "family" moved out of their home. Fortunately, some concerned neighbors stepped in to help. The next thing Tarzan knew, he was on a plane to Boston and headed to "For the Love of Dog Rottweiler Rescue of NH." This dedicated rescue group found Tarzan a wonderful home where he is thriving. It turns out that he is pretty smart--he graduated from his obedience class with high honors! His new mom says that he is a gentleman, who can be MISCHIEVOUS and FUNNY and NAUGHTY! He believes he's KING of the porch. He has a rottie sister named Kira that he adores and even some horse siblings. Best of all, he has a family that will never leave him behind.


We heard from Fiona's new dad that she has found her FOREVER home--and it's a great one. Her dad says that since he grew up with only a parakeet and a fish, he wanted his own kids to know the joys of having animals in the family. Fiona is just the latest in a long tradition of family pets, including cats, gerbils, rabbits, parrots, a land crab, and a turtle! The experience was so rewarding that Fiona's new human sister became a vet seven years ago. She practices in the same town, so Fiona is going to be getting great medical care whenever she needs it. Right now, she is the picture of health. She gets lots of exercise, having her own backyard where she can run like the wind!! She's also gained 12 pounds since she was first adopted.


It was love at first sight between Walden and his new ten-year-old brother Oliver. Walden left the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. for his new home in Worcester on May 18. He and his litter mates had a rocky start to life, but they are all in good hands now. Walden is getting tons of love and is very happy in his new home.


Pippa was rescued from a mechanic shop where she had taken shelter. (Her rescuer was the son-in-law of All Sato Rescue President Edi Vazquez.) She was fostered with Edi's grandkids and then flew to the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey, where one of the shelter's dog trainers fell in love with her. Pippa has such a great life now. She is very sweet and so happy to meet new people and other dogs. She is up for anything, whether it's a hike in the country or a visit to her grandparents in New York City.


Charlie loves his new life in Wakefield Mass. He loves playing with his bones and toys and he loves being outside. He loves riding in the car and pays close attention to his mom when she's driving. He's picking up tips in hopes of one day getting his learner's permit.


This little fashionista is "loved to death" by her new parents. Cali has a canine sibling and they like to take naps together on their huge comfy bed that's shaped like a hound dog. She also has a lovely wardrobe, as you can see.


Michi now lives in a lovely home with a backyard where she can run around. Her new parents wrote to tell us that they love her very much and that she became a critical member of the family within seconds. She is the only pet in the home, so she gets lots of attention. Michi goes for walks every morning and every evening. She loves to be outside where she can smell all the interesting things.


Zeus has been in his new home for just over a month and everything is working out great. He is much loved, and he's growing by leaps and bounds--living up to his powerful name. Zeus was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Elsie has been in her forever home for over a year now. She has a sense of humor all her own and is very loyal to every single one of her family members--but especially to big brother Benny! Since day one she latched onto him and follows him everywhere and loves to give him kisses. This photo pretty much sums up their relationship...that's Elsie in the foreground. Elsie and Bennie live on 4 acres of land and she LOVES to run around every inch of it.

Daisy Eleanor

Daisy Eleanor is having a blast exploring everything that her new home has to offer. Considering that her new home is on the island of Martha's Vineyard--there's a lot on offer. There are woods and trails and beaches, and there is a town with enticing pet shops full of toys and treats. Here she is checking out some marsh grass.
Daisy E. is curious and brave around almost anything--the one exception being open or filled bags. She hates them! Whenever she sees one, she growls in a big deep voice to alert her new family to the potential danger. This sweet pup was adopted through our partner Second Chance Animal Rescue in Oak Bluffs, Mass.


Satos are often known for being masterful cuddlers, but Ruby is pretty much in a league of her own. This little munchkin likes to squeeze herself in between her parents when they're sleeping, nestle under her dad's arm, and surround herself with blankets and quilts. She often brings her toy duck along and finds it a special spot under the sheets. Ruby was adopted through one of our newest partners--Second Chance Animal Rescue of Oak Bluffs, Mass. on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard.


Bella was left tied to a fence in Puerto Rico. She had been a much loved pet, but was abandoned when a crisis tore her family apart. Fortunately, we found the amazing Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline. They found Bella (left) a wonderful home where she was immediately accepted by her new sister Gracie. The two started playing the second they met and play together for hours on end. They only stop when they are totally exhausted. Bella's new mom says that she hasn't only been a great addition for Gracie, but for the humans in the household as well.


Lola's new parents wrote to say that she is doing awesome--that she has a lot of energy and is full of love. Lola adores to kiss us and cuddle, as you can see here...She was adopted from the Humane Society of Chittenden County in the beautiful state of Vermont.


Karla now lives in Massachusetts in a home with lots of canine siblings, all of whom are basset mixes. She couldn't be happier. They all get along very well and have a great time hiking. Karla also gets to visit her new mom's pet supply store, where she has fun stealing toys and bully sticks!!! It's a nice change from hanging out by a car shop in a rural area of Puerto Rico where her previous "owners" abandoned her.


Lilly moved from one island to another, leaving Puerto Rico to live on Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod. It's a lovely spot and she couldn't be happier. She has her own deck from which to take in the beautiful scenery, and she has a comfy little bed that is very handy for impromptu naps. Lilly was adopted through one of our newest partners, Second Chance Animal Rescue in Oak Bluffs.


Here's Buddie organizing her extensive new toy collection. Her parents report that she is settling in nicely and is very sweet...her only bad habit is that she insists on stealing her older--and much larger--canine sibling's bed.

Spooky and Whiskey

As puppies, sisters Spooky and Whiskey were tiny little chihuahua-looking mixes that were expected to grow into petite adult dogs. So it was quite a surprise to see them start tipping the scales at 30 and 40 pounds. Fortunately, their new parent love every ounce of them--even though their nicknames are "Little Devils." These lucky girls live in Wyndham Connecticut and found their homes through Dog Days Adoption event in October 2014.


Onyx was left behind when his "family" moved...how this little pup was supposed to fend for himself is beyond us. But he has new parents now who take him with them wherever they go. In fact, they got him his very own car seat to keep him safe when riding and so he can look out the window, which he loves. He's about to go on his first road trip! Onyx enjoys watching over his big yard--and he's very committed to getting enough sleep--he likes 11 hours. Onyx was adopted from the Naples Humane Society.


There were lots of smiles on the drive home from the Humane Society in Naples, Florida. Harry is totally in love with his new sisters and the feeling is obviously mutual.


When Pepper's new mom walked into the New Hampshire Humane Society, Pepper looked her up and down for a few minutes and then walked over to offer a paw. Then Pepper sat in her lap and put her little Sato head on her mom's shoulder and the deal was done! Now this "cuddly bunny" has pretty much taken over her new home. She's made lots of friends and has a wonderful new collection of toys, some of them even make noise. She especially likes to show off to her mom that she knows exactly where to find the squeaker.


Fabbrizio was a little shocked to get off the plane from Puerto Rico and experience New England weather, but he's a trooper. We're not sure if his new canine brother is offering support--or just feeling glad to be inside where it's warm! Fabrizio loves to ride along in his dad's truck and sleep with his head on a pillow. He was adopted through one of our newest partners, the New Hamsphire Humane Society in Laconia.


Within minutes of moving into her new home in Connecticut, Eve was already snoozing happily with her two new canine siblings. She has cat siblings too, and she also has her very own new bed and a new blanket. She loves to drag the blanket with her wherever she goes, so she can curl up in it on a moment's notice.


Pepper has a very busy new life. She has a huge new fenced-in yard to explore, a doggy door to master, and every day she has to protect the house from some guy in a uniform who tries to push papers through a hole in the front door. It's exhausting! But fortunately, she also has time to nap in the sun on the front deck with her dog sister and time to curl up in bed with her human sister.


Here's Lili in the lap of her new BFF/sister in her lovely new home in New Jersey. Two months earlier, Lili was scooped to safety by a kind-hearted young woman who found her shivering in the rain. Lili was very matted at the time and very skinny. But, that's all in the past. She is now surrounded by love and affection....you might even say, she's a little bit spoiled. But, she sure deserves it...


Here's Greta having some quality time with her new brother. Greta's family tell us that she has been a wonderful addition to the family. She has adapted very quickly and is so friendly and smart. Greta was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Darla has a new older brother (a rescued hound mix) who just adores her. She has new toys, a bone that is almost as big as she is, a comfy bed, and adoring parents. Score!! Darla was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


We love this photo! Marlow (on the left) and sister Fate recently took advantage of some slightly warmer temperatures to have a very energetic outdoor play session. After which, they were so tuckered out that they had to crash on Mom's lap for some quality nap time.


Esmeralda has been in her forever home now for several months and couldn't be happier. At first, she chewed on everything in sight--table legs, shoes, phones, you name it! But, she quickly figured out that her new family much preferred it when she focused her chewing on her own toys. Esmeralda's family had been devastated over the loss of their 12-year-old lab and weren't sure they could open their home to a new dog. They are very glad they did! Esmeralda was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Koda left San Juan for New Jersey where they went to the Monmouth County Humane Society. We recently heard from her mother, who is so in love with this sweet girl that she sends us updates every day!


Lala was part of our first-ever transport to a wonderful shelter in Southern Maine--the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. She didn't spend very much time in the shelter, as she very quickly decided upon the ideal mom to adopt. Lala is a trooper with the snow and causes a sensation wherever she goes--everyone comments on her amazing ears!


Charlie is adjusting well to his wonderful new life. His parents love him to pieces and tell us that he is a beautiful boy with a great personality. Charlie wad adopted from Caribbean Puppy Connections in Marshfield, MA.


Lucky Boo is spoiled and pampered in her new home....as she should be. Boo was adopted from Wag On Inn Rescue. Her new family says that there are no words to describe just how lucky they are to have Boo in our lives. SHE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL DOG! Boo is so sweet and loving.


Sasha's new family actually had another dog in mind when they went to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. But as soon as they saw her, they knew she was the ONE. And they were right! Her dad says that she has exceeded their expectations in every way. Sasha gets to hang out during the day with her new mom, which she loves. And she pretty much goes with her parents wherever they go. She loves the snow, and she loves to fall into a deep sleep on the couch with her tummy to the sky.


It didn't take Bruin long to become a proud fan of his local ice hockey team...Who would have expected this little Puerto Rican pup to fall for a winter sport?

He is loving his new life and the best part is that he gets to hang out and cuddle with two of the best human sisters he could have ever imagined.


Sally's new mom wrote to say that she has the "best dog in Maine!" We are happy that she feels this way, but we wonder if Sally's kitty cat sibling Hershel might just think she's a bit of a couch hog. Sally was adopted from Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine in January 2015. She also has a pug brother, but he's a big napper, so she and Hershel play together all the time. Sally now lives just ten minutes from a great beach where dogs are allowed to romp around off leash. She can go and go and go!!


Chloe (on the left) is described as an "awesome" puppy by her new adoring parents...her new brother Samson loves her too. They play together all day long and then curl up together for marathon nap sessions. Chloe was adopted from the MCSPCA in Eatontown, NJ, where she arrived amid record-breaking snow conditions. Needless to say, she is not a big fan of doing her business outside!

UPDATE: Morgan and Murphy

Brothers Morgan and Murphy were rescued as small pups. But even then, it was clear that they were going to grow up to be huge and handsome. They were 8 weeks old, and each weighed about 20 pounds, when they left Puerto Rico to go to Maine Lab Rescue

Now they are all grown up! Here's Morgan, now known as Bergie striking a handsome pose on the coast of Maine. He loves to be outdoors--running through fields, chasing sticks, and taking dips.

Murphy, now Whiskey is a little more of a home body....and also quite the fashionista!

Parker went to his forever home in October 2013, and he just wrote to fill us in on the amazing experiences he's been having ever since. For starters, Parker enrolled in puppy school and graduated at the top of his class. He discovered that he loves car rides! He experienced snow for the first time and likes to jump in the air to catch a flying snowball. His mom knit him a sweater to go with this warm winter coat. He learned to love cats and now likes to curl up with one for nap time. He went to the beach where his favorite game is running into the water and then running out as fast as he can before the waves catch him. He also likes to hike and has his own backpack so he can carry his snacks...speaking of which, is there any better snack than Ben and Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream??


Hilda is a sweetie who was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. in June 2014. Here she is in the middle of a terrible New England winter sitting, with her human brother, in one of her favorite places -- the sunny spot by the front door. A true Puerto Rican, if there's sun to be found, she'll find it!


Goldie (in the red coat) arrived in Massachusetts just in time for some history-making snow conditions, but she is taking it in stride. It helps to have a warm coat and a new brother named Alfie by her side--not to mention a warm bed with extra blankets! Goldie was adopted at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester and is a much loved addition to her family.


Here's Lady getting acquainted with her new family. She can't believe her good fortune in now having THREE human siblings...imagine the lap options at naptime! the revolving supply of ball throwers! six hands offering scraps under the table!!! Lady found her forever home through Caribbean Puppy Connections in Marshfield, MA.


We received an update recently on Cookie who has now spent eight years in her forever home. She was adopted in New Jersey, but now lives in North Carolina. Cookie's mom tells us that this sweet sata brings much joy to the household and has fortunately forgotten all about her painful past on the streets of Puerto Rico.


Rosie is enjoying a special tete a tete with her beloved new brother. She went to her new home in November 2014 and her parents report that she is gentle, sweet, and extremely loving. She has adjusted well and is an important member of the family now. Rosie was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


Here is Pixie in her favorite spot on the couch next to her stuffed animal collection. She is about to celebrate her first year anniversary in her forever home, where she couldn't possibly be any happier. Her new mom worked at an animal hospital for 15 years, so we have no doubt that Pixie gets great medical care. She is sweet and smart and would follow each one of her new family members to the end of the earth.


Baylee can't quite believe her luck....her new home comes with two canine siblings: Morgan, an 11-year-old Chocolate Lab, and Bella, a 2-year-old Black Lab mix. Baylee and Bella like to hang out together in the same big comfy chair, with Morgan asleep on the rug below them. Baylee is about to experience her first-ever blizzard! (New England is bracing for up to two feet of snow tomorrow.) Baylee's mom says that this little Sata will be loved and cherished forever.


Molly recently left the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA to become a proud member of the Niemi family. She now has her own home with a very big backyard where she can run and play and learn about snow. Molly is an amazing, well behaved,and smart little pup, who bonded with each member of her new family within about 20 seconds. She is full of energy and loves squeaky toys!


Oakley flew with her three litter mates to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA and was adopted into a great home in October 2014. She has a new canine brother who takes great care of her and she LOVES to cuddle with her dad! Another wonderful thing about her new home is that her parent's roommate and friend fell in love with Oakley's sister, Annie, and adopted her. So now the sister satos will always be in eachother's lives.


Scutchy's new mom had been looking on dog adoption websites for months to find her perfect pup, but nothing quite clicked until she walked into Cape Ann Animal Aid in August 2014. That's when Scutchy crawled into her lap and started wriggling. She knew within 30 seconds that Scutchy was going home with her.
This Sato is FULL of energy and when he's awake, he is in constant motion (he earned his name because of the way he wiggles and scutches), but he is also great at naps and cuddling. He loves attention from people and other dogs, and he's made a ton of friends. He's managing his first cold winter with his warm sweater and outdoor boots.


Scruffy is thriving and really loves running in the snow. When we heard from her, she was on her way to a ski camp for a weekend of romping and playing with other dogs. Wow! She's a long way from Puerto Rico. Scruffy's parents tell us that they think she is growing an additional fur coat... getting more and more scruffy!


Gracie, formerly known as Princess Grace, is adjusting well to her new life in Maine. She was adopted through Maine Lab Rescue. Gracie is a loving, energetic pet, who is a wonderful addition to her family.


Jia herself wrote to us to let us know about her new life and thank us for rescuing her. She said something so lovely: "Every time my new owners call my name, I will think of you."

Jia lives in Pennsylvania where she has a nice big yard to play in. She loves to chase leaves that blow in the wind in the back yard. And, inside she plays her favorite ball game. It goes like this: her new parents throw her ball down a hallway, she runs after it and retrieves it, and then they run after her to try and get the ball back. She could do this for hours!

Jia has lots of toys, but her ball collection is particularly special. She sent us this photo of her with her all-time favorite ball.

Jia was adopted through Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue.


Loki is doing great and enjoying his new family. He gets to play endless games of tug-of-war with his new canine sister Kenzie and is having a blast meeting all sorts of new people who give him a lot of attention. Playing with his new toy collection is also fun. Loki's new family wrote to say that he is the best thing that has ever happened to them and they love him to the end of earth.


Kali is the sweetest dog! She's very playful and friendly with all dogs and people. Kali was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. in June of 2013.


Bentley is one of the happiest dogs around. He adores playing with his sisters Chloe the dog and Pumpkin the cat. In this photo, he and Pumpkin are resting after an explosive play session in which she lay on her back and kicked him in the face, while he tried to lick her tummy. (We know this because we saw the video!) Bentley is loved a lot and possibly spoiled a bit...


Sammie left the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass on December 19 to go to her forever home. Her new mom wrote to say that the whole family is in love with Sammie, who has been good as gold from the minute she arrived. She doesn't bark, and she doesn't whine. She is just happy to cuddle with her new 8- and 11-year-old sisters, who are giving her lots of love, walks and pets.


Booboo now lives in the lovely seaside town of Gloucester, Mass. where she is bringing much joy to her new mom. Booboo is a super sweet, loving pup, who enjoys a good nap on the couch. She was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in October 2014.


Juno adjusted very quickly to her new home after being adopted from the Animal shelter in Sterling, MA in September 2014. She is funny, sweet, and VERY active! She keeps her new family on their toes! She loves chasing balls and bringing home sticks, as you can see here. Her new mom has no idea how Juno managed to get this big a stick through the dog door!


Even though it's December, we wanted to share this sweet photo from a day back in August. Here's Luna with her good friend in an antique fire engine, getting ready for the summer festival in Yarmouth, Maine. Luna was adopted from Caribbean Puppy Connections in Marshfield, MA.


This little princess is Jasmine. She and her littermates flew to the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, NJ where they were quickly adopted. She is doing great in her new home and making friends everywhere she goes.

Blue Indigo and Blue Diamond

Awhile ago, we posted a photo of an adorable puppy with bright blue eyes named Indigo Blue. This sato quickly found a great home in the Boston area, and recently his mom and dad decided that life might be even better with a second sato! So, they adopted Blue Diamond (on the right) from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. Blue Diamond and her siblings had been abandoned on a beach. Now she has a new older brother who can help her settle in to her wonderful new life.


Lucy went to her new home in late November after being adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. She is settling in nicely and loves to play with her new dog neighbors. Equally fun is the fact that her new dad is recently retired--and his doctor has suggested that he go on long walks regularly. Score! Lucy loves to go on long walks too--so it's working out just great. Her parents say that they have never walked this much before and that they are loving every minute of it.


Lelo won over her new mom and sister by wiggling with happiness and pushing her little nose through the grate of her kennel during their visit to Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine. Now Lelo's mom says that they have the "best dog ever." Lelo's ability to find joy in every single thing in life continues to inspire them. She loves her dad and her brother. She loves taking a nap with her new sister...She loves her three cat siblings! She even loves her three ferret siblings!


Danny has found a loving home in Fall River, MA. He was adopted on November 13, 2014 from the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury. He is smart, loving, sweet, and exceptionally good natured. He loves his new 3 1/2 year old brother and he gets to go to work with his dad every day and loves it.


Mojo's new parents wrote to tell us that it took less than 24 hours for this yellow lab mix to work his way into their hearts--and into their bed, where he immediately curled up on some lovely patterned sheets! Mojo's parents fell in love with his photo when they saw it on the Cape Ann Animal Aid (in Gloucester, MA) website. When they went to meet him, they tossed around some toys in the play area, and then Mojo went over to his mom and climbed into her lap. The next thing she knew, tears were streaming down her face and Mojo was headed to his forever home.


It didn't take long for Lulu to become a true Vermonter. Within just a week of being adopted from the Humane Society of Chittendon County, this sweet Puerto Rican pup was running through fields of snow to help her new family pick out their Christmas tree. Lulu's new family had never had a dog before, and she is determined to show them that they made a great decision. She is especially excited to have a new brother, Alex. After a long day outside, Lulu loves to snuggle in her new bed near her parents or sack out at her Mom's feet in the home office.


Lilly now lives in Vermont. She was adopted from the Humane Society of Chittendon County into a home with two boys and two cats...she is well loved already and very excited to start her new life in New England.


Lucy is one of Lilly's siblings, who also traveled to Vermont and found her home thanks to the Humane Society of Chittenden County. She looks pretty darn comfortable for her first day in her forever home--but having a super cute new sister will have that effect on you!


Riley was scheduled for euthanasia at the San Juan pound when All Sato Rescue president Edilia Vazquez intervened. She thought Riley deserved a great life--and now she has one. Riley was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. in November 2014, just 10 days before her new family was forced to say goodbye to their beloved 14-year-old black lab Corey.

Riley provided great comfort in Corey's last days and was even able to say goodbye to him after he crossed the rainbow bridge to heaven. She lay down next to him and kissed his nose. Riley has been a joy to her new family over the past few weeks as they mourn the loss of Corey.


Chibi graduated this week AT THE TOP OF HER CLASS in dog obedience school. Next month she starts advanced training with an eye toward entering some agility competitions in the spring. This little Sato overachiever can probably do whatever she sets her mind to. She just celebrated her first year anniversary in her forever home.

UPDATE: Marlow

Marlow is usually too busy to stand still long enough to have his photo taken....so we were lucky that his mom was able to snap this shot of him with his bone. A typical Sato, he is not crazy about the cold weather, though he can't resist a romp in the snow with his sister Fate. He has declared himself king of the house and for the most part he is! He has multiple dog beds, but can usually be found snuggled up next to one of his family members.


Poppet now lives in the lovely city of Portland, Maine where she is being showered with love by her new parents. Poppet goes on walks several times a day and is a popular figure in the neighborhood. She has a special spot at the window on the second floor where she can keep an eye on the daily comings and goings. Poppet was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine.


Katie's mom wasn't thinking about adopting a dog when she went to visit the Humane Society of Naples to see its beautiful new building. Instead, she saw Katie! With her beautiful liquid brown eyes and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Katie likes to sit in the chair right next to her mom, then sleep under the covers with her, then go for walks with her. If Katie can't find her mom, she'll run around the house on a search mission, then jump for joy when there's a sighting! It's a wonderful life for this sweet sato who was found starving in the parking lot of a shopping center.


Here's Happy having a quality moment with her new brother Tyler. Happy was adopted through Caribbean Puppy Connections.


Chloe settled in to her amazing new family pretty quickly....She now has lots of siblings: canine brother Cooper; cats Bella and Mario; horses Bella, Demitasse, Happy, Sassy J, and Peppa; and a hermit crab! Oh, and sister Caroline is pretty important too, as you can see from this great photo. Chloe has become incredibly loyal, following family members wherever they go...(Caroline usually more than the hermit crab) Chloe was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA and now lives in Lunenburg, MA,


Bella is enjoying her new life where she sometimes gets to dress up as a caterpillar and hang out on a soft comforter. Bella also loves to fetch a ball. Her new mom says that Bella is a real joy.


Gracie (on the left) found her forever home through the amazing "Dog Days Adoption" event in Salem, CT. Before that, Gracie had been living on the streets of PR with lots of other dogs. One day the dog catcher came and rounded them up and took them away to be euthanized....Gracie was the only one who managed to avoid that sad fate. Now she is part of a new pack that consists of her doting mom and older brother Maxx with whom she is sharing this couch. She also has other Sato friends who live in her new neighborhood--where they will never be bothered by a dog catcher.


Chase's new parents wrote to let us know that this little cutie has a wonderful new life ahead of him. He was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Ma. He now has a spacious house for lounging and playing with all his toys! His new yard abuts 60 acres of trails and woods to explore and he is already BFFs with his new chicken siblings. His new mom is a vet tech, so Chase will be able to have house calls for any medical need. Looks like this guy has won the lottery.

Lucy Loo

Lucy Loo was adopted into a wonderful home where she has two acres of land to run around and play in--not to mention an infinite supply of love from her extended family--and all the toys she could ever want! Wait, there's more! She also has a beach house in Maine; two pink beds; color-coordinated leashes, collars, and seat belts (oops, one got chewed up....); and a comfy lap to lie on during her favorite soap opera--"General Hospital."

Lucy Loo is learning basic commands and doing very well, except for the one about "no jumping" because, let's face it, when life is this good, you have to express your joy.

UPDATE: Narciso/Tito

You may remember Tito from the photo of him as a small puppy on the day he went to his forever home. Poor guy was a little car sick....but these days, he has such a strong constitution that he doesn't even mind when his mom dresses him up like a taco for Halloween!


"He's a keeper!" That's what Paco's new dad wrote to Caribbean Puppy Connections after this little Sato went for a trial sleepover. And speaking of sleep....how fun is it to have a big comfy couch all to yourself??? Paco is sweet, funny, and very social. Like any true Sato, he loves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks...and he has his eye on Dad's shoes. They look like they might make great chew toys.


Ranger is an awesome, not-so-little guy who loves hiking in the woods, chasing leaves, and eating apples...His new dad says that it seems Ranger was made for life in New England. Ranger was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA in April 2014 and now lives in the town of Hudson.

Ulli and Roo

Nine years ago, the Brandhorsts adopted Ulli, a sweet little chihuahua/yellow lab mix, from the Sterling Shelter. Ulli (on the right) was rescued and fostered by our president, Edi Vazquez, and she has been well loved and cherished by the Brandhorsts ever since. They were happily surprised to find that Edi was also the rescuer of their newest addition! Roo was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester and she is a spitfire. Now the two satos are starting to play tug-of-war, so it could be the start of a great friendship.


Ellie went to her forever home in January 2014 after spending a little bit of time at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. She is clearly smitten with her human brother!


Emma went to her new home in May 2014 after a very short stay at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. Her people walked in the shelter and she picked them out right away! Emma is a happy, healthy, sweet, and well behaved puppy, who loves to nap with her favorite stuffed animal. Her parents say that Emma is a little angel and they couldn't imagine life without her!


Santo has a wonderful new home in rural Vermont after being adopted through our new partner, the Humane Society of Chittendon County. Vermont is a beautiful state and Santo is enjoying its many splendors, including taking long hikes through the woods. He also gets to hang out with his mom all the time...She's a carpenter, so sometimes he goes to work with her on sight and other times, he stays with her in her office where he has a special bed right next to her. He has lots of new siblings--including a cat named Frankie (They are working on their relationship!), some chickens, and horses.


It looks like Nacha is pretty smitten with her new mom. This beautiful girl now lives in Marlborough, Mass. very close to a state forest that consists of hundreds of acres of conservation land. Score!!! She also has a big backyard to play in and loves to fetch tennis balls. She is very smart, learning commands both by voice and hand-signal easily. She recently attended a party of almost 40 people where she had a great time meeting everyone and was extremely well behaved. Everybody loved her!


Rose absolutely adores her new human brothers. She is also a big fan of the New England Patriots! Her new family wrote to tell us that Rose has been such a blessing and an amazing addition. She's very protective of her "pack." She loves to run around, go for walks, and fishing in the summer! She even likes going out in the canoe--as long as someone else is paddling. She also enjoys going to the river and running after dragonflies! Rose was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


We were so happy to receive this wonderful photo of a clearly very relaxed Lucy. Her new family wrote to tell us that Lucy brings much love and happiness to the household. Lucy loves to hunt for chipmunks and squirrels (She doesn't catch them!), play with her dog-friends, chase balls, go for walks and take long naps. She is loving, ridiculous, energetic and very, very happy all the time. She loves to go for early evening boat rides and then come home and assume her favorite napping position.


Ollie didn't need long to adjust to his wonderful new home. He felt right at home, right away. His new dog sister Scampy even let him sleep in her bed. Ollie was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA.


Lucy has so much going on in her busy life that her parents sent us a bulleted list of her many favorite activities:

  • Tug of war--she likes to grab onto a rope, stick, or shoe while another family member grabs the other end
  • Keep away--she likes to steal a shoe and make a run for it, dodging family members as they try to grab her
  • Bed Share--she spends the first half of the night sleeping in brother Calvin's bed, then moves into sister Emma's for the second half
  • Dog Insertion--Lucy likes to get in between family members who might be wrestling or dancing--just to remind everyone that she's there too!

  • Lucy was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA in August 2013.


    Jasmine is happy to be a Jersey girl--this sweet pup was recently adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ. Her new mom tells us that even though Jasmine has only been in her new home for a few days, she has already brought a lot of joy to the family and will be treated like the true princess that she is. Jasmine is beautiful, precious and smart.


    Molly now lives in a nice new home with a beagle friend named Riley. She is precious and adored and especially loves lying on her new dad's lap while he is on the phone.


    Strider has been in his wonderful new home in Massachusetts now for almost a year. He is a very important member of the Love family and that name couldn't be more apt as it sums up everyone's feelings about this arrangement. In the words of his dad, Strider is happy and healthy and has a bright future. He is energetic and playful and enjoys romping in the snow. But he also loves to curl up and sleep in the laps of his family members--even though he weighs about 50 pounds.


    We are thrilled to be able to share Naty's story...this lovely lady was rescued by a very kind couple when she was very, very pregnant. They set up a warm bed inside a plastic kiddie pool where she gave birth to eight beautiful puppies. They were all so sweet and looked so cute in their round bed... she was a great mom. All her puppies flew to New England and found homes and so it is wonderful to know that she has found hers as well. Her new parents say that she is very good and very loved--and very happy!


    Rusty is adapting well to his new wonderful life, and who wouldn't with a comfy bed like this?? His new mom wrote us that she had a sato before Rusty, who was named Carly who passed away from cancer earlier in the year. There has been a real hole in the family, in other words, but Rusty's presence has been very therapeutic.


    Perlita's mom wrote to tell us that ever since she adopted this sweet Sato from the Humane Society in Naples, Florida in March 2013, the two have been inseparable. Perlita goes by many names--Pearl, Pearly and Pearl E. Whirl. She now lives in Brooklyn, NY where she charms everyone she meets.


    Sochi was given her distinctive name because she was rescued right around the time of the winter Olympics. And, boy, did she ever win a gold medal...Here she is on her very own podium with the U.S. flag proudly displayed behind her!
    Sochi--now known as Penny Lane--was incredibly weak when she was plucked from the streets by our president Edilia Vazquez, who nursed her to health. Penny Lane was quite a favorite with the whole ASR team. Her new family, who adopted her from Buddy Dog Humane Society, are so good to her that they take her to doggy playgroup..But, even better, her new mom is home often so Penny is never alone. She grew out of her crate, but it's ok, because she has found another really soft spot to sleep right in bed with her parents!


    Here's Lila with her beautiful mom...Lila was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. right before Thanksgiving in 2013. Her mom and dad were searching for the perfect pup, and Lila is certainly it! She is so smart, loyal and loving. She learned several tricks after only a few tries, including roll over! She gives kisses and knows her place on her blanket at the foot of the bed. She goes to the dog park a lot and she has lots of other dog friends. She loves to run around, and she is so fast! She can turn on a dime! Always outrunning other dogs. She is much loved...


    On June 28, 2014, a very kind couple found Guy trying to dig his way under a metal fence at a dog park. He was scared and crying and literally jumped into the arms of his rescuers. He was hungry and limping, but also extremely affectionate and clearly loved people. All people.

    Guy then had surgery on his leg, which had been dislocated, and spent a month rehabilitating with his rescuers, as they gave him lots of TLC and food. They posted his picture on Facebook hoping someone would adopt him--and pretty soon an old friend of theirs in Washington, D.C. said that Guy belonged in the nation's capitol.

    On August 11, 2014, he flew in a carry-on bag under the seat on a Jetblue flight and ended up in his forever home. Guy's new parents are already in love with him--and it's only been three days!


    Coach was lucky enough to find a forever home where there is already another Sato. Lacey arrived from Puerto Rico three years ago, so she can help her new brother learn the ropes. They are already best friends. Coach was adopted from the shelter in Sterling, Mass. His family wrote to tell us that they love him very much.


    While it may be popular to seek out a tropical getaway during a cold New England winter, little Paisley did just the opposite...and couldn't be more pleased with her decision. She moved to New Hampshire last winter to live with the Bryson family. She is doing great and is as happy as could be, especially when receiving belly rubs.


    Simba is adjusting well to the suburban lifestyle where he is free to express his love of tennis balls. His new mom wrote to say that she had just found a stash of four balls under the sofa. Simba has come a very long way since he was rescued and his health is improving wonderfully. He follows his mom everywhere. He truly is a wonderful, living, silly boy..


    Chopper received his distinctive name because his new parents love motorcycles. And now they love him! Chopper went to his forever home in June from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. His new mom tells us that he is doing great and is funny and adorable and cuddly. He loves playing with his squeaky toys and his 8 year old human sister, Veronika. He also likes running around the backyard and chasing dragonflies (he doesn't catch them). He is going to puppy school to learn how to sit, stay, come, lay down, and other good tricks. He's a very fast learner and he's great with kids!


    As you can see by this picture, Taffy has found a loving home and her new family has found a loving dog! Taffy now lives in Northboro, Mass. where her new dad knows just the right spot to scratch under her chin.


    Flory went to her forever home in late June. She is doing great and getting spoiled with lots of love and attention. She has three human siblings, who keep her happy and busy playing.


    J.V. just celebrated his first anniversary in his wonderful forever home. His mom tells us that he is honestly AMAZING. He was adopted through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. He brings much joy to his whole family and he could not possibly be any happier.

    We are all thrilled for J.V. He was kind of a mess when ASR President Edilia Vazquez first spotted him running around in a downpour. The poor guy had a very painful skin condition and had hardly any hair. For months and months, Edilia gave him medicated baths and lots of love. Seeing how happy and healthy he is now makes all her sacrifices worthwhile.


    Maya hasn't been in her forever home very long, but she is jumping into her wonderful new seaside life with all four paws. Now living in Mass., thanks to our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue, Maya just got fitted for her very own life jacket to wear on her first sailing trip. After that, she is going to learn kayaking and then suping, which is stand-up paddleboarding. All that activity is enough to make anyone want to curl up in a hammock and take it easy for a bit.


    After Pumba was abandoned, he spent many months hanging out by a bakery where he could sometimes find food. These days, he has plenty to eat and he couldn't be more grateful. In fact, he often plants a big kiss on his new dad's cheek to convey his immense appreciation for his wonderful new life.

    Pumba found his home through the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. His new parents are crazy about him! They say he loves everyone, especially little kids. The only thing he doesn't love? Cats!!


    Cabo's new mom wrote to tell us that after just one week with this sweet pup, she and her husband don't know how they ever lived without her. Cabo was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Cabo is wonderful with all people, big and small, and loves other dogs as well. She loves to cuddle close to her parents on the couch to watch TV, which seems to be one of her favorite activities. Another favorite thing is snoozing in the arms of her daddy.


    Lily was adopted back in July 2010 from the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine. But it wasn't until recently that her mom found the handwritten note from Lily's rescuer that had been tucked inside her adoption folder. That was when she reached out to us to tell her how much this Sato is loved.

    Lily's mom suffers from lyme disease, which can be extremely painful. When she is feeling bad, Lily will not leave her side--even if someone tries to lure her away with treats!

    Lily ran off into the woods not long after she had been adopted and her mom was so upset that they had a very important heart-to-heart talk about never, ever leaving again without permission. Lily has faithfully kept that promise--even though the flock of wild turkeys across the street can be pretty tempting.

    Lily's mom wrote us that "there are no words to describe the bond between a dog and their human." We couldn't agree more.


    Hudson went to his forever home in late May. He was given his distinctive name because his new mom works in the town of Hudson, Mass., which is also where his new dad is from. Not only that, but the town of Hudson played a big role in his mom and dad falling in love in the first place...in other words, there are many great associations surrounding this adorable little Sato.

    Hudson is a ball of energy. He may have a Jack Russell ancestor, so that would explain it! When he first went to his forever home, he was very timid with other dogs and was terrified of cars driving by. But, now he is becoming so confident that he can be a total love bug with other dogs and through lots of walks and lots of praise, (well deserved, of course!), he is also more comfortable with passing cars. In short, he is the perfect addition to his new family.


    Paco is very happy in his new home in Maine. He was placed through our friends at Tall Tails Beagle Rescue.


    Rio's new mom says that he is the sweetest dog ever and that everyone who comes in contact with him, ends up loving him. He now lives in Manasquan , NJ and is lucky enough to have a three-year-old sister that likes to hang out with him in bed. Rio loves sneaking up on the furniture and going for car rides.


    We heard from Rocco on his six-month birthday...This beautiful boy has gotten very tall and couldn't be happier in his wonderful new home. Rocking in the hammock with his dad is particularly special. And, then there's the pool, which he likes to patrol because water is so fascinating. Rocco makes his parents laugh and smile and remember what is truly important in life....spending time with those we love!


    What joy to have siblings!! Vida loves hanging with her new family. She was adopted through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Vida was so precious to her rescuer that the rescuer sent Vida's favorite stuffed toy to Mass. by express mail.


    Wishbone checked in with us recently. He lives in Maine and was hoping to make it to the annual Sato reunion in Gloucester, Mass., but something came up. His life is pretty full and he has many demands on his time, so we totally understood. Wishbone is now 12 yrs old and still feeling and looking pretty darn good!!! He still remembers the day when he and his brother were rescued by ASR president Edilia Vazquez as they "jaywalked" across a busy street in San Juan.


    Kiki was actually a 14th birthday present for her human brother, who fell in love with her the minute he saw her at the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey. As far as Kiki is concerned, she is the one who was given a present because she has always wanted her very own brother. Plus, a huge fenced-in yard came with the deal!


    Sophie was lovingly cared for by ASR President Edilia Vazquez, who totally fell in love with her. Sophie was adopted through All Shepherd Rescue in Baltimore, MD. and is now as beloved in her forever home, as she was in Edilia's. She has two human brothers and a big fenced-in yard. She has tons of quality time with her peeps and goes on long walks every day. She has a best friend Ryder, with whom she plays often. In this photo, Sophie is paying her respects to her grandfather who is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


    There was a big void in Sadie's new home before she arrived on the scene. Her new mom's previous dog, a 13-year-old border collie, had recently passed away, and the house was very lonely. Not anymore! Sadie is a "dream"...she is quiet and well behaved and very, very appreciative to have such a wonderful mom. Sadie was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


    It's still raining boxers! Lovely Anastacia is yet another Puerto Rican boxer to make the move to New England, thanks to the Boxer Rescue, Inc. Like her new mommy, Anastacia loves the color pink--pink toys, pink beds, pink everything. She also likes her special oatmeal baths. Her new mom says that Anastacia is very happy!


    Greta is a very sweet puppy who is settling in nicely in her wonderful new home. Here she is relaxing on one of "her" couches. Greta was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA.

    Boxer Bonanza

    We recently sent NINE boxer mix puppies from San Juan to Boston to our dear friends at the Boxer Rescue, Inc. These adorable little babies all had great homes waiting for them when they arrived in town. We thought you would enjoy seeing a few of them enjoying their wonderful new lives...

    Here's Mia. She has a big brother boxer named Munch with whom she instantly bonded. She has some great toys, a lawn chair to sit in, a laundry pile to sleep in, and a human brother to pick her up and cuddle with her.


    The look of contentment on Otto's face pretty much says it all. What could be better than having a new dad with whom you are so in love and feel so comfortable that you just want to put your little head down on his leg and take a snooze?


    Too cute for words!!! That is what it feels like to see Maggie giving her new dad a kiss and a cuddle...


    Fino and big sister Pearl play ALL day !!! They LOVE each other !!!! Pearl is so g-e-n-t-l-e with the little guy, which is pretty incredible since he is constantly figuring out new ways to climb all over her...


    Gracie appears to be adopting the same pose as her mentor/best friend/life coach/role model/canine idol.....


    Luger loves having his very own deck where he can catch some rays and keep an eye on the neighborhood.


    Charley isn't part of our recent boxer puppy bonanza, but he did find his great new home in Mass. thanks to the Boxer Rescue, Inc. Charley had been dumped on the street by an uncaring "owner" and was a starving rack of bones when he was rescued by one of our volunteers. But that's all in the past. Today, he is safe in a wonderful home where he gets lots to eat and is packing on the pounds. He has a boxer sister named Basil and the two are so inseparable that they nap together side by side. Basil even got very sad recently when Charley had to leave her to go alone to the vet.


    Morgan now lives in Portland, Maine, where he gets to visit local landmarks like Portland Head Light (a gorgeous lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth), the Old Port Exchange shopping district, and the beach. He has also been to a Memorial Day barbeque and is having a blast meeting all sorts of new dogs and new people. He is sleeping well and playing like the super happy camper that he is. Morgan was placed through Maine Lab Rescue.


    Scooby has a great new home and an important new job--he is the new best friend of Sophie, a 4-year-old rescued shepherd/lab mix, whose previous best friend, another male sheltie, recently passed away from lymphoma. She really missed him. Now with Scooby in the family, she is feeling much better. They go for daily walks together and play in their big, fenced-in yard.

    Scooby was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. His new parents have had canine family members for more than 50 years, and they have very high standards for care including great vets, good grooming, good food and lots of love. In other words, Scooby has his the jackpot!


    Lana is another one of the eight lovely white labby mixes that have recently come to town. Here she is with her new parents, who fell in love with the ears. Lana found her home through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA.


    Gracie went to her new forever home from the satellite site of the Monmouth County SPCA, which happens to be at the Freehold Mall in Freehold, NJ. Gracie is a sweet girl who wants to please. She has already learned sit, lie down, and stay and she hasn't had one accident in the house. Smart gal, indeed! Here she is enjoying her new backyard. Gracie is loved and will have a great life.


    Ace is obviously very comfortable in his new home in Mass. He's doing really well, and has actually doubled in size! He's a big cuddle bug and is adored wherever he goes. His new mom wrote us that she loves him so much, she could talk about him forever...Ace was adopted through the Boxer Rescue, Inc.


    You probably already know that Satos are famous for their earspans. But, even by our standards, Linus is in a league of his own. Who knew that dog ears could meet in the middle?? Linus, his mother, and sister were thrown from a car. It's hard to comprehend how anyone could be this cruel. We are just so blessed to have such dedicated volunteers and such wonderful adopters. Linus has been in his new home for about a month now and his mom wrote us to say that he is now--and will forever be--surrounded by people who love him and he is the center of attention!


    Rocco is shown here enjoying a beautiful New England spring afternoon. Lucky for him, he doesn't yet know how rare these days are! That's because he went to his forever home in April. His new parents had recently lost their beloved lab of almost 12 years, so Rocco had a big challenge. He had to cheer up them up....and he seems to be doing a great job. He is showing them how exciting it is to see life through puppy eyes. They say that he has stolen their hearts--and their loveseat! (It has become his favorite napping spot.) Rocco was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


    Murphy is one of the first pups to find a home through our new partner Maine Lab Rescue. They are an amazing organization. Thanks to them, Murphy has a great home where he is settling in very well. He loves to chase his new cat siblings. One of them is hiding from him, but the other one is totally into it! Game on!!! Murphy's parents say that he is a great fit and they feel incredibly blessed to have him.


    Luna and her two siblings flew from San Juan directly into the arms of our friends at the Boxer Rescue, Inc. Each one had a loving home waiting. How lucky can you get???! Luna's new family say that she is doing awesome. She's happy, going on walks, socializing, eating great and is a true delight!


    Gracie is in holy hands....her new mom is a pastor for a church. Gracie was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA. She flew up with several siblings...including Lirca and Graham whose photos you can see if you cursor down a bit.


    There's nothing like sharing some sweet dreams with a best friend. Here is Sato Luna (in the rear) doing just that with Frankie. Luna hadn't even spent a full week in her new home when this photo was taken, so clearly she is feeling very comfortable, very fast. Her new mom is a dog trainer and Luna is going to be her assistant to help rehabilitate dogs with behavior problems.


    Penny is a notorious sock thief! But she is so adorable that no one minds having cold feet. She is also the "smartest, funniest, and cutest puppy," according to her new mom. Penny was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA in October 2013.


    Paco loves, loves, LOVES his toys! And when his new parents took him shopping, he picked out his very own comfy bed--and then made darn sure the whole way out of the store that they brought it with them. He loves to spread himself across it and let his feet dangle outside. There are so many fun new things to do, now that he has his own forever home. He is very smart and very loving. He also does not like to be left alone. His parents tried using a baby gate on his first night, but he quickly learned how to get over it so he can sleep with them. Paco was adopted from the Humane Society of Naples Florida.


    Lirca is one of a litter of eight lab mixes that are working their way to New England. This lucky girl was adopted by a couple who are expecting their first (human) child in September. Lirca will be giving them some on-the-job training until then! She was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA.


    When Opie arrived at the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine with his brothers and sisters, he considered a lot of different people to adopt as his new parents, but one couple stood out from the pack. In fact, Opie was pretty much glued to his new dad's side, the moment they met. He sure has good instincts! Because now Opie has the most amazing new life, with two older feline sisters and a big brother Husky named Harley. The two pups play in the yard for hours on end and then the whole family goes for long walks on the beach. Opie is incredibly intelligent and sweet and loves all animals and people. Opie's mom tells us that she couldn't be more in love!


    Sophy was in pretty rough shape when she was rescued by one of our volunteers. She didn't have a lot of fur and was pretty skinny. So, it's incredibly gratifying to see her today, looking so healthy and happy on the bed of her wonderful new dad.


    Pepper has been in her new home for more than a year. Her family says that she is truly the sweetest and most loving dog in the world and is the perfect addition to their home. She is well behaved and loves to fetch! Pepper was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.

    UPDATE: Bogen

    Bogen has a wonderful life in Gloucester, MA where the dog bones are almost as big as she is. Her dad says that having her has been a blessing.


    Graham now lives south of Boston with wonderful parents, who like to hike. They are also going to train him to work in a pre-school program. Graham found his forever home through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA.


    Koral and her three sisters flew up to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.this spring. Lucky Koral is settling into her new home now and getting used to all the luxuries that she never had living on the street.


    Donkie (on the left) can't quite believe how beautiful his new sister Cambria is, so he likes to keep a close eye on her. And Cambria likes to keep a close eye on her new mom. In fact, Cambria slept on her mom's lap as her mom was writing to us!


    Here's Oso with a supportive paw on the arm of his new brother Sam. The two have a lot of fun together. Oso is a sweet little boy, who is also very smart. He now has a home with four acres where he can run around. It took him a while to realize that the cats don't want to "play" like he does. Once they stopped running from him, all was well. Oso was adopted from the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine.


    Sophie's new mom started volunteering at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA after she had adopted two dogs there: Sato Cocoa and rescued brother Bo. And that's where she met and fell in love with this distinctively dappled girl.

    Sophie had been adopted out and returned a couple of times and was enjoying her regular walks and leash training time with this Cape Ann volunteer, who stayed late for shifts so that the two could spend quality time together.

    As the months went by, this volunteer found herself rushing to Sophie's kennel hoping to see that she had gone to her forever home. But that didn't happen. Still, the two started bonding and when it was suggested that Sophie become a foster "child" to get acquainted with life in a home, they collectively jumped at the chance. Not surprisingly, the foster arrangement was a complete failure! And, yes, that means that Sophie (on the far right, with Bo in the middle, and Cocoa on the left) was just officially adopted into this wonderful family.


    Coqui had a forever home almost from the moment she stepped off the plane in Boston! Her new family in Maine had seen her video and thought she might be a good fit with their other Sato Foxy....They also mentioned that there would be plenty of chew toys and comfy beds and Coqui didn't have to be asked twice!! She was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine.


    Suzy wakes up happy every day. Her tail thumps against the bed in excitement as dawn approaches and she knows it's time to sneak into bed with her parents for a couple of hours. For a tall slender girl, she can curl herself up into the smallest most comfortable little ball. When she settles, she lets out a great big sigh of contentment.

    Every day, she either goes for a three-mile walk through the woods or spends an hour in the doggy park where she has a special friend named Troy...a Husky. So the girl from the tropics has a beau from the Arctic! Until Kevin, a retired racing greyhound, arrived on the scene, she was the fastest dog in the park. Susy was adopted from Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine


    Did someone call for a nurse?? We're not sure if Charlie is in uniform to care for someone sick or if she is trying to fool the family cats into trusting her! She loves to play and chase the cats, and she loves going outside as long as one of her humans is with her in the yard to play. But her favorite thing to do is sit on top of the couch and keep tabs on everything going on in the neighborhood. Charlie was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.


    Vera went to her new home in February. She is a beautiful black and white spotted dog, like a mini-Dalmatian. She has been a wonderful addition to her new home. She quickly fell in love with her 10-year-old terrier brother and keeps him busy playing all day. And there's nothing better than having a big nap after a long day playing...Vera was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


    We do so love hearing from our senior satos. Marissa was rescued from the streets in 2003 and has been living a wonderful life ever since. Though she is pretty gray these days, she still has plenty of spirit. Another rescue dog recently joined the family and Marissa is such a good big sis that she is teaching him the ropes. The two enjoy playing together in their back yard. A true Puerto Rican, Marissa still loves soaking up the sun from her back deck. We hope she has that pleasure for many more years to come.


    Laika's family posted a special tribute to her to mark the one year anniversary of her arrival in their home. They said that she has blessed their lives with her lively, sweet personality, her quirks and fur. Lots and lots of fur. ...

    What started as a leap of faith, turned out wonderful. Laika is more than a pet. She's a personal human herder for the kids, loud barking alarm system, and resident annoying presence for her dad, who continues to call her the nuisance dog but actually likes to make her bed every night. With her two human brothers, Laika forms the fifth family member. She lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is a huge fan of the annual Jazz Festival.

    These days Charlie is living large in Quincy, MA with his two adoring parents. He was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA.


    Greta arrived in Maine with her mom and three siblings. They went to our partner Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport and Greta was adopted by a family in Western Maine. Her new mom tells us that Greta is a very smart and playful puppy. She is almost house trained and already knows tricks like giving her paw to shake hands and sit. She doesn't even mind having new guinea pig siblings! She wasn't that crazy about the cold winter and all the snow, but as soon as the sun is out she is as happy as can be.


    Thanks to Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass., Charlie has found a wonderful forever home. His new parents wrote to say that they love the little guy and that he's doing very well. His personality has really blossomed.


    Here's Buddy on his birthday. He cannot wait to get to his cake! Buddy was surrendered to the Humane Society of Puerto Rico, one of our key partners, when he was a tiny pup. He was so small that he had to be bottle fed by our own Maritza Rodriguez. Thankfully, he grew into a strong and healthy dog, who has a wonderful home, a canine sister named Candy, and an obedience school degree. His mom makes her own organic dog food, so Buddy is well fed and very happy.

    UPDATE: Maisie

    We heard from Maisie's mom on the second anniversary of her adoption. Sweet Maisie is athletic, sweet and super smart. She is the favorite of everyone that she meets. She is a healthy 27lbs and outruns all the dogs at the dog park. She loves hiking in the woods, and chasing squirrels--she almost caught one this winter! But her favorite place is the beach where she looks a little bit like a seal when she swims.


    Here's Zoey, taking her afternoon nap one week after coming to live with her new family in Massachusetts. As you can see, she is quite comfortable in her new home.


    Little Luna is thrilled and happy to be in her new home in Massachusetts--and her new family feels the exact same way. Luna is sleeping through the night in her crate in her parent's room. (They got her a super comfy L.L. Bean bed, but she prefers the couch!) She is eating and drinking and pooping (mostly outside!) like a champ. Luna was placed through the Boxer Rescue, Inc. in Grafton, MA.


    Mateo lives in the great state of Maine with a new family that includes loving parents, two human brothers, and FIVE cats....in fact, three of them have taken over his crate. He is being a pretty good sport about the crate invasion, but that is probably because he is so happy to have such a great home. His new mom works from home, so he is never lonely. Mateo was adopted from the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine.


    Rufus is crazy about his new banana toy. This boy is wonderful, according to his new dad, (but that is probably also true objectively!) Rufus lives in the north now and he wasn't too crazy about the long winter, and is very happy to see the first signs of spring.


    Marlow spent only three days at the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine before finding his forever home. His new family tells us that he is very well behaved and fits right in. He loves every single one of his new family members, but he is super attached to his new mom as evidenced here. He is being spoiled with love, play time, and treats--his days as a stray pup on the streets are long behind him.


    Bacardi (in the middle) was given her distinctive name because at the same time that she was flying to our new partner, the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, (DVGRR) her new dad was taking a tour of the Bacardi factory in Puerto Rico!

    Bacardi's new family includes two other goldens, a cat, a rabbit, two cockatiels, and two guinea pigs. Bacardi's dad works for DVGRR and she actually started out as a foster pup in his home...but it soon became obvious that she was the perfect fit, both literally (as in the way she cuddles up between her two older siblings) and figuratively.


    It was a little hard for Posie's new mom to write to us, because Posie was actually sitting in her lap. Posie is affectionate and lovable--she likes to take her naps on top of her parents. She is a little bit like "lady" in "lady and the tramp"--very feminine, as you can probably tell from this photo. But, don't let her looks fool you--she is fierce! Posie is responsible for guarding the house and barks fiercely at anyone who comes to the door. She is a little quieter around the cat, who sits and stares at her, which makes Posie bounce up and down and yip and whine. Posie was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine.


    As rescuers, our favorite thing in the world is hearing from the kind people who adopt our dogs--so we were especially thrilled when Sammy's new mom emailed us on the very same day that she and her fiance adopted Sammy. She told us that they were already in love with their new "baby girl."

    Since then, they have sent us beautiful updates, including a video of Sammy running around her backyard with all the enthusiasm of a kid who has just made it through the gates of Disneyland! Sammy's mom grew up with boxers and her parents, who live right down the street, happen to have one--so Sammy already has a BFF. On top of that, Sammy's parents work different schedules, so she will almost always have one of her parents at home with her. In short, Sammy is going to be getting the wonderful life that she deserves.

    Sammy was placed through our friends at the Boxer Rescue, Inc.

    UPDATE: Lady

    We heard from Lady on her first year anniversary in her forever home. She has had a busy year. Among the highlights: she got a new mommy and a new little brother (another rescue dog!) She also moved to Louisville, KY into a house with a big backyard--and she took two long road trips. She learned so many new commands and tricks that we don't even have room to list them here. She goes on long walks/runs every day, and she has frequent visits with all the dogs in her extended network of friends and families. What a year!


    Here's Banjo (left) and his new big (little) brother Bauer checking out the view from the car as they pull into the driveway. Let's hope someone is ready to open the car door. Banjo and Bauer are the perfect match. But Banjo's new feline sisters aren't so sure.


    We had to post two photos of little munchkin Tilly--it was too darn hard to pick just one when new sis Tess is pulling out all the stops for this lucky pup. So, here's Tess reading Tilly a bedtime story...

    and here's Tess baking dog treats for Tilly! Clearly, Tilly has found a pretty spectacular home...


    Ambar's new family posted this photo on their facebook page with the caption "Ambar is loved in Massachusetts." That pretty much says it all...That's Ambar on the left, chilling with her new BFFs...it's a long way from the beach in Northwest Puerto Rico where she and her three litter mates were born. Luckily, the puppies, along with their lovely mom, were rescued by a good friend of All Sato Rescue. Ambar's mom is still in foster care, waiting for her turn to find a loving forever home.


    As far as Coco is concerned, once her Dad gets up, the nice big chair and the yummy cup of coffee are up for grabs! She is so smart that she even carries her dish to her parents when she thinks it might be supper time...of course, she often thinks it's supper time...

    Maya Luna

    Maya Luna has found her forever home in a country town in Hampstead, NH and she couldn't be happier. She is a love bug with personality plus. Even though Spanish is her first language, and her mom is a native English speaker, they are communicating just fine...Maya Luna's new brother, a Maltese/Yorkie named Trae Bien, is totally smitten with his new sis. In fact, he gets dreamy eyed whenever he looks at her. The two dogs eat, sleep and play side by side. Maya Luna's new mom says that this little Puerto Rican rescue was a gift from above. She was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Here's a shot of Mace on his very first day in his new home. His new family tell us that Mace is adorable--we can tell!!--and that he fits in perfectly with his other rescue sibling Pepper. Mace was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


    Olive's new mom wrote to tell us that this sata is the best! Olive is loving her wonderful new home. She now has lots of laps to cuddle up on, a canine friend to romp in the snow with, and a stuffed toy almost as large as she is.


    Here is Neptuno with the person he most adores in the entire universe--new sister Dylan....She wrote to tell us that Neptuno is dearly loved and a joy to have around. There are many new sights and smells in his new home and he is determined to investigate every single one. Dylan very kindly wrote to thank us for rescuing Neptuno--she said that he has really changed her life.


    Arlo is an adored family member who was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. in late 2012. He is also quite an athlete--he walks as much as six miles every day. He has tons of energy, but he also loves to curl up in front of a woodstove or on a comfy couch or bed.


    Contessa found her forever home through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Here's Zoe (left) learning stick-sharing etiquette from her new big brother RJ. She was recently adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA. Her new mom says that she is smart and lovable and a perfect fit in her new family, which includes two cats as well as RJ.


    Roxie was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. Her new family hasn't had her long, but they already love her very much. She is sweet and smart, so she has been catching on quickly to this whole "training" thing. But she is teething, which is keeping her parents on their toes!


    Flash's new mom says that he is a great dog with lots of love to give his new family and friends. He loves car rides and walks, and everywhere he goes, people stop to pat him and comment on his incredible cuteness and magnetism. He is very social and loves to play with other dogs. He has tons of toys and bones, and loves a good cuddle on the couch--or on his mom's slipper.


    Elsa was given her lovely new name by her new little sister who had just seen the movie "Frozen." Elsa is the Snow Queen and ruler of winter, so it is a very appropriate name for a pup from Puerto Rico who arrives in the dead of a New England winter. Elsa was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA and joins a lovely family with sisters Ava and Alexa, dog Guinness, and cat Maui.


    The new parents of Precious were immediately captivated by her sweet disposition. They tell us that she has adjusted easily to her new home.


    Negri shares his home with a rescued kitten that he is crazy about. Both animals were adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. The two like to play together and nap together (look closely and you'll see the kitten's head resting on Negri's back). Negri is a lucky boy who has plenty of new soft toys, a warm bed, and a jacket decorated in a peace sign/bone motif!


    In addition to having two adorable new sisters, Pixie also has a full three acres of her very own to run around and play in. She is having a blast sniffing every single inch of it. Her new mom says that she is a "true gem," who fits perfectly into her new family. Pixie was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.

    Foxy and Bones

    There's only one thing better than sharing your home with a sato--sharing your home with TWO satos! After adopting Foxy (in back)from the SPCA in Monmouth County, NJ last year, the Obst family just went back for Bones. The two satos are having a blast playing together and catching up on island gossip. They are both very smart and very loving. The Obsts tell us that they can't imagine having a dog that wasn't a sato.


    Sato sleepers appear to be a theme this winter. Here's Noelia catching some Zs and be sure to check out Violet below. They are probably very tired after their long trips north. Or perhaps the prospect of putting on their new winter coats is so daunting that they need to rest up first. Whatever the reason, we are very happy to see our rescues looking so cozy and cared for in their wonderful new homes.


    Violet's sweet dreams have all come true. She gets to nap with a dog bone in her paws, she has two human little brothers to play with whenever she wants, and she has a new best friend, Clover, the cat! Violet was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


    Coby arrived at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA with his siblings Casper and Catalina. We love to give puppies in the same litter names that all begin with the same letter--which is why it is so perfect that Coby's new BFF/brother is named Chad! They adore playing together in the snow.


    When Winnie's new mom lost her ten-year-old cocker spaniel best friend back in 1996, she swore she would never get another dog...as we all know, these losses are incredibly traumatic. But, Satos have a way of changing people's minds by tugging on their heartstrings. Winnie worked her magic through the window of the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ. It also helped that Winnie had five children--her new human siblings!!--lobbying for her inclusion in the family. Though having a new puppy in the home can be a bit of an adjustment, it's all been worthwhile. The amount of love and affection that every family member now feels toward Winnie is just priceless. They are committed to giving her all the love and attention she deserves.


    Mia's new mother says that this adorable little sata is now the center of the family! Mia is super sweet and very appreciative of her wonderful new home, where she gets lots of love, cuddles and all the doggie treats she will ever want. Mia was adopted from the Naples Humane Society in Florida.


    Karla is doing great in her new home in New Hampshire where she is growing like crazy. She is comfortable and confident--and has almost mastered the fine art of doing her "business" outside. Just imagine coming from Puerto Rico and being told your new bathroom is outside in the deep, cold snow! She gets tons of love and attention and gets along well with her new canine sibling. Her mom says that Karla is the perfect fit for her family.


    Razzie (short for Razzle Dazzle)is very playful and very affectionate, which is a great combination. She is having a blast now exploring the area around her new home, which is in Tyngsboro, MA near the Merrimack River. Her new dad told us that when he saw her photo on the website for the Sterling Animal Shelter, it was love at first sight.


    Sato puppy Bodhi enjoys holding the hand of his new dad...This little guy was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in Freehold, NJ. His new mom says that she knew he was the "one" from the moment she spotted him in his cage. After a few minutes together, the bonding process was complete. Bodhi made sure his adoption papers were properly signed, then hopped into the family car and headed to his forever home.

    UPDATE: Mickey

    Mickey has put his tropical past far behind him....he LOVES the snow!


    You may remember Lucca by his first name--Angelito. We posted his photo and story last summer with an appeal to our supporters to help cover his medical expenses. He had been intentionally hit with a blunt object--probably a bat--and had a broken femur and broken knee. He was in terrible pain, but never lost his natural sweetness or trust in people.

    Thanks to all of you, we were able to afford orthopedic surgery to repair his broken bones. After many months of convalescence, he flew to Boston and went to our shelter partner Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. He was only there for a few days before his new mom came along and fell in love. As she said, "He had me at hello!"

    Lucca spent his very first night in his new home sleeping under the covers, with his head on a pillow, and his new stuffed toy by his side. We couldn't imagine a more fitting scenario for this brave and sweet boy.


    Pancake had been caged up in a shelter in Puerto Rico for a long time when one of All Sato Rescue's best friends found her and knew she deserved better. Over the course of many weeks of TLC in a real foster home, Pancake slowly came out of her shell and realized that life could be a lot of fun. This sweet girl came up to the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA where she was adopted into a great home. Her new parents tell us that Pancake is affectionate and playful and loves the snow. She also loves to chew on things and has a large collection of balls, toys, bones, and sticks.


    Truibi now lives in Rhode Island. He flew up to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA on January 20 and went home on January 25, so everything is still pretty new and exciting. His parents tell us they absolutely love him already! Truibi has already picked out his favorite chair in the house and coincidentally, it is also his mom's favorite chair. That means he can be assured of some great snuggling, especially when he comes inside from the cold and his paws need to be warmed up! He is in fact still figuring out how he feels about the whole snow thing...it makes it a little harder to chase squirrels.


    Hazelnut's new dad told us that she was his Christmas present to himself after having lived in a "dog-deprived" home since New Year's Day 2006. That was when his dearly loved ten-year-old lab passed away--and eight years is a long time to go without a canine family member. Now Hazelnut and her dad are best friends and totally inseparable. This lucky girl arrived at the Coastal Humane Society with her siblings Sammy and Sandy. She and Sammy now both live in the beautiful town of Freeport, Maine and are in the same puppy class!


    Jada, a little boxer mix with a serious heart condition, needed a particularly special home--and she found it! This gal was adopted through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA by one of All Sato Rescue's oldest and dearest friends. Jada now lives in NH with her beautiful human sister, and older Sato sister, Chantal (on the right). Jada's new mom says that it took her about ten minutes to warm up to Chantal and now the two are inseparable. Jada loves her new comfy couch and is enjoying some serious bonding time with her new mom.


    Matt found his forever home through our friends at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. Matt's new mom wrote to tell us that he is a sweet boy, who is also very smart, and that he has become her best friend.


    Pebbles's new family was finally able to get her to sit still long enough to have her photo taken. (That's her on the right, next to brother Bam Bam.) Ever since she arrived at her new home in Mass., Pebbles and Bam Bam have been engaged in one marathon play session after another. On her very first night, the two pups played nonstop until midnight, when their parents finally pried them apart so the household could get some sleep. But by 4 am, the two were wide awake and begging to be reunited! Pebbles is the latest Puerto Rican boxer to be placed through our new friends at the Boxer Rescue Inc.


    Kip now lives with a feline sibling and the two love to chase each other around the house. Kip was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Working with our partner, the Humane Society of Puerto Rico, we were able to bring Murray and his siblings to the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey. The puppies were originally surrendered to the Humane Society, but because of the very high volume of dogs turned in there every day, their chances of finding good homes were very slim. But Murray hit the jackpot. These days, this handsome boy with his trademark Sato earspan, is living in a great home with parents who adore him.


    Fletcher's new parents were so in love with him--the cutest dog in the world!--that they arrived two hours early to be first in line to adopt him from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. He is such a lucky boy, because things could have gone very differently for him....All Sato Rescue saved him from the pound in San Juan where he would likely have been euthanized. Now, Fletcher dines on the finest organic dog food and lives in a beautiful colonial home with two acres of land in a town known for its apple orchards and horse farms. His parents tell us that everyone who meets Fletcher falls in love with him and wants to know where they got him!


    When it comes to saving the lives of satos, it usually takes a village. That was the case for Henry and his five siblings and mother. Many kind-hearted people participated in rescuing this canine family, keeping them safe and healthy, getting their medical care, working out their transportation to Boston, picking them up at the airport, and then caring for them at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. That's where Henry found his new home--and, boy, is it a good one! He has a 9-year-old canine sibling named Gabby, two feline siblings, and three human siblings--and they all love him. Henry likes to walk in the woods, play with his toys, and sleep in people's laps. In this photo, he is in the arms of his sister Kate. Since he is a Sato, who moved to New England in January, you can imagine there is only one thing amiss in this dream scenario--yup, it's the weather!


    When ASR President Edi Vazquez rescued Rico, she thought he was a sheepdog, so she reached out for help from New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. This was in 2008 and the kind people at NEOESR immediately came to our aid, finding Rico a spectacular home. This was especially nice of them considering that Rico isn't actually a sheepdog. He is a bearded collie! Who knew??

    Whatever his breed, he is a magnificently hirsute Sato ambassador whose lucky streak continues. Not only does he have a great home, but he is a TWO time winner of his dog park's raffle. He won a 45-minute massage and then he won an hour-long pet photo session in which he had 75 pictures taken, including the one here.


    Since arriving in Massachusetts three years ago, Brie has been bounced around a bit. Through no fault of her own, she landed in two different families that could no longer take care of her...but her new--and FINAL--parents tell us that her bouncing days are over! This girl is just where she will be for the rest of her life. She is a 14-pound treasure who moved in and took over, and they would not have it any other way. Brie has been a very important pillar for the family ever since her human brother, a Marine, was deployed. In fact, Brie's mom says that Brie saved her and not the other way around. Brie now has pretty much whatever she wants--from toys and seat belts, to coats and vet care- but most importantly she has love and permanence.

    Bandito and Timber

    Bandito and Timber were adopted from the SPCA in Eatontown, NJ right before Christmas and things are going really well. They are getting lots of hugs, love, and attention. There have been a few challenges--stairs!--and a few temptations--slippers!--but the most important thing is that they are VERY attached to their new human brothers.


    For his very first Christmas, Sammy got new parents, a new home, a holiday tree, and a big red ribbon. His new parents tell us that he is a wonderful, happy, affectionate puppy and they are thrilled to have him. Sammy was adopted through the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine.


    Holly's new parents were so smitten with her that they drove 2.5 hours each way to visit her at the shelter while she was recovering from spay surgery and not yet ready to go to her forever home. Holly is proving to be a master at defying labels--both the shelter staff and her very own foster mom described her as sweet, but not cuddly. But Holly's new parents are having a hard time prying her off their laps (not that they really want to, but sometimes there are other things that need doing around the house.) It's Holly's way of keeping her eye on them, since she still seems a bit nervous that they may leave her and her wonderful new life will have all been a mirage. Soon enough this lucky girl is going to realize that they will ALWAYS come back!


    That's Maisy in front, with her new brother Jake, who is also a Sato. Maisy was found wandering the streets of Puerto Rico by a very nice couple, who contacted us for help. When we first met her, she was very tentative and not too healthy...so it's a joy to see the sensational, confident, sassy little sato that was waiting to emerge! Maisy was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.

    UPDATE: Isaac

    January 1 isn't only the beginning of the New Year, it is also the date of Isaac's birthday--and he just turned two. It's been a full year for this guy, who was rescued during Hurricane Isaac in Puerto Rico. After being in foster care on the island, he was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine and now thrives on the infamous New England winters. He loves everything to do with the snow. This playful guy's energy is so infectious that he keeps everyone laughing.


    Marley (in the center) and his litter mates were dumped on the ground in a parking area down the street from the Humane Society of Puerto Rico. Because the Humane Society was so full, there was concern that the puppies would could end up being put to sleep--but that's when ASR Vice President (and Executive Director of the Humane Society) Maritza Rodriguez stepped in.

    She took the puppies into her own home where they were fed, loved, and given the medical work needed to fly off the island.

    In February 2013, they were sent to the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey. That's where Marley found his amazing forever home with his wonderful parents. His dad tells us that Marley is very loving, friendly, and loyal....which sounds like a nice combination. He would love to find the kind people who adopted Marley's siblings to see if they could arrange some playdates. If you adopted one of these cuties, please get in touch with us!


    Roxy (on the right) had a very important mission to fulfill when she was adopted on Valentine's Day 2013. Her new family had recently lost one of their two beloved rescue dogs to liver cancer, and the surviving pup--a black lab mix named Tank--was devastated. He had stopped playing and wasn't eating much. Help was needed urgently. Flash forward ten months and you'll see that Roxy has worked her magic. Though she was a bit nervous at first in her new home--her parents had to carry her over thresholds!--she has clearly adjusted. In addition to Tank, Roxy has two human siblings, that she adores. She loves getting belly rubs, cuddling, playing, and napping with Tank.


    We heard from Mya's parents after they saw the story about Finnegan, which is posted further below. That's because Mya and Finnegan are brother and sister. Born on December 15, 2012, both arrived at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA in March 2013 and were quickly adopted. Finnegan still lives in MA, but Mya has since moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota with her mom and dad. She loves chewing rope toys and running circles at the dog park. As a health-conscious Sato, she has even started jogging and swimming!

    UPDATE: Pepper

    December 26 may be Boxing Day in the UK, but in North Billerica, Mass., it's "Pepper Day"--the anniversary of Pepper's official adoption into her forever home. Her parents tell us that they have been the "most blessed couple" ever since she became a member of their family. Pepper is smart, sweet, playful, and loving...she was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.


    Coco isn't technically an All Sato Rescue dog, but we are proud to share her photo and story. This athletic pup was saved after being abandoned on the beach in Dorado, PR. She was nursed to health by a local family and then whisked up to CT by the family that had fallen in love with her during their vacation. Now Coco is much loved by family and friends. She LOVES hanging with her brothers--whether she is fielding slap shots, chasing snowballs, giving kisses, or enjoying cozy naptimes. We're not sure, but she may actually be the very first Sato to become an ice hockey player!


    Gaia just spent her very first Christmas with her new family in her wonderful new home in Walpole, Mass. Gaia's parents are lawyers who work from home, so she has company 24/7. Gaia is a happy, loving, confident little girl, whose new parents are amazed that she could survive her tough early life with her wonderful spirit intact. Gaia's effect on her new family reminds her mother of that classic bumper sticker..."Who rescued whom?” Gaia was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.


    Chibi just celebrated her five-week anniversary in her forever home in Maine, where she has a BFF/brother, who is a Miniature Pinscher, and adoring parents. She has learned to "sit" and "stay", and has discovered the joy of playing with toys--and even cats. Her new parents tell us that they love her to death. The only negative in all this is the snow and sub-zero temperatures!

    Reeko Ian

    Reeko Ian was so excited to be in his brand new home that he wrote us immediately to fill us in on all the amazing things that are happening to him. For instance, there are presents under the tree WITH HIS NAME ON THEM! He has his own bed and toys. He has already gone on two long walks and learned how to drive a car! His parents love him to pieces and they have only just met him! We can't wait to see how many new adventures are in store for this lucky pup. Reeko Ian was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA.


    Though she may have a few reservations about the cold weather, Angel is extremely happy in her new home in Maine. She was adopted through Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, ME into a family where she is adored. Her new mom has bought Angel a couple of winter jackets to keep her warm when they're out watching ice hockey games. Angel also enjoys riding around in the (heated) car to visit relatives and hanging out with feline sibling Moose.


    Charlotte just found her forever home, right in time for the holidays. Her new dad tells us that she is a wonderful puppy, full of love and affection, who has been a very special gift to the family.


    Lacey and her new nine-year-old brother Tyler both received the best Christmas present this year--each other!! Lacey was a gift for Tyler and vice versa. Lacey was very excited to get into her new home and ran around like crazy, wagging her tail at top speed. She has a lot of outdoor space too, but since most of it's covered in snow, her new dad shoveled out a path for her.

    Already a pro at house etiquette, Lacy now paws at the door to let her people know that she needs to go outside. And talk about instant bonding...The second that Tyler gets home from school, Lacey is by his side. And when he's not there, she is cuddling next to her new mom on the couch. Oh, and she even got her own health insurance policy! Talk about a great Christmas...Lacey was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.

    Bella and Saxon Reunite

    Two very special Satos—mother Bella (at left) and her son Saxon (below, as a puppy)—were recently reunited with their original rescuer, Ivonne Rodriguez in Massachusetts. In 2009, Bella gave birth to her puppies in an abandoned building near where Ivonne lived in Puerto Rico. The puppies were weak and sickly, and so Bella decided they needed to find a safer place to call home and she carefully moved them—one by one in her mouth—across a highway and into a protected guard station nearer to Ivonne’s home.

    Ivonne and the guards worked hard to help the family, feeding them and getting them antibiotics. They reached out to All Sato Rescue’s Vice President Maritza Rodriguez for help and pretty soon the pups were on their way to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.

    But Ivonne had to leave the island before she could get Bella to safety. During her absence, Bella was hit by a car and also suffered burns. Despite her painful experiences, she still loved everyone she met. Bella flew to Boston about a year after Saxon and was adopted by a family in New Hampshire. A few months ago, Saxon’s dad found Ivonne’s contact information, which had been misplaced, and invited her to visit. (Cursor down for more on Saxon.)

    And she did! She had a very emotional reunion with Saxon and his family. And when Saxon’s dad heard that Bella lived nearby, he did a little research and located her family. Bella is now a certified therapy dog, who uses her unparalleled maternal instincts to soothe the spirits of people with mental illnesses. Saxon’s family invited Bella’s to visit and meet Ivonne, whose compassion put the whole lovely story in motion. The two families, including mother and son, had a lovely afternoon together. Ivonne (pictured above with her rescues) says that meeting the kind people who have given these animals the great homes they so richly deserve has been one of the best experiences of her life.


    Sassy is making us all proud. With her smarts, compassion, and outgoing personality, she was recruited into the Hearing Dog Program at NEADS, a national nonprofit that trains dogs to help the deaf and disabled.

    Sassy will bring a unique level of compassion to her work as she knows first hand what it's like to be scared and alone. She had been abandoned on the streets of Puerto Rico when she was saved by a friend of All Sato Rescue, who took her into his family. There she was able to overcome her initial fears and gain the confidence she needed to reach her full potential. Now she's ready to give back.

    After some lengthy training and evaluation, Sassy is about to move into a prison training program where an inmate will teach her important tasks like how to “alert” a non-hearing person to sounds such as fire alarms and telephone rings.

    Ultimately, Sassy will provide a vital sense of safety and independence to her future companion. If all goes well, she will be matched with a client sometime in 2014.


    Finnigan celebrated his first birthday on December 15....it has been quite a year. First he was born on the streets, then he was rescued and fostered, and then he was sent to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA where he was adopted in March. Since then, he has grown into the handsome, noble animal you see here! His mom said that she treasures the gift that is Finnigan.


    Savvy is so smitten with her pretty new mom that she follows her around wherever she goes. Savvy has already gained two pounds since she was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey. She is loved and spoiled rotten!


    Zoey, the little beagle in the rear, has been very good this year, so she is getting the best gift possible--her own forever home! Zoey now lives in Rockport, MA with her big sister (in front of Santa). She was placed through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester.


    This is Shelby's second Christmas in her forever home and her family wanted us to know that she is well loved. They said that she has a great temperament and is a big favorite wherever she goes--even at the vet's!

    Mr. Muggles

    Mr. Muggles and his six brothers and sisters were surrendered to the Humane Society in Puerto Rico, but there was not enough room there to keep them. So, ASR Vice Prez Maritza Rodriguez opened up her home to these schnauzer mixes. (She also made sure that their mom was spayed!!) The puppies had a blast at Maritza's...they climbed all over her big St. Bernard mix and played tug of war with the leaves of her houseplants...(they won!!!) Mr. Muggles stood out because he was so calm and now he is settling in nicely to his very own home in New Jersey. His mom says that he is very friendly and very affectionate. He was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA.

    Betty Elizabeth White

    Betty-Elizabeth-White has a wonderful new forever home with a family that had been nursing the hole left by the death of its previous dog. Timid at first, Betty-Betty-White has quickly adjusted and now runs around the house like she owns the place! In fact, it's hard to make her stand still long enough to have her photo taken. She sleeps in bed every night with her new parents and is enjoying her very own huge fenced-in yard and nearby vacation home. She just had her first experience with snow and LOVES it! Where once there was a hole there is now a complete family and we couldn't be happier...BBW was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


    If ever a photo could convey unbridled joy, it has to be this one of Harvey running like the wind across a beautiful field. He also has a blast plowing through the snow and next week he's off to Virginia Beach for a visit with his niece, a black lab named Sasha.
    Harvey was adopted into a home with an older Sato named Maggie, who took her role as big sister very seriously. Maggie coached Harvey in proper technique for patrolling the backyard and the two made a formidable security team.

    ....and little brother Tedy

    But, sadly, Maggie passed away last month, leaving the whole family devastated. They decided that the best way to fill the void left by the loss of one sato is to adopt another one....so they all went to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA and came home with little Tedy.

    Now Harvey is showing the ropes to his little brother, just as Maggie showed them to him. But, Harvey confided in us that he is a little concerned about Tedy's work ethic. For instance, during an important yard patrol exercise, Tedy lay down on the job!


    Lily was adopted into a wonderful family where she is proving to be very smart. She graduated at the top of her class from obedience school and has learned to ring a bell when she wants to go out! She has lots of tricks and loves to run around the house playing tag with everyone.

    Lexi Raemarie

    Snuggling head to head with her new BFF Francis is just one of the many perks in the new life of Lexi Raemarie (foreground). This sweet Sato is really coming out of her shell. She was pretty overwhelmed at first and the sight of a leash made her freeze up. But now she's tooling around Petsmart checking out the goodies, meeting people, and showing off her obedience skills. Lexi Raemarie's new mom says that she has made a big difference in everyone's lives.


    Shenzi was unkempt and hungry and living in a parking lot when she was whisked to safety by a kind-hearted woman who knew that this poor pup's days were numbered. Things are different now...these days her biggest concern is which toy to play with from her vast collection! Shenzi was adopted through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA and now lives north of Boston with a very nice couple who had never had a dog before. They tell us that Shenzi is extremely smart and sweet and that she has a ton of canine friends and plenty of warm coats to keep out the cold of her first New England winter. Her new dad happens to be a photographer, so she is also getting used to the life of a model.


    Abbey's new mom wrote to tell us that the two are already forever friends. Abbey was adopted from the SPCA in Monmouth County, NJ. She is incredibly sweet and just LOVES to be in a lap. She's very quiet for such a young puppy and is happy to walk on a leash--as long as she's right next to her new mom.


    It's hard to get Hook, as in Captain Hook, to sit still enough to have his photo taken when he has the chance to give some major kisses! Even though he chewed through his new harness on his first night in his new home, he has quickly picked up the concept of indoor manners. He can sit now and even barks when he needs to go outside. Hook was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Oaklynn was found abandoned with her siblings at an electric power plant in the Puerto Rican town of Catano. Thanks to a very generous donor and dear friend to All Sato Rescue, we had the funds needed to rescue the whole litter and keep them safe until they were ready to travel to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Oaklynn was a particular favorite of ours!


    Leo's nice new BIG yard offers many possibilities. Sometimes he likes to run around like a maniac or play fetch with his new dad. Other times he's content just to lie in the sun. Leo is a happy and playful puppy, who finally has the wonderful family he deserves. He was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.


    Grace (on the left)has been making up for her very rough start in life by taking full advantage of every opportunity offered in her new home state of Massachusetts. She loves to explore local waterways by canoe, take strolls where she can enjoy the beautiful Boston skyline, go fourwheeling in her parent's jeep, and even partake in local wine-tasting events. She dressed as a bumble bee for Halloween and we wouldn't be surprised if she has season tickets to the Boston Symphony! She is just that kinda gal...Grace was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.


    Tessie found her "peeps" thanks to our partner Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Lina was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. Her new family wrote to tell us that she is going to be in the "best home in Sudbury!" And judging by this picture, they weren't exaggerating...here is Liana with her very own squeaky toy and two human brothers to help her play with it.

    Lucky Coby was adopted into a home that has flower and vegetable gardens, a grape arbor, and a half acre of fenced-in yard. Score!! As if that weren't heaven enough, he also gets to hang out with lots of people and kids including his 11-year-old brother Chad (pictured here)--and big (as in 70 pounds) canine sister Bella. Coby's new parents tell us that they arrived at the shelter two hours before it opened so they could be first in line to adopt this adorable Sato puppy.


    Bodhi was stuffed in a trash bag and left to die on the side of the road on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. Luckily he was saved and taken to the Vieques Humane Society, with whom All Sato Rescue works closely. After some TLC, good food, and a bunch of shots (ouch!) he flew to the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey where he was quickly adopted. Now, after just two weeks in his new home, his parents can’t imagine life without him. Bodhi loves car rides, games of tug-of-war, and cozy naps with his peeps. He's even getting used to his older sister Belle, the cat.


    Melody never knew that sleeping on top of a human sister could be so darn comfortable. It's just one of many perks to having a forever home. Melody also has a human brother and a dog brother and she is almost never all alone in her home...there are some feline siblings as well, though at the moment it's hard to see them as being a "perk." Melody was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. Her new parents say that she has already brought them much joy. They have brought her much joy too, so it's a good arrangement!


    We hear from Patsy's new family that she spends most of her day on looking for belly rubs and cuddles and, by the looks of things in this photo, she is pretty darn successful at getting them! It's always nice to see one of our Satos feeling so relaxed and secure.


    In this photo, Lexi almost looks a little perplexed--as if she can't quite believe her wonderful new life. I have toys? My own yard? I get to sleep in bed with my new parents? What's going on here??? This little Sato has every reason for disbelief--she was rescued from the middle of a very busy highway in Puerto Rico and it's a miracle that she wasn't hit. Now she lives in New Jersey. Lexi was adopted through the Monmouth County SPCA.


    Liani's new family knew it would take the "perfect" pup to begin to fill the void in their lives that had been left by the passing of their previous dog...and they found her! This lucky girl was adopted from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA and, except for the cold, is adjusting very well to her wonderful new life. Her new family wanted us to know that she will always be safe and loved.

    UPDATE: Ella

    Here's a great shot of Ella catching some rays on a sunny fall day in her new home state of Maine. She was adopted through the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick.

    UPDATE: Gabbana

    We couldn't resist posting this sweet photo of Gabbana and her dad. She is rocking one of the most impressive Sato earspans we have seen in awhile! Gabbana and her two sisters were suffering from mange when they were surrendered to the Humane Society of Puerto Rico--and they would have probably been euthanized if not for the swift intervention of our dear friend Maritza, who called on Edilia to be a foster mom....the rest is history!


    When Pixel's new parents called Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA and heard that some wonderful Satos were due to be put up for adoption at noon--they got there at 12:05. By 12:30 the deal was sealed and Pixel was theirs. She had stood out because she was quiet and gentle, and because when the three of them went out for a walk, she stopped every few steps to make sure her people were right there with her. Don't you love her already??! Pixel is great with her brother Moose, a large Maine Coon cat, (pictured here) and also wonderful with kids and other dogs. Pixel's mom tells people, "This dog does not have a mean bone in her body."


    Caspian was named after the Sea because he and his new parents are avid boaters. His new middle name is Miles because he traveled so far from Puerto Rico to Massachusetts to begin his new life. Caspian Miles now lives in Boston with his brother Bobo, a big fluffy cat with whom he has a love/hate relationship. Since it's late October, Caspian is working on his Halloween costume--he's going as a frog. We can't wait for the photos!


    Bella was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in NJ when she was a very small puppy. Now she has grown into a lovely young lady, who loves boat rides. Bella has a big brother named Opie (He's a vizla.) that she loves to play and snuggle with. She has grown a lot from the 11 pounds when she was adopted to 34 pounds today. She loves to play and go for walks with her big “human” brothers Ryan & Tommy. She quickly learned from Opie that the door bell means the front door needs to be tended to as there might be someone in need of attention. She also feels it is her duty every morning to watch the boys walk to the bus stop for school and waits at the door until they are picked up.


    Marney is pretty much in heaven these days. Like all Satos, she worships the sun and loves to be warm...So she was a little worried about moving to Maine. But, as you can see, she has her very own fireplace and will be nice and cozy for the winter months ahead. Her new family tell us that they adore her--and they can't wait to see her play in the snow. Marney was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine.


    Rocky has three beautiful sisters: Meghan, Catie and Abby and they are wild for their new puppy brother! He also has a feline sibling named Rosie, but she is not quite as wild for him...he tries to stay out of her way. Rocky is so sweet and loving. He loves his new backyard and he loves to cuddle. He will be going on his very first vacation to Maine soon and he is very excited. He lives in Massachusetts now.


    Andie was adopted within a millisecond of arriving at Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. Her parents had stopped off just to kill some time before meeting friends for lunch. Little did they suspect that their chance visit would lead to a decade-long love affair with this Puerto Rican pistol. That's right, she went to her forever home in 2003. Now, at 11-years-old, Andie may have slowed down a bit, but she can still spring into action at the sight of a chipmunk or if someone mentions the possibility of a car ride. Andie's parents tell us that she has brought them joy every single day for the last ten years.


    If this photo is any indication, it might be an understatement to say that Leia is totally comfortable and relaxed in her new home. When she isn't lying belly-up on a soft quilt, she is playing up a storm with her new family, which includes a canine sibling. Leia was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Allie waits at home patiently during the school day until her favorite person in the world--pictured here--comes home. Then it's game on....with the two of them playing nonstop until bed time. In this photo, Allie is showing just how pooped she gets after these marathon play sessions....fortunately, she also gets to sleep with her best friend.

    UPDATE: Indigo Blue

    Indigo Blue recently left Boston for the beautiful seaside town of Marion in Southern Massachusetts. She now gets to go to the beach or on a hike in the woods every single day. And when she gets back home, her favorite thing to do is snuggle up under the pillows for a nice nap.

    When we looked back through our records, we realized that Indie has a long history of being a cuddle bug. We found this early shot of her when she was a baby in her foster home. Her mom says that she has brought much joy into the household....


    Here is Gaboa in one of his favorite new spots--riding shotgun with his new dad driving. In addition to car rides, he also loves naps. Sometimes he gets to do both at once! Gaboa found his forever home through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine.


    Sonya's new parents tell us that she is settling in well to her new home and that they find themselves captivated by her! That is often the case with Satos. This lovely little girl was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Saxon is so loving that he follows his family everywhere. He sleeps in their beds and lies at their feet. He used to snuggle on their laps as a puppy, but is now so big (80 pounds!) that it is uncomfortable for both him and his person. So, instead, he "sits" with his rear end on chairs and puts his front legs on the floor.
    Saxon is also great fun. He plays fetch for hours on end and loves to go for walks in the woods. This lovely lab mix initially didn't like to swim, but once he saw how much fun the other dogs were having, he bravely tested the waters. Now he loves swimming so much that it's hard to get him to stop.
    Saxon is such a beloved presence in his community that his neighbors always want him to stay with them whenever his parents go on vacation. The only trouble is, his parents love him so much that they always want to take him with them! Saxon's wonderful life is a great comfort to his rescuer, who cried her eyes out when he left Puerto Rico.


    Every day spent in his loving new home is a day in which Benny's confidence grows and his playful personality emerges. Although we don't know the specifics, we think this Sato had a pretty traumatic early life, which made it hard for him to trust. Fortunately, he found a very patient and understanding family that includes two young grandchildren and a Sato sister named Petra. (She is in the foreground in this photo.) Benny enjoys going on long walks with his new dad and likes to watch Petra as she paddles around in the family pool. Taking naps on the rug next to his parents is becoming a cherished evening ritual--as well as a new milestone in his ability to trust the reality of his wonderful new life.


    Riley has found the perfect place to curl up and take a nap. He was trying to help his new human sister do her homework, but was overcome by fatigue in the process...a common reaction when faced with the prospect of studying.


    Here's Marina looking up at her new mom as if she can't believe her amazing good fortune! This is another great "fureva" home made possible by our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Here is Olivia--showing off that famous Sato earspan--in the arms of her new dad on the day that she was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey. Her mom and dad tell us that she is a wonderful puppy and is much loved.


    We heard from Deja's new dad that she is the love of his life...He very much enjoys her enthusiasm and love of life. She very much enjoys him--and food! As you can see here, she approaches her meals with gusto. She also learns commands very quickly and is a star student. In fact, Deja's trainer, who has always had big dogs, said that if she ever got a small dog, she would want it to be just like Deja.


    Sometimes, it's hard to predict just how big a Sato puppy is going to grow up to be. Our Puerto Rican pups tend to be on the small side...but Cooper surprised everyone. He arrived at the Monmouth County SPCA as a 10-week-old puppy who weighed 25 pounds, so it seemed a safe bet that he might reach 50 pounds.

    But Cooper had other ideas. He now tips the scales at 78 pounds. Fortunately, his new family loves every single ounce of him....his mom says he is 78 pounds of pure joy and craziness.


    Ruby now lives in Boston where she enjoys taking long walks and exploring all that the city has to offer. Her mom tells us that Ruby has really come out of her shell now that she is secure in a loving home. She loves playing with her mom and dad and little canine brother, Cash.


    Marley is a neighborhood favorite where she lives in Southwest Florida. She's super friendly and playful, but also very protective of her "people" and her yard. In this photo, her family is trying to get her to walk on a leash--with mixed results! Marley was adopted through the Humane Society of Naples Florida.

    Mario Bro

    Lucky Mario Bro has landed in a forever family where he can spend every minute of every day with one of his "peeps." That's because his new grandmom is retired and his new mom works nights! Mario Bro was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.


    Lucy was rescued with her mother and four other siblings by a very kind-hearted person who contacted us for help. We are happy to report that she recently flew to Boston to our partner shelter in Sterling, MA where she found a forever home very quickly. Her new mom wrote us to say that Lucy is an amazing puppy! She is so smart, loving, gentle, playful, and literally loves everyone and everything.


    Rachel, the beautiful girl on the left, knew the second she saw Chispi's photo online that she had found her new best friend. Rachel lives in Bridgewater, MA and Chispi was at Wag On Inn Rescue in New Jersey. Rachel had been doing her research to find the perfect rescue pup--and she did! Chispi is super sweet and very much in love with her new sister. As if that weren't heaven enough, Chispi also has loving parents, a big brother, and an awesome Golden Retriever sister named Sadie.


    As you can tell by this photo of Ruby with her new dad, she has been a great addition to her new family. Ruby was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


    We LOVE our seniors....Maggie is ten years old and even though she is on medication for kidney issues, she is still going strong and embracing life. For instance, she is still a skilled and agile thief--able to snatch pizzas off the countertops before anyone can stop her. Maggie was very shy when she first arrived in New England, but the stability of a forever home and the love of her family helped her thrive and mature into the confident pup that was waiting to emerge. She loves her life so much that she has every intention of living many more years.


    Sadie's two favorite activities are curling up in a bean bag chair and receiving belly rubs--and sometimes both things happen at the same time! She also loves her new doggy friends and pretty much everything to do with her wonderful new life. Her new family tells us that Sadie is everything they were hoping for--and more.


    Going on car rides with his awesome brother is just one of the many new perks for Trompo now that he has found his forever family. This little guy lives in Maine where he has a big yard, another dog to play with, and two adorable human siblings to play and cuddle with. His new family wrote to tell us that they feel very lucky to have found him and we feel very lucky to have found THEM. Trompo was adopted through the Coastal Humane Society.


    Caution: Cuteness overload. It may be difficult to look at this photo of little Ravi without having your heart seize up. That's how cute this little munchkin is....and his personality is just as sweet. He loves kisses! and he loves the beach, and going on a hike, and his feline siblings, and other dogs too. Everyone he meets falls in love with him and most comment on how nice and friendly he is. His new parents tell us that he is the best little dog in every aspect! Ravi was fostered by ASR President Edi Vazquez and adopted locally.


    Vicki is pictured here with her favorite person in the universe--her 15-year-old brother for whom she was a birthday present. Actually, it was a mutual gift because she is just as happy to have him. Vicki lives near the beach in Massachusetts and has already been to a cookout with 60 people where everyone was impressed with how well she behaved. Vicki found her forever home through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass.

    UPDATE: Lola

    We first posted Lola's photo when she was newly adopted and rocking a lovely pink bow. These days she has grown quite a bit and still has her great sense of style. Her new family says that she is the light of their lives. Her favorite game is to put a squeaky toy in her mouth and squeak it while chasing a little ball around...what a multitasker! Lola is very lucky because her parents can be with her all day long and she gets to play in front of her house in coastal Massachusetts at low tide when there is a sandbar...and it turns out she is a great swimmer

    UPDATE: Blanche and Brunie

    Sisters Blanche and Brunie were lucky enough to be adopted together--and boy, are they ever bonded, as you can see by the way they share a chair seat. They are affectionately known as little devils because of the way they jump up on the dining table and walk around looking for treats...they also like to eat furniture--sofas are a preferred delicacy. Lucky for them, they are so darn cute that it's impossible to get mad at them!

    UPDATE: Nina

    Nina now lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with her mom and dad and brother Miles--with whom she is sharing a kid's cup from Dairy Queen in this photo. Both pups like to charge down the stairs of their apartment with tails wagging to give their parents an enthusiastic greeting every time they come home. Nina likes to visit some of the big dog parks in Des Moines where she can sit on top of picnic tables and meet people. She really gets a kick out of finding patches of grass that are particularly fantastic and then writhing around in them gleefully. Nina and Miles are so fun to be around that their dog walker often stops to take them out just because she misses them!


    It's always nice when we we are able to help a cat on the road to the great life it deserves....that was the case with Lucy. This beautiful girl is a true love, who likes playing fetch whenever possible. Lucy's new mom writes that she immediately made herself at home. In fact, she quickly took over her mom's room.


    For three years now, Noah has barely left the side of her dad. That's how much she loves him! In this photo, the inseparable duo are enjoying beach time in their home state of Massachusetts.

    UPDATE: Sam

    We want to wish Sato Sam a very happy first birthday. He has grown a lot since he first went to his forever home from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. He has a huge family that he adores. In fact, he doesn't like to let anyone out of his sight and is always happiest when he is following around a family member. He also likes to curl up on the couch on the porch. Sam is doing well with obedience training, but still likes to go a little crazy every once in awhile....don't we all?


    Ben's family tells us that they could not have adopted a better dog! Not only is he an absolute sweet heart, he is also amazing with his new three-year-old human sister. His favorite activities include cuddling up with his family on the couch with his special blanket and sitting in the sun on the back porch. Lucky for Ben that he was adopted through the Humane Society of Naples and gets to live in the sunny state of Florida. Ben LOVES going on walks, going to to the local dog park and going on car rides.

    Domenic, Polly, and Mayo

    Our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, Mass. recently took in a litter of our famous big-eared Satos. Every single one has now gone to its forever home....Pictured here with their new people are Domenic...


    and Mayo....Rounding out the foursome is Hobbs whose story and photo are right below...


    Hobbs is the best puppy, according to his lovely new mom. She says that he has made everyone in the household much happier. He has also proven to be an excellent alarm clock. He wakes her up every morning at 5am by licking and nipping her nose. He also follows her everywhere, and, guess what? In true Sato fashion, his ears are always up!


    Luna was found on the streets with her mom. They were both very skinny and sad. Fortunately, we were able to help and now Luna has a wonderful home. She is SUPER happy! She has a golden retriever BFF with whom she plays often--a video of their romps is on our facebook page.Luna has many fans in her neighborhood as you can see here.


    Full of energy and love, Kit is adjusting to life in her new home. She is making lots of new friends of both the human and canine variety. Kit was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.

    Patsy Cline

    If you look closely at this photo, you will see that Patsy Cline (on the right) and her new sister and best friend Daisy (a rescue from Alabama) are wagging their tails so hard that all you can see is a giant blur. That's because they are both so excited and happy to be together in their wonderful home in Maine. Patsy was adopted through the Coastal Humane Society and these days she can't get enough of her mom! She wants to give kisses and express her affection every minute! When she isn't with her mom, she and Daisy are playing up a storm--mud wrestling is a favorite activity. In true Sato form, Patsy has gained a whopping five pounds since arriving in Maine.


    During her life on the streets of Puerto Rico, Layla used to hang out near a woman who sold fruits and vegetables. She was rescued by a friend of All Sato Rescue who is with the group Sato Angels, and she flew to Boston to go to the Northeast Animal Shelter. Layla was adopted into a very loving family--in fact, her new dad says that along with his human son and human daughter, Layla is one of the three best things to ever happen to him. We are pretty sure that the feeling is mutual.


    Mia has been loving her life in Florida, where she spends time hanging out on the beach and going for hikes in the Everglades....But she is about to have a bit of a shock as she and her family will be moving to Missouri soon and she's likely to see snow for the first time. Mia is fine with anything, as long as she has her two BFFs by her side--they happen to be her 5 and 7 year old (human) brothers. She was adopted from the Humane Society in Naples.


    Cuteness alert! Cleo's bringing it. Her new mom wrote to tell us that Cleo is soft and cuddly...we can tell. She now lives in Stoneham, MA in a family of five that includes her little (human) brother Antonio who is 3 years old. The two like to chase each other around the back yard. Last weekend, she went to a birthday party and had a blast being doted on by all the kids. Even when she is sleeping, Cleo has a soothing effect. Her mom says that while she is working at her desk, she likes to watch little Cleo napping in her crate. Just imagining that is making our stress evaporate...


    Guavi probably never imagined that one day she would be wearing pink sunglasses and lying on hand-made quilts. Those luxuries were beyond her wildest dreams as she roamed the streets alone, hungry, and suffering from horrible allergies that left her skin raw and bleeding. She had no fur at all on her ears. But even then, her sweet and friendly personality shone through. Guavi went to our partner Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine where she was quickly adopted by a nice young couple with a cat. Guavi's foster mom recalls this little Sato as particularly special and says that seeing her in such a loving home is a true reward.


    It may be hard to see from this photo, but Lucy has her very own koi pond and loves to keep an eye on its bright orange denizens. You won't catch her swimming though--Lucy hates aquatic sports, but doesn't mind bath time. She has two dog uncles with whom she plays every day. Lucy was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.


    Lola now has a beautiful home on the water, lots of toys, a huge bed collection, and plenty of love. As if all that weren't enough, her new mom is home with her every day. Lola is happy and healthy and even gained two whole pounds in about a week. Lola was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA.


    When Ruthy first went to her forever home, her new people thought that she was going to be very quiet, a bit reserved, and quite shy. But it didn't take too long for Ruthy to prove that she is exactly the opposite. In fact, it turns out that she is a big ball of energy, very loving and outgoing, and eager to please. Oh, and she loves watching TV, and if there are any dogs on, she barks at them so they will know she's boss. Ruthy was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.


    Mace's new family wrote to tell us that they all love him--especially boxer brother Diesel. Mace was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    As a first-time dog mom, Lady's adoptive mother was a bit nervous at first, but any anxiety quickly gave way to total bliss. Mother and dog daughter go on runs together at least 3 times a week and visit the dog park at least twice a day. They're absolutely inseparable, and Mom cannot imagine her life without Lady. Lady already knows sit, lie down, shake, high five, dance, roll over, come, and stay. Her favorite things are to cuddle with her mom and to walk/run in the park.


    Little Isabel was named by her new parents after Isabel Segundo, a town on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques where they had vacationed. It was a special place for them and Isabel is a special dog. She and her litter mates were born just after her very pregnant mother was rescued by ASR volunteers. She was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA.


    Little Balto is clearly settling in nicely in his new home. He has two young human siblings that he already adores. Here he is having sweet dreams under his own comfy blanket, next to his favorite toy. Balto was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    Here's Chico in his special kerchief, which he wore to celebrate his first birthday. Chico loves nothing more than running through beach surf with his canine brother and canine best friend and then curling up for a nice nap with his toy collection. He was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.

    Coco Coconut Lopez

    Coco Coconut Lopez is living the good life with her wonderful mom in Newton, MA. She loves the seasonal change in New England: from running around in the snow to taking a spring nap under the lilac tree. Coco loves to give kisses and can wag a tail faster than almost any other dog out there.

    UPDATE: Tito

    Tito (on the right) used to be called Narciso and there is a photo of him as a small puppy posted much earlier on. Tito was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA in September 2011. Since then, he has been joined by another rescued pup whose name is Oink. They are very close. Tito crawls under the covers every night to snuggle up close to his mom and dad. He also likes to sit in the bay window and watch all the neighborhood happenings and he is always available to receive belly rubs!


    Here's Miguelito on what may be the most important day of his life--the day he goes to his forever home. He was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.

    Sasha and Cookie

    Sisters Sasha and Cookie were abandoned in a school yard on the Puerto Rican island of Culebra. A teacher at the school began feeding them and looking out for them, but she was very worried that someone might harm them. So, she reached out to us for help and soon enough Sasha and Cookie were headed to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA where they were lucky enough to be adopted together into a great home where they are very happy.


    Jade's photo caught the eye of her new mom because this charming Sato has an earspan reminiscent of the Flying Nun. Jade's new mom, dad, and canine brother Webster (on the left) all went to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA to meet. Things went so well that Jade went home that day. Jade has helped Web get over the loss of his previous BFF, who was also a Sato. He has perked up considerably since Jade became part of our family. Followers of ASR on facebook may have seen Jade's amazing talent for wagging her tail while fast asleep--a true sign of bliss. It turns out that Jade is a bit of a ham around a camera. We hope this means that we will be treated to many more shots of this Flying Nun in the future.


    Rain is going on five years in her forever home. She is loving and sweet and loves life on the water in Florida.


    Less than two weeks into her new forever home, Sahara is doing great. In fact, she is a "character and a half" full of spunk and not the least bit shy or skittish. She now goes up and down the stairs like a pro and licks instead of nibbling. She is also being trained in cat etiquette by her new feline sibling and she adores her dog brother Curly so much that she lies on top of him, as shown here. She also plays ball, runs a lot, respects the horse in the family, and hangs out with the goats. She has settled in so nicely that it's as if she's always lived here. Sahara was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.


    Franco did not have to wait very long for his forever home. He saw his new parents, Jenkin and Aline, as they walked around the kennels at Buddy Dog Humane Society and called them over for kisses through the fencing. Then he went for a walk with them and all three decided that they wanted to be a family together. Now Franco lives in a town outside Boston and will be spending summer weekends on the beach in Cape Cod. His parents write us that they can't wait to take him on many adventures and that they are proud to be the parents of a Sato!


    Milo was found eating chicken bones and scraps in a trash dumpster in San Juan. But these days he has his meals served to him! Milo's new mom saw his photo on petfinder, when he was in the care of our partner, Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue back in August 2011. She fell in love at first sight. We are happy that Milo's days as a dumpster diver are long gone...


    Ricky's new parents write that he's a special little guy and it didn't take but a minute for them to fall in love with him.


    A team of dedicated rescuers spent nearly a year trying to win Bengie's trust so they could get him off the beach where he had been abandoned and into safety. After a particularly violent storm hit the area, Bengie disappeared for quite awhile. Not long after he reappeared, he was attacked by another dog. But the rescuers persevered. Bengie was taken to the vet, nursed to health, and adopted locally. His new mom is a very well known musician. Bengie is one of the most loving, sweet--and spiritual!--dogs on the planet. That's because he meditates and does yoga while he listens to his mom play the piano.


    Bela spends most of her time kissing her new mom. This lucky Sato left Puerto Rico for Maine where she found her forever home through our friends at Coastal Humane Society.

    Blu Ivy

    Blu Ivy just hit the jackpot! She "adopted" a wonderful family with four human children in the home (plus another two that visit often!), along with great parents, and a dog and a cat. She also has plenty of space to run around on--about 1.5 acres in Jackson, NJ. The only thing that's perplexing at the moment is how to go up and down these things called stairs. She just didn't run into them on the streets of Puerto Rico.


    Layla has proven to be the perfect addition to her new family. She has injected a lot of energy and excitement into the lives of her two canine siblings, including one that is 15 years old. And she has bonded deeply with her three new human brothers, including 12-year-old Andrew shown here. Andrew loves animals and hopes to find a way to help them as he grows older. Layla is always at the door to greet her new dad when he gets home from work with some famous Sato love. The family says that they are blessed to have such a sweetheart in their midst. Layla was adopted through the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.

    Pepe was found wandering the streets as a young puppy. He was in terrible condition then, very malnourished and with such bad mange that he hardly any fur. Pepe's rescuer fostered him for more than a year while he healed. During that time, he hung out with a cat and other dogs and made friends with everyone. His rescuer said that he was her all-time favorite and that she considered keeping him for herself (a typical "problem" with foster parents!)


    Pepe's new owners had something much different in mind when they went to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA to look for a canine family member. But, as it turns out, they were exactly what Pepe had in mind when he was considering his dream family. So, he picked them--and, boy, does he have good taste, because it has worked out very well for everyone. Pepe just experienced his first big social event and was a very gracious host, greeting everyone affectionately and then checking in with them over the course of the evening to be sure that they were having a good time.

    UPDATE: Harold

    If you scroll down through the happy endings here--go through about 35--you'll find the original posting of Harold. In that touching photo, he is resting his head on his mom's very pregnant stomach to get a sense of his soon-to-be human brother. All that bonding time sure paid off....These days, Harold and Carter are inseparable. Harold spends most of his days following whichever parent has Carter from room to room. If Carter cries, Harold is the first one in the room to investigate the situation. The first thing Harold does when he wakes up in the morning is to find Carter. This is clearly the beginning of a very special relationship.


    We are especially glad to see that Sophie has found a great home. This sweet dog was rescued from a housing project along with her three adorable fluffy babies. Sadly, despite our best efforts, her babies all died....you could tell that Sophie was devastated. But now, thanks to our friends at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass., Sophie has been able to put her sadness behind her. She has a great new home where she can wander in the woods, zip around in the snow, and hold paws with her new person.


    Lacey was rescued by the neighbor of ASR President Edilia Vazquez and sent to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. to find her forever home....She found it! And she is very happy. Lacey has her own little puppy toys that she thinks are her babies. She also has a canine brother, who is a rescued greyhound named Sarge, and they get along like gangbusters. Lacey's new family say that she is a pleasure and it appears that she feels the same way about them.

    Nanita and Papita

    Nanita and Papita have shared the worst and best of times. They were abandoned together, when someone threw them out of a car on a street in San Juan. A Good Samaritan rescued Nanita, but Papita ran off in fear. Fortunately, this person kept going back to check and found her hiding in the bushes. Nanita had refused to eat until she was reunited with Papita--and then she ate for two!! This adorable pair were adopted together from Humane Society Naples in Naples, Florida. Now they will be together forever.

    UPDATE: Olive

    If you have not checked out Olive's story in our "Makeover" section, you may want to....This sweet little girl was the victim of intentional burns. It took a long time--and a lot of skin treatments--for her to feel better. And, these days, she feels GREAT! For one thing, she loves the snow....Because her stylish winter coat protects her sensitive skin, she can really let loose during a New England blizzard. One of her favorite things to do in the snow is chase down her frisbee--even if the snow is over her head.


    Here's Willy taking a nap in a guitar case...In addition to his appreciation for music, Willy likes the outdoors. Even though he has doubled (or even tripled!) in size since he was scooped off the street, his rescuer says that he still has the same puppy face. Willy was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


    This magnificent Sato went by the name Little Bear in Puerto Rico, but these days he is happy to leave all those past associations behind with his great new name Trunks. Trunks was placed through the wonderful Tall Tails Beagle Rescue and now lives in Portland, Maine.

    His new parents tell us that he never strays far off the leash and he loves going to the dog park and making new friends of the canine and human flavor.

    Life on the streets is hard and by the time Trunks was saved, put on a noisy plane, and flown to a shockingly cold climate, he was a little overwhelmed. But after just two weeks in his forever home, he is jumping right out of his shell! He is happy, healthy, and loving his new life.


    Maya flew up to Boston in a carry-on bag in the main cabin. Her personal "escorts" had planned an entire vacation in Puerto Rico so they could see first hand where their own sato Doug had been born. They also kindly offered to bring back a few other satos that were headed to our partner Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester.

    A lot can happen over the course of a plane trip...and in Maya's case, her flight from San Juan was life changing. That's because she fell in love with her escorts! And, the feeling was mutual! Now, Maya lives in Rhode Island, with her new parents and new brother Doug.


    This beautiful white lady Snow is shown here on the lap of her new sister and next to her new mom. It is a very important day in Snow's life--the day she goes to her forever home. Snow was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue. Maybe someday she will get together for a play date with newly adopted Satos Blizzard and Frost, whose stories are right below.


    Sasha had a nice life in Puerto Rico until her elderly owner passed away. After that, she ended up in a "home" with people who didn't want her. They were going to dump her--if you can believe it. How this tiny, nine-year-old dog would have fended for herself is beyond us. That's when a very dedicated ASR volunteer heard about Sasha and rushed to her rescue.

    He scooped her up and soon she was on a plane to Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. where she found the PERFECT home. Now she lives with a lovely woman and an extended family who adore her. She even gets to indulge her flair for interior design by fashioning her very own napping nooks out of her new mom's bed covers.As you can see here, Sasha even has someone looking over her from above.


    Yoli is named for her new paternal grandmother. She is a sweet, gentle, and lovable dog who doesn't mind at all when her new human sisters--ages 3 and ten months--give her a tug or two. Yoli was a little shocked at her very first snowfall, but now she is an old hand at New England winters. She was adopted through Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine.


    The aptly named Foxy found a great home in Maine thanks to our dear friends at Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick. His new family fell in love with him at first sight and he is now absolutely ADORED. He is one very happy and spoiled boy. His new person says that Foxy is a real character and very smart--and, as this photo attests, he is also quite a looker. In short, Foxy has all the essential Sato elements.


    Imagine buying a husky in Puerto Rico, tiring of it, and abandoning it on a tropical beach in July??? We can't either. But that was what happened to the magnificent Blizzard.

    These days, Blizzard is right where he belongs--romping through three feet of snow during the heart of a New England winter. This lucky boy was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA.

    Blizzard loves his new family, which consists of three other dogs, three cats, and three kids (ages 10, 9, and 6). As much as he loves to run, play, wrestle, and engage in general canine mischief, Blizzard is also a master cuddle bug, who likes to sneak into the kid's beds and snuggle them to sleep. Blizzard's dad says that he doesn't seem to realize that he is a 50 pound dog and not a lap cat!


    Sasha, a gorgeous Belgian Malinois mix, was dumped in the rain forest as if he were a piece of garbage. Fortunately, a very kind man recognized him for the precious treasure he is and rescued him. All Sato Rescue provided medical work and testing for Sasha, who was adopted by a nice woman who is a nurse and works with the State Police. Now Sasha has all the love--and medical oversight--he will ever need.


    Nola was adopted through Buddy Dog in Sudbury, Mass. in summer 2012. Her rescuer in Puerto Rico worked very hard to make sure this sweet girl received the medical treatments that she needed for her skin. And she says that seeing Nola curled up on her very own sofa is the best reward possible.


    Frost was rescued with his two siblings, all of whom were given French names: Eiffel, Paris, and Pierre. Every one has found a great home in New England.

    Frost was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA when he was about three months old. These days, he is a very grown up one-and-a-half-year-old, who lives the life of a prince. He is spoiled rotten; loves his bones, loves playing in the snow and loves car rides.

    Frost still has some shyness and does not like loud noises, but he has gone to doggie school and is doing much better. He is full of energy and loves his human family. His mom says that Frost has enriched her life and she can't imagine anyone else adopting him but her.


    Yippee!!! Molly was adopted just one day after arriving at our newest shelter partner, Lucky Dog Rescue in Washington, DC. We are thrilled to have this fine organization on our team and look forward to bringing a little bit of Puerto Rico to the nation's capital.

    Molly, as you can tell here, is a true bibliophile and very intelligent. She is also a very affectionate, sweet dog, full of energy and curiosity. Her new parents say that it's like having a toddler around the house! Though she loves to play with her new toys--fetch is her very favorite, she also likes to snuggle up in a lap for a good nap.

    Molly is enrolled in obedience classes, and even though she can be easily distracted (!), she has learned "sit" and is beginning to master this whole walking on a leash thing. Yummy treats are great motivators!

    Molly is the only pet, so she is getting lots of attention, and lucky for her, there is almost always someone at home with her, so she is never alone. In other words, she has found the perfect home!


    If you shared a name with one of the greatest rock songs of all time, you would be pretty cool too. The lovely Layla left Puerto Rico to move to Maine, thanks to our friends at Tall Tails Beagle Rescue. She is having a great time investigating the ins and outs of her new home, playing with new friends, and sleeping in her own comfy bed next to her parents.


    Have you ever seen something so cute, it's painful??? Well, we have and we're posting it right here. This is Mace catching some Zs with his new human sibling. He was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Marshfield, MA. This wonderful outfit has a very effective policy in place for potential adopters--it offers a puppy "sleepover" to see if everyone gets along before finalizing an adoption. Mace's new mom said it worked like a charm....one night with this cute little blanket hog and no one in the family could imagine life without him. Mace was rescued by our dear friends at Amigos de los Animales.

    UPDATE: Roo!

    Roo was super tiny and tick infested when he was dropped off at the doorstep of ASR President Edilia Vazquez. But look how healthy he is today! And, yes, he has gained a few pounds...he is a cutie with a personality to match.

    Roo loves car rides and makes sure to place himself strategically in front of the door so that his parents are sure to know that he wants in on the road trip. To sweeten the deal, he'll break into his "little"Roo" dance in which he lifts each of his four paws at different times and wags his tail. He looks like he's marching in a parade,

    Roo's favorite treat is pastrami--but only if it's the expensive kind. He picked up the habit when a nice man at the deli counter gave him a taste awhile back. The rest is history...Roo is awesome!


    Named after the goalie for the Boston Bruins, Tuuka immediately became a huge hockey fan. One of his favorite things to do is cuddle up on the couch with his dad to watch the game.

    Tuuka was one of an exceptionally cute litter of pups that were rescued in the rain forest of Puerto Rico and came up to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass.

    Now he has four sisters--and they are all cats! He's learning to play with them, and he loves running around in the backyard. But he also has a studious side, especially when his mom needs help preparing for her exams. He is the perfect study buddy.

    Tuuka sits in the passenger seat of the car every time he and his dad go to pick up mom at the train station. He is always so excited to see her.


    Here's Sammy with his beautiful new sister, whom he loves very much. Sammy was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. This lucky guy now has a very big loving family with whom he is extremely affectionate and friendly. He's already doing well with "sit" and "paw"---"come" is a lot harder, but he's working on that one too! Sammy does not like to be alone ever, so he follows different family members all around the house. His family says that they can tell he loves his new life....We are sure that they are right.


    Here's Frodo in the arms of his new family on the way to his new forever home. Frodo was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    Ricky absolutely LOVES to be held and snuggled. He is perfectly content to sit on the lap of his mom's grandson for hours...His new mom says that she is amazed that a little dog who had been so neglected early in life could still be so sweet and loving. We could all learn a lot from this little Sato...

    Jelly Bean

    Sato Jelly Bean is about to get a new human sibling....it's clearly a momentous occasion. Jelly Bean's mom is such a committed supporter of Sato rescue that instead of having party favors at her baby shower, her mother (Jelly Bean's grandmother) is making a donation to All Sato Rescue. We are very grateful, not only for this generous gesture, but also for the fact that a new generation of Sato lovers is imminent. Jelly Bean was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


    The aptly named Joy is one of our senior satos. She was rescued in 2002 by ASR President Edilia Vazquez. Since then she has moved from the cold winters of Connecticut to the blazing sun of Texas. As a notorious sun seeker, Joy is very happy with the change. Here she is enjoying some rays in her own patio chair. Sometimes her parents have guests over who think the chair is meant for THEM, but Joy has a way of letting them know that it is already spoken for.

    Joy's mom says that she is the smartest, most loving and clever dog ever. Joy has only ever had one bad habit and that was her penchant for chewing things made of wood....How she loved to munch on furniture and floor boards! But now she is a most well behaved grand dame.


    ASR facebook followers may remember seeing a dog that was in particularly bad shape when she was rescued. She had no fur and terrible open sores all over her body. She just broke our heart.

    We had no idea that with a little love and medical care, she would soon have a gorgeous white fluffy coat to complement her unique eyes--one of which is blue and one of which is brown.

    We are happy to report that Nutmeg has now found the perfect forever home with three wonderful human siblings. In fact, she gets to sleep with her 14-year-old brother every night, which is a good thing because she HATES to be alone. She loves to have her head and chin scratched and lets everyone know when she wants more. Thanks to her lush new fur coat, she also enjoys long walks around the neighborhood, even if it's cold and snowing.


    Dexter was just a baby when he was saved from the streets. He was skin and bones and had a terrible skin condition that must have been very painful. He had to spend many weeks in his kennel separated from other dogs, so that his skin could heal.

    Fortunately, all that is in the past. Today, he is a handsome boy with a shiny coat and a loving new home. He lives in Burlington, Mass. in a quiet neighborhood with lots of other dogs and plenty of room to run around.

    His new parents tell us that Dexter is very sweet and very smart, and he is very respectful of his new 11-year-old feline sister. He's the perfect addition to the family.


    On his very first day in his forever home, Carlos was a pretty scared little puppy. In fact, he cowered behind the sofa! So, it's nice to see how far he has come in the last few months. As you can see in this photo, he has clearly taken to his role as house manager, where he overseas all aspects of security and food preparation. He is particularly fond of pies!

    Carlos is a much beloved member of the family. He was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.

    Jack and Sadie

    While football fans across the nation were glued to their televisions for Puppy Bowl (or perhaps that other game that involves people), Satos Jack and Sadie were going to their new home. They were both adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.

    Not only are Jack and Sadie best friends, but they are BFFs with their three human sisters: Abby, Tedi and Caitlyn Decker. The dogs like to play together, chasing after balls in their big fenced-in yard, and then cuddle up with their human sisters for a nice cozy rest.

    Jack was rescued in Puerto Rico two days before Christmas. We think there may have been a bit of divine intervention involved as that is also the day that the Deckers lost their beloved rat terrier Casey to cancer. The Deckers say that Jack is a gift from God.


    Here's Daisy all safe and cozy in the arms of her new mom. Daisy has three new sweaters, a lovely soft bed, and a huge toy collection. She was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.

    NEWS FLASH: Otis and Gus playdate!

    We were thrilled to hear that the much anticipated reunion between siblings Otis and Gus has been documented.

    Their parents got them together for a fun play date that included the spirited game of tug-of-war shown her. These two giant Satos have found particularly wonderful homes in Massachusetts. We have a feeling this may be the first play date of many.


    Otis has put on some weight since he was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society last summer. 82 pounds, to be precise! He was just three months--and 18 pounds--when he went to his forever home. Now, he is ten months and 100 pounds...We're wondering if he may keep growing.

    This unusually large Sato has become an important member of his family. His mom says that he is dog perfection. He is gentle, obedient and loves to go to the dog park. He also loves to go on long walks on hiking trails. Everyone that meets Otis falls in love with his personality and charm.

    Otis is planning a play date with his brother Gus, who lives close by. We are hoping for photos of this joyous reunion. You can read about Gus, the giant lapdog, below.


    Nacho is a savvy traveler with lots of stamps in his little passport. Here he is enjoying a local beverage on a trip to Germany. His dad says that Nacho is so well behaved that eight-hour plane trips to Europe are a piece of cake. He just sits quietly on his Dad's lap while the flight attendants look the other way!

    Nacho and his three teenage human brothers are crazy about each other. And he has a 14-year-old canine sister from Brasil.

    Nacho is his family's pride and joy. He is a SUPER dog who is always in a good mood and is very funny too. He is healthy and happy and has been part of his family for almost eight years.


    On December 25, Callie got the best Christmas present ever--she was rescued by ASR President Edilia Vazquez. Shortly after that, she found a wonderful new home in New Jersey. It's hard to believe how quickly one's life can change.

    Callie's new mom reports that she is well mannered and likes to give hugs. She loves to take walks outside even though the cold weather has been a bit of a shock to her Puerto Rican system. Her new family tell us that Callie has indeed found her "forever home"--and that's the best Christmas present that WE could hope for.


    Sato Annie is happily on her way to her forever home thanks to Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    Here's Lisira going off with her new family to her new home. This super cute pup was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    Looking at Pluto's lush fur coat, it's hard to believe that he had serious skin issues when he was rescued. The poor little pup had almost no hair and was suffering from painful open sores. ASR President Edilia Vazquez fostered him for many weeks, giving him the medicated baths that he so desperately needed.

    And now we are happy to report that Pluto (pictured here not long after his rescue) has a wonderful new home in Gloucester, MA. His new three and four-year-old human brothers came up with his out-of-this-world name.

    Pluto's new family say that he is AMAZING. He loves to have fun and he's also a huge cuddle-but. He is sweet, kind and mellow but playful. He's having a blast exploring his new home turf, hiking through the deep woods and walking on the lovely beaches. He's getting along well with his new canine brother Jasper. They love to sprint around together in our backyard.


    Kiki was adopted through the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey and is a beautiful addition to her new family. That's her in the front bed, during a nap time with her BFFs. Kiki and her littermates were rescued as very young puppies after they were found by a TSA agent at the San Juan airport. They all needed a lot of TLC to pull through--fortunately, thanks to some very dedicated ASR volunteers, they got it. It's so nice to see all the hard work pay off. How many Satos get their very own bed in front of a fireplace??


    Here's Max just a few hours after leaving Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA for his new forever home. His new mom and he had stopped off at a big pet store to stock up on supplies. Max's mom says that she knew they were meant to be together from the first moment she saw him. We are pretty sure that he felt the same way.

    Max has many wonderful qualities...He is an especially sweet and lovable dog. He is also well behaved,very smart--and a master snuggler, who loves to sleep under the covers. He is also a bit of a social butterfly, who has a busy schedule of play dates with his many new "cousins."

    Max flew to Boston as part of a special shipment of Satos whose plane tickets were sponsored by a dear friend of All Sato Rescue to honor the memory of his dear friend Roy.

    "Mission: Roy's Pups" brought eight deserving Satos to New England as a way of honoring Roy's spirit of compassion. Like Max, every single one of them has since been adopted into a great home.

    Our most rewarding moments at All Sato Rescue are when we get to see our rescues overcome their traumatic pasts and go on to live happy, healthy, and safe lives. We hope that these happy endings will also help Roy's family and friends keep his memory close.

    UPDATE: Josie

    Here's Josie listening as her dad/best friend sang her a song in the warmth of their home while a blizzard raged outside. He called it one of life's precious moments and we know that Josie feels the same way. She was rescued from a shelter in Puerto Rico that was notorious for its terrible conditions and sky high euthanasia rate.


    We just had to post this adorable photo of Bilbo curled up with his sister and her doll. Bilbo was a local star in the town of Bello Monte, Puerto Rico where he was known and loved by the entire community. But then he became quite sick and no one had the resources to care for him. Some local children took him to the Humane Society to see if they could help Bilbo get the care he needed--and they did. They also wanted Bilbo to be in a permanent home where people could look after him and be sure that he had vet care if he needed it again. Now Bilbo is the picture of health and couldn't be happier--especially when he's hanging out with his cute sister.


    Tobey's new parents fell in love with him the moment they saw his photo. It had been taken the day he was rescued from the streets and he had a sad look in his eye. The Knowlands put the photo up on their refrigerator.

    After almost a year with Tobey, they now have lots more photos of him on the fridge--including one of him with Santa. They tell us that Tobey is an absolutely fantastic dog--very friendly, exceedingly gentle, and doesn't bark. If his dad sits down on the couch, Tobey immediately wants to sit with him and wash his hands. Everyone has the nicest things to say about this Puerto Rican golden retriever mix.

    Tobey has brought great joy to his family who were heartbroken last year when their beloved golden retriever died from cancer two days before Christmas. He has exceeded his family's highest expectations about how incredible rescued dogs can be....We are very proud of Tobey for being such a great ambassador for All Sato Rescue.


    When the Campanellas stopped to visit Humane Society Naples, they thought they were just going to walk around and take a look. But Harold had something else in mind--going home! Now his parents say that they can't wait to get home from work just so they can hang out with their Sato. No longer the tentative, shy little pup who first arrived, Harold now rules the roost. In fact, as his dad was writing us, Harold was looking over his shoulder to be sure he approved of the content. Harold liked this sentence especially: "What Harold brings into our lives on a daily basis can not easily be put into words."

    In this photo, Harold is resting his head on his mom's stomach so he can get to know his new baby brother or sister, who will be joining the family soon. Whenever the baby kicks, Harold gets a confused look on his face.


    Skruffy has the famous Sato longevity genes. Once these dogs get beyond their rough starts and find forever homes, they tend to want to stick around for as long as possible!

    That has certainly been the case with Skruffy, who is almost 12. Except for being blind in one eye, she is in pretty good shape. Skruffy's mom tells us that Skruffy is a sweet girl, who LOVES TO GO FOR A WALK....PERIOD!

    Skruffy and her mom usually walk about 2 miles every day. When they hike, they walk 4 to 6 miles. Skruffy would much rather hang out with her mom than play with other dogs. Her favorite snack is chicken jerky. She loves to have tummy rubs from her dad. Skruffy has a lot of stamps in her passport--she lived in Japan for awhile, but now lives in Connecticut.


    Obi (in the middle) is a happy camper, who left Puerto Rico for the town of Knoxville, TN where he has his own dog pack! They play together 24/7. In this photo, Obi is pretty sure that he is about to get a Christmas treat.

    UPDATE: Julia

    When we first introduced you to Julia (right after Gus in the entries below), she was at the top of her class at dog obedience school.

    We are happy to report that she just graduated--magna cum laude!

    Daisy and Flora

    When two kind-hearted people volunteered to serve as Sato "escorts" to bring two of our rescues to Boston to find forever homes, they didn't think that they would also be providing the forever home! But that's just what happened with Daisy on the left and Flora. It's hard to believe, but these magnificent mascots were once tiny enough to fit in carry-on bags stowed under the seat of a plane. These days they are very happy to have the run of their very own house and plenty of playtime with their amazing brother and sisters.

    Bo and Cocoa

    Sato Bo (on the right) was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA into a home with another Sato named Cocoa. The "parents" of these pups are very committed animal lovers--the mom even volunteers at a shelter. Unfortunately, Bo and Cocoa took an immediate dislike to each other and the placement has not worked out at all....WE'RE KIDDING!!! Look at these two! Could they get any closer or be any cuter? This photo is beautiful proof that the only thing better than one Sato is TWO Satos....


    GiGi found her forever home in October. She lives in a lovely wooded area in Massachusetts, with a couple whose grown children are now out of the house. That means that GiGi gets lots of loving attention....She also gets home cooked meals, long morning walks, and afternoon playtime. In other words, she hit the jackpot!


    OK, so this is one of our favorite Sato names of all time. Smooch went to a rescue group in New Jersey that is run by a school teacher and dear friend to Satos. When that teacher showed up for the first day of school, finding a home for Smooch was very much on her mind. So it was a stroke of fate that she ran smack into a colleague who had recently lost her beloved canine companion and was still heartbroken. Smooch's photo was shared. That was on a Tuesday. By Friday, Smooch was in her forever home and she and her mom have been together every since. Smooch turns out to be a real pro at healing heartbreak.


    Gus was a tiny pup--and much beloved foster "child" of ASR Vice President Maritza Rodriguez--when he flew up to Boston last June to go to our wonderful partner the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA. And here's a funny twist--he was adopted by a family that wasn't looking to adopt a dog! But somehow they ended up at Buddy Dog where the daughter fell in love with his precious little face and then her parents quickly followed suit.

    As a small puppy, Gus got in the habit of sitting on the laps of his mom, dad, and sister. Flash ahead six months and Gus still wants to sit on their laps. The only trouble is that he now weighs about 80 pounds and pretty much buries his sister with his stately Sato girth whenever he attempts to perch.

    Gus and his litter mate were left at the front door of an animal shelter. They were underweight and unhealthy and did not appear to be adoptable, so they were scheduled to be euthanized. But, a very compassionate vet saw something in their eyes that said they deserved the chance to be lap dogs! He saved them from death and took them to Maritza for fostering.


    When Julia's new parents went to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. to look for a canine companion to complete their home, they immediately noticed her beautiful sad eyes and fell in love. She may still have sad eyes, but these days she couldn't be happier.

    Her confidence is growing by the day. She now jumps into the family car without being afraid, goes on mile-long walks, and enjoys everyone that she meets. She is at the top of her class in her pet training course!!!


    We were thrilled to receive the following letter from Rico's new dad, David Riley:

    We would like to inform you that Rico has accepted a permanent position as chief residential security officer for our home in Cape Coral, Florida. The duties of his new position will include listening for intruders and sounding an alarm if they are detected. He will also perform periodic security patrols on the screened porch area to insure that all is well and will be asked to âherd catsâ so that they can get more exercise. He will also occasionally be responsible for boat security. There is no requirement for physical confrontation abilities as chief security officer because the owner is capable of that if he sounds the alarm.

    Unfortunately, Rico has not been a model employee. I have only heard him sound the alarm (bark) two or three times and those barks were not in response to approaching strangers. He has been performing intermittent security patrols but he is much more interested in sitting in the bosses lap (the big boss that has the real hiring and firing authority) and âcuddling upâ to distract her attention from his poor job performance. He may be smarter than I thought as that strategy has been very successful. The âcat herdingâ has not worked out either as he has only made a half-hearted attempt to herd the cats and seems to be smart enough not to push it when the cats are not interested. Herding cats is a big job for any dog, especially if the cats outweigh you. It is probably prudent that he is entering that part of his duty at an intelligent, measured pace. The cats are old and grumpy anyway, it may be just as well. In total disrespect for the cats he has claimed a cat bed for his own napping enjoyment while he waits for me to finish my daily work in my home office. I am still hopeful for better job performance as he becomes more familiar with the premises and takes ownership of his territory.

    Rico has already made friends with two other security consultants in the neighborhood, âLukiâ and âJessuâ. They were much impressed with his running and play skills as he quickly tired them out or âran them into the groundâ. While they are both highly competent in their current positions, he is reportedly the fastest security officer that they have ever seen and has quickly gained their respect and friendship.

    I am hoping for better job performance in the future; however, his continued poor performance will not have an adverse effect on his job security as he has clearly âmelted the heartâ of the big boss and that outweighs any negative job performance reports that I might submit. He is reportedly the âcutest, sweetest dogâ she has ever seen so there is little chance that not meeting his job requirements will make any difference in what will most likely be a lifetime appointment to his new position.


    Leo didn't have to wait too long at the Monmouth County SPCA adoption center in New Jersey to find his forever home. His new mom Christina picked him out pretty quickly. She tells us that learning about the plight of Satos in Puerto Rico brought tears to her eyes--as did Leo. At least this particular Sato will never again have to worry about life on the streets. He is happily ensconced in his new home, with a new bed, new bowls full of yummy dog food, and all the love he could ever want.


    Here's Cocoa in the arms of her new sister, Lauren, who has been wanting a puppy for a long time now. And what a coincidence....Cocoa has been wanting a sister for a long time too. It's so nice to see fate bring these two together to lift one another's spirits. Cocoa was placed through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    Is that a hint of mischief in Lizzie's eyes? Her new family in Maine report that she can be a "bugger" but they love her. Adopted through Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Lizzie was returned once due to her enthusiastic cat chasing. Her new-and forever--home has similar temptations, including goats, pigs, chickens, and a rabbit. Lizzie keeps close tabs on the rabbit and has gone on a chicken jaunt or two, but her chocolate lab sister Tabitha helps keep her in check. The two work off their energy by playing hide and seek and chasing each other around the house. Lizzie also has a six-year-old human brother whom she loves very much.

    Lucy and Harry

    Lucy and Harry were abandoned together by some uncaring "owner." Their saving grace in those dark days was that at least they were together. Thanks to the very kind-hearted family who adopted them, they are going to be together forever. They now live in Maine, where the temperatures dip so low that they are happy to have their matching fleece coats. Both dogs are so happy that they can't seem to stop wagging their tails.


    Dixie's new mom writes to us that she is a very sweet, well trained--give or take a few lapses in potty training--all-around excellent dog. Dixie now has a new four-year-old canine sibling, with whom she gets along very well. When she was rescued, Dixie had a severe skin condition and was practically bald, so it's very rewarding to see her now with her beautiful fur coat.


    If you follow All Sato Rescue on facebook (and please do!), you may have seen Pekiboo on her flight from San Juan to Boston. She was so grateful for her smooth trip up on American Airlines that she posted a thank-you note to them on her carry-on bag. Meanwhile, the airline so appreciated HER gesture that they posted her photo on THEIR facebook page and little Pekiboo became an instant celebrity. All that fanfare was pretty tiring, so Pekiboo is getting some well-deserved rest time. She likes the couch, of course, but her favorite nap spot is belly up on her mom's lap.


    We feel as if someone very special was working behind the scenes to guide Joey to her new home. That would be Belle, a tribute to whom appears in the left-hand "in memoriam" column. After Belle's long and full life came to an end, she knew that her parents would face an extraordinarily deep void in their lives. Belle would never want them to be sad. We think her indomitable spirit began guiding Joey into All Sato Rescue's extended network. When we put out the call for a ten-pound loveball, one of ASR's best friends just happened to have one. Then volunteers appeared and offered to bring this little gal up with them on their flight from San Juan to Boston. Our kind friends at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA, were happy to take her in and safeguard her until Belle's parents could go and meet her. And now, Joey is right where she was meant to be...on a comfy blanket, in a warm and safe home, with parents who adore her and with a guardian Sato angel looking over her.


    Here's Guiness on one of his daily hikes with his beautiful new mom. When he isn't hiking with her, they are jogging together. They make a great team and Guiness is thriving in his new home. Says his mom, he is "an absolute joy." He does have a bit of a feisty Puerto Rican attitude when he runs into other dogs, but he's starting to pick up on New England sensibilities.


    Coco was found wondering around alone with a big infected gash on her head. We don't know what happened to her, but it must have been awful. Despite her wound, she distinguished herself as one of the most affectionate Satos we have ever seen. She lived to give kisses! After several weeks of TLC in the foster home of All Sato Rescue President Edilia Vazquez, Coco was ready to take a trip to the north. But it wasn't easy...she missed her connecting flight from Miami to Boston and had to sit in her kennel in a noisy airport. When she finally flew to Boston, it was very cold! But then her new mom arrived with a warm sweater for her and Coco was on her way to a wonderful new life in Newton, MA. Now she has her own comfy bed--though Mom's is more fun--and a chair to sit on to look out the window to spot her new mom the second she arrives home from work--which is the most exciting moment of Coco's day.


    Bilbo happens to be madly in love with his human sister and brother--and the feeling is clearly mutual. This lucky little beagle mix was adopted through our friends in Maine at Tall Tails Beagle Rescue. Bilbo's new mom writes that he is a patient and gentle dog, who is perfect with the children and adored by everyone who meets him.


    Baylee and Kendall (pictured here) have become totally inseparable. Kendall was a birthday present for Baylee, or was it the other way around? In addition to her amazing human sibling/BFF, Baylee also has a canine brother who is a yellow lab named Roscoe. They spend a great part of the day chasing each other around the backyard. Baylee was adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA.


    Morgan was adopted into a great home where he is much loved by his new mom and dad. He has a big comfy bed where he can take lengthy naps--he especially likes to take a snooze at the feet of his new dad.


    Here's a nice photo of Sato Tickle and new feline sibling Midori. Tickle was fostered at the home of All Sato Rescue President Edi Vazquez. Tickle was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass.


    Cooper may have hid under the table on the first day in his new home, but these days he is an all-out extrovert. He is crazy in love with his two new teenage human brothers, his new parents, and his older canine brother, Blue. In fact, Cooper is helping Blue cope with anxiety issues--that's right, freckles are a known antidote to stress. Blue is taking his new role as big brother so seriously that he is sharing his toys and pointing out the best pee spots in the yard. Cooper LOVES playing ball with Blue and the kids! He is also a world-class snuggler, and a comedian, who has brought much joy to his family in a very short time.

    UPDATE: Maximo

    We recently heard from Maximo's new family and are happy to report that some serious bonding has been taking place! Here are some of our favorite updates:
    Maximo can run four miles!

    He causes traffic jams! When he goes outside, his many fans are apt to stop their cars in the middle of the street just so they can say hi.

    He loves fruit! Oranges, pears, and apples are especially delectable.

    He likes to take showers! With people! He gets in the shower stall and chomps on the water spray. (His feline brother Bradley thinks this is disgusting.)

    UPDATE Gypsy

    Gypsy had some trust issues when she first arrived in New Hampshire. We aren't sure what she went through before we found her, but it was probably pretty awful. Lucky for her, she ended up with a Saint named Fonda, who has been the most patient and supportive mother imaginable. And all that love has paid off! Fonda sent us this photo documenting the very first time that Gypsy felt secure enough to release her inner lapdog. It happened after mom had been away for several hours and Gypsy was obviously thrilled to have her home again. That's Gypsy in front having some sweet dreams. Her brother, Romeo (also a Sato) is in the background.

    Lilly and Jenny

    Satos Lilly on the left and Jenny were adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. in 2001 and 2002 respectively. That means they are old hands (paws) at dealing with New England's famous winters. Their secret weapon? A soft blue blanket and a good long nap.


    Top Five Reasons why Mickey loves his extraordinary new home.
    5) He has his own comfy bed and lots of new toys!
    4) Canine cousins Al and Emily live in the apartment upstairs.
    3) His new parents are very active--so there will be plenty of runs and hikes.
    2) His new dad works from home--so there is always someone around to hang out!
    1) Unlimited cuddle time on the lap of his pretty new mom.


    If you received our September 2012 newsletter, you probably saw a photo of the cute welcoming committee at Boston's Logan Airport that met little Julio's flight from Puerto Rico. Julio was coming up as a special adoption for a family that had lost their dearly beloved Sato, Gordy, a few months earlier. (Gordy's story is in our "In Memorium" section.)

    We are happy to report that after a few weeks, Julio has become a full-fledged family member. He loves his new brother Louie, who's pictured here on the right. He's gained three pounds! And everyone loves him- he is especially popular at his sister's soccer games where he has his own fan club.


    Odie has so much going on! He is attending puppy school, playing with his new puppy friends, heading over to Petsmart to check out the toy selection, keeping watch out the screen door so he can bark at squirrels and birds, chasing leaves (and sometimes cats), greeting his new parents at the door, digging up the house plants...etc., etc. It's a very exciting time for this lucky little fellow who found his home through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue. Odie's new mom said the nicest thing...She said she is proud to have a rescue dog!


    Here's Isaac on what might be the biggest moment in his life--the trip to his new home! With his new parents!!! Thanks to our friends at Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine, and a facebook connection between Isaac's amazing rescuer and a cousin that she had not seen in nearly 40 years, Isaac now lives in New Hampshire. Isaac's rescuer, Sharon, reached out to her far afield animal-loving cousin to see if she knew someone interested in adopting a dog. As it turned out the cousin's son had been looking for a dog. He thought he wanted a beagle, but when he saw Isaac's photos, he realized that what he wanted was a Sato. Now Isaac has canine cousins, human cousins, a devoted grandmother, and a long happy life to look forward to.


    Mickey found his new home through our wonderful partner the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. This handsome boy has put his tropical past far behind him....he LOVES the snow!


    Pete (on the left) has everything he could possibly want in his wonderful new home. For starters, he has a BFF named Zuzu (on the right) with whom he is closely bonded. He has helped Zuzu get over her separation anxiety--because now she is never separated! He also has two remarkable human brothers. Every morning the whole family goes to the bus stop and the dogs get hugs and treats from all the kids. In fact, it's pretty much a big lovefest wherever they go...Pete is so sweet that all the kids are asking their parents if they can adopt a Sato. Hey, that's funny, because we have a bunch of Satos that are looking for kids to adopt!


    Soleil was adopted through WagOnInn Rescue in New Jersey. She is super happy in her new home and very proud of her new toy collection.


    Here's Gemma being picked up by her new parents to go to her new home. Gemma was placed through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Mass.

    Blanche and Brunette

    Blanche and Brunette are dachshund mixes who were abandoned together and rescued by a wonderful woman and good friend to All Sato Rescue. Even though they don't look too much alike, they are in fact sisters and so very bonded that they let us know that they wanted to be adopted together. And they were! Thanks to a kind-hearted dog lover in MA, they now get to nap together under the covers, play together with their amazing new toys, visit historic seaside towns together, and even explore table tops together! So, maybe they are being a little spoiled....but is there anything wrong with that?


    Nina is a proud senior Sato, who believes that 15 is the new 8. In fact, she is aging very well, even though she is outliving many of her lab and golden retriever boyfriends. (She's filling the void now with younger guys!) Her health is great, give or take a few lumps and bumps. She does not like the heat or extreme cold, so spring and fall are best seasons. That's when she gets her friskiest, running like the wind when she cares to, especially on the beach. Her parents say they pray for many more years with her, but cherish every day that they do have--which is a great lesson for all of us.


    Lucky Hannah found a great home in Maine with loving parents who are very supportive of her fear of loud noises. Hannah adores her parents and her feline sister Twiggy and she has lots of toys, which she keeps hidden under the bed. She likes to take them out and play with them and then put them back for safekeeping. She also likes to walk in the woods and follow the interesting scents left by other animals. But Hannah gets very scared when she hears loud noises, like fireworks and thunder. Fortunately her parents are there to reassure her. They say she will never lack for attention or love.

    UPDATE: Lobo and Fini

    Satos Lobo (on the left) and Fini were adopted locally (in 2010 and 2003 respectively) by a very nice couple. In this photo, they are fresh from the groomers and looking very snazzy. Lobo has a bad rear leg, but with daily doses of glucosamine, he can run around on all four paws. Both dogs are very loving and appreciative and they form a well coordinated security team to make sure their home is always protected.


    Here is CC in her famous I'm-ready-for-my-belly-rub position. She likes to have her belly rubs in the evenings after she has spent the day at daycare with her friends. She's an awesome and wonderful addition to her family, bringing an unimaginable amount of joy into their life everyday.


    Baxter loves to hang with his new parents--whether it's playing in the yard or lounging on the couch. He reminds his mom of the dog in the movie "Anchorman." We're betting people often mistake him for a celebrity!


    Max loves his new family and the feeling is mutual! Max flew to Boston in February and was adopted soon after. Max loves wading in the water. His family tells us that Max's favorite activity is to sit in the water up to his neck and watch the world go by. He is housebroken and crate trained, and he even manages to get out of his crate if only one latch is fastened. What a clever pup! He is a loving dog who gets along with all people and other dogs.


    All Sato Rescue President Edilia Vazquez rescued Lynda, shown here, and her two sisters....that was four years ago. Lynda is now an integral part of her family--and especially bonded with her human sister. Everyone who meets Lynda, loves her.


    We just heard from Olive's new parents that she has adjusted wonderfully to her new home and is the sweetest dog they have ever met. She is so smart, having picked up many tricks, is great on a leash and comes to multiple commands. She loves going for long walks, snuggling in bed and playing with her doggy friends. She goes to Doggy Daycare twice a week. She also enjoys experimenting with cutting-edge fashion trends and has her own distinctive style.


    It doesn't appear that Daizy is having too much trouble settling in to her new home. Clearly, she has found the most comfortable spot in the house to take a nice snooze. Daizy was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA by a couple who stopped by to meet a different dog. But, when they caught sight of Daizy, it was love at first sight.


    Stella is coming up on her two-year anniversary in her forever home and her mom wrote to tell us that she wished she hadn't waited so long to adopt a shelter dog. She said that Stella is so adored that she has truly become like a daughter to her human parents. (We are betting that Stella feels the same way.) Moreover, Stella's "parents" are planning a cruise to Puerto Rico and have offered to transport Satos up to New England on their trip home in hopes that more of our rescues will be as lucky as their "daughter" has been in finding a loving home. Stella was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. My husband (Nathan) and I will be embarking on a cruise from San Juan on December 8th and are due


    For a very small dog, Chili has some big responsibilities. He was adopted by a family who were still mourning the loss of their 13-year-old canine companion, who died several months ago. Their house had become very quiet and lonely. Enter Chili! He has proven to be a total lovebug and is sleeping soundly in bed right next to his new parents. Though still a little nervous, he is quickly gaining the confidence and moxie that will undoubtedly fill the void left by his predecessor.


    We LOVE this photo! Here is little Maximo having a comfy snooze in the arms of his new dad. Maximo was rescued by our friends at the Humane Society on the island of Vieques. His new family report that he is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs ever and that he is a great addition to their home. Rather than having to scrounge for food on the streets, Maximo is now living a carefree life that includes three daily trips to the beach and quality time with his new feline sibling.


    Here's Fiona on a visit to her old friends at Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Mass. where she spent some time waiting for her forever family. She found them! And they are now members of the mutual adoration society. It's a bit hard to tell from the photo, but Fiona has just one eye.

    Sawyer UPDATE

    If a picture speaks a thousand words, then we really don't need to say too much here about the affection shared by Sato Sawyer (in the foreground) and brother Roady. What's especially fun about this touching update is that our very first posting of these two--recorded not long after Sawyer joined the family--showed them both lying on the couch, but several feet apart. In fact, Sawyer was eying Roady a bit suspiciously. (Scroll down the happy endings photos and you'll find it.) The dogs and their kind-hearted parents have moved to South Carolina where they live in a quiet neighborhood near the beach. The dogs love to take long walks and are up for pretty much anything, as long as they are together.


    Katina first made a splash in a fun video that we posted showing her incredible love of chasing water spray. (Sorry about that dreadful pun!) Katina could spend hours on end chasing water spray--all she needed was a special person to hold the hose. Jackpot! Thanks to our friends at the Coastal Humane Society in Maine, Katina now has her very own human brother/water hose operator and she is in heaven. She also has a big backyard where she can chase butterflies and work on her many digging projects. She also has an older--but smaller--canine brother, pictured here behind her.


    Here is Emma experiencing her first days in a real home, surrounded by comfy quilts and blankets, with doting new parents, and lots of love. We are imagining that she almost doesn't want to close her eyes, just in case it's all a dream that she may have to wake up from. Emma and her litter mates came into the ASR system after being dropped off in a box. They all found homes through our amazing friends at the Sterling Animal shelter.


    Isita was adopted into a family with six human siblings, two of whom are pictured here. She also has a new canine sibling named Henry, and evidently she is driving him nuts! As you may be able to tell, Isita is not one to blend into the background.

    Here's one of Jada's baby pictures--that's her on the far right. She and her siblings were left in a cardboard box in the parking lot of a Costco. ASR Vice President Maritza Rodriguez fostered them until they were ready to be adopted. Jada was the only brindle in the litter. Maritza says that she loved all of them, but that Jada's gentle soul especially touched her heart. Maritza and Jada took many naps together.


    Jada was a very small puppy when she and her litter mates were taken in by All Sato Rescue. She was one of the last of the litter to make the trip to New England and she was pretty nervous about the whole thing....that's why it is so rewarding to see her looking so confident and happy in the arms of her new dad. Her parents tell us that she loves to go for rides, take hikes, and swim in the lake down the street. She also takes walks through the neighborhood every night to check in with her many dog friends. Jada is very popular!


    Lucky Tibet was adopted through the Monmouth Country SPCA in Eatontown, NJ, which is one of our newest partners. Tibet was rescued with his mom and litter mates.His new family adore him and they are helping him learn his basic skills and--very importantly--put on a little weight. Tibet now spends a lot of time walking on the beach, gardening with his dad, and cuddling with his mom. He is also hanging out with his new feline siblings, Emmett and Daphne, who are getting used to him.


    Ella left Puerto Rico for the great state of Maine where she was adopted through our friends at the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick. It hasn't taken her long at all to get her sea legs. Here she is overseeing boat traffic on the wharf with her new dad.

    Max, his litter mates, and their mom gave ASR President Edilia Vazquez a run for her money during a rescue mission launched on Halloween night 2010. The family was living behind an abandoned house, protected on all sides by waist-high grass. Edi and her team had to fight their way through this thicket and find all six pups and their mom without scaring them away. Fortunately, the crew is pretty experienced and every dog was whisked to safety, given a soothing medicated bath, dewormed, and fed a full meal before drifting off into a deep sleep and dreams of a lovely new life.


    Max was adopted from the Humane Society in Naples, Florida after having flown to the Sunshine State with his five sisters and his mom. Not that he doesn't like girls, but he is thrilled to finally have some brothers! (Of course, he adores each of his four human siblings.) His mom says that as soon as the family laid eyes on Max, they knew he was "their" dog! He is playful, loving and very connected to his family.


    Tanner was adopted through our friends at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA by one of the volunteers at the shelter. That is why he is smiling so widely!


    Palmera did not have to wait long at Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA for her forever family to come along and claim her. Her new mom says that Palmera has integrated so quickly into her new home that it is as if she has never lived anywhere else. She is already totally bonded with her new nine-year-old human brother, and even her "grumpy" eight-year-old French bulldog brother, Ivan, has taken to her beautifully.


    Ralph was adopted through Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA and now lives right outside Boston in Cambridge. He has heard about some famous university in his new neighborhood, but he is going to take the summer to settle in to his wonderful new life before exploring his academic options. He loves saying hello to people and going for long walks or jogs.


    Life on the streets is really tough. When a volunteer from Cape Ann Animal Aid was visiting Puerto Rico last winter, she saw poor Max being picked on by a very aggressive bigger dog. Max was so terrified that he ran off and none of the caring people in the All Sato Rescue network could find him for weeks. But he finally appeared and we were able to get him into our system and then all the way to Gloucester, MA where he was adopted into a great home. His new parents report that he is putting his scary past behind him and getting in touch with his inner playful puppy. He even tried to chew on his mom's socks--while they were still on her feet.


    Since All Sato Rescue works mostly with dogs, we are always especially happy when we have a chance to help an abandoned cat on to a wonderful new life. That was the case with Tadarra, pictured here (on the right) with her little sister, also a rescue. Tadarra was adopted through Friends of Mansfield in CT. and she is a gem, according to her mom, who feels very, very blessed to have her... If Tadarra's expression is any guide, the feeling is mutual.


    Digger's new mom had dropped by the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA to make a donation, when she noticed a little dog curled up in the corner of an otherwise empty cage. She went in and picked him up and BOOM....life changed. Digger went home with his new mom and he hasn't left her side since. He had his own crate to sleep in, but he figured it would be more fun to sleep under the covers with mom. She tells us that if she runs into someone who isn't particularly friendly to her, Digger will get upset and want to protect her...Maybe we ALL need a Digger in our lives!!


    Evie is having sweet dreams here in her brand new home--of one week! She is already adjusting very well and making great strides in mastering housetraining. It probably helps that she is getting lots of belly rubs. Her new mom says that Evie is particularly sweet.


    Here's a nice update on Baxter, pictured at left with his good buddy Curtiss. The two friends hang out frequently--sometimes they cool off together in the water and sometimes they do synchronized toy chewing. Baxter has developed a lot of confidence in the year since he was adopted through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. He has become a very loving member of the family.

    Maya Sol

    Here is Maya Sol leaving the Humane Society in Naples, FL to head off to her wonderful forever home...and, boy, does she ever deserve one. This poor girl was the victim of a machete attack. We will never understand how anyone could hurt an animal...

    But that's all in the past. Maya's new mom, who is also Puerto Rican, actually went to the shelter with the intention of adopting a different dog--but that dog had already been scooped up. It may have been destiny....now Maya is enjoying her new patio, her new brother, and her wonderful new parents, who run a doggy daycare named Camp Bow Wow...


    El Capitan Barbossa--a.k.a. Bossa--earned his new name because he, like the character in "Pirates of the Caribbean," escaped the jaws of death and went on to become a conqueror. He was adopted through our friends at the Naples Humane Society. Lucky Bossa, as he is known by his friends, now has his very own dock on a Florida waterway where he can sunbathe, oversee fishing activities, and generally keep an eye out for any sign of trouble on the high seas.

    In keeping with his pirate influences, he will only play with stuffed monkeys--though perhaps a one-legged stuffed parrot is in his future! He has a girlfriend named Maddie and he is such a gentleman that he lets Maddie play with his prized toy collection as he watches from the sidelines.

    Funnily enough, Bossa's original name also had cinematic origins. He was known as Edward after he was surrendered at a local shelter with his friend Bella of "Twilight" series fame. Both dogs had been abandoned in a small neighborhood and were being taunted and hurt by children when a kind soul moved them to safety. Because his rescuer had very few economic resources, she was forced to surrender them. Luckily for everyone, ASR volunteers were on hand to help.


    Pebbles was one of the puppies in the famous "Flintstone" litter (think Fred, Wilma, Bang-Bang), most of which went to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. Pebbles, however, was adopted locally by a very nice young family in Puerto Rico where the "human" mom just gave birth to Pebbles' first human brother. You can see by this photo that some extreme bonding has been taking place.


    You will probably be hearing a lot about Doug because he was adopted by a colleague of one of ASR's founders. That means we will be getting updates pretty much every single day. For instance, Doug is already learning to drive! You should check out his photo on our FB page...he is a demon behind the wheel, though his parents are still trying to get him to understand the "10 and 2" concept. We thought we would start out with a photo of him napping with his red dragon, blue PJs, and warm quilts....he's dreaming about how lucky he is. Doug was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid and he is the brother of George...who is featured just below.


    George was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA after he came up to New England with all his brothers and sisters. He landed in a wonderful family where he is deeply loved. As a critical new member of the family, he has many important responsibilities....for instance, he rides shotgun on trips to pick up his human siblings at school. When the whole family is safely home, he can relax in his own comfy bed and try on the patriotic kerchief that he'll be wearing in honor of the Fourth of July.


    In this photo, Gina, the black dog with the big ears in the foreground, epitomizes confidence in her multi-canine home. But, things weren't always like this. She must have endured something really terrible when she was a puppy, because her shyness was painful. Sometimes she just curled up in a box and wouldn't even make eye contact.

    Claudia, one of our kind-heartened volunteers, gave her a lot of TLC in Puerto Rico, and Gina started to blossom. We sent her to Puppy Angels in New Hampshire, but the trip on that noisy plane was pretty tough and she lost a bit of her hard-won faith in people. So, we were thrilled to see her end up with a very special couple--Fred and Bud--who work with the pups that need a little extra boost. They gave her a boost all right....they gave her a home!


    Every day Alli's family load her and her two canine siblings into the car to head over to some beautiful woodland trails near their home. The trails are by the water and all three dogs LOVE the water, so it's a huge treat. There are always lots of other dogs there too, so it's SUPER fun. You can see all of them piling into the car for their commute in this photo.

    But it doesn't take Alli too long to make her move...as you can see in this photo. She REALLY likes to be up front, in the driver's seat, where she can be in charge. Siblings Harley and Mandy stay in the back seat.


    Star and her feline brother Jet make a great couple. It's almost hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Star's new family tells us that she is super sweet and has gained 14 pounds in a little over two months! That's a sato for you, they love their snacks. Star was adopted through Puppy Angels in New Hampshire.


    This may be one of the cutest photos we have ever received. Here's Matilda snuggling with her favorite person in the world--her sister Emily. (Emily is the one on the bottom.) Matilda was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue. She also has a new canine sister, named Allie, who is a Potcake (the equivalent of a Sato, but from the Turks & Caicos).

    Matilda's new family say that she has been fabulous - she has a great personality and loves to snuggle and give kisses. On Thursdays, Allie and Matilda go to doggie daycare where Matilda has made many friends. Everyone who meets her loves her!


    Maisie's mom wrote us to say that she was lucky enough to adopt this sweetheart on April Fool's Day. Maisie is a total joy, who loves to chase after birds and leaves and is friendly and loving toward all people and other animals. She loves taking walks to the beach to play and she loves her frisbee and a good cuddle and snuggle on her mom's bed.


    This beautiful big Sato, Armando picked out his new family with the help of Puppy Angels in New Hampshire.


    Bella was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine into a really nice family where she has two human brothers. Her new family sent a lovely thank you not to the head of Tall Tails that we would like to share here:

    You know when a puppy licks your face so much, it tickles like crazy and you have to make a protective shield of your hands, but it still finds a way to get its wet little puppy snout through and lick you right on the nose? That's how much we thank you.


    Molly was adopted through our new friends at the Humane Society in Naples, Florida and boy, is she glad that she didn't end up in snowy, cold New England where she might not have been able to chase her ball outside every day. One of her most favorite things to do is play with her new brother--he's wonderful!--who will throw the ball for her for hours on end...until they are both exhausted. And, as if that weren't enough fun for one day, she also gets to hang out with her beautiful new sister, who is most excellent at brushing Molly's lovely coat. Molly loves to take walks through the neighborhood--of course, she has to sniff every bush to decode those special dog messages. And, she is already very protective of her new home--and who wouldn't be? It sounds like heaven...


    Just one week into her new life in her new home, super smart little Kona has already mastered, sit and lie down, and can give a mean high five! This adorable recent adoptee has also found a very soft stuffed bear to cuddle up with...her new family wrote to tell us that she is doing very well and that she has been nothing but a sweetheart.


    We love this photo of the long-legged loveliness of Max and his new mom sharing the couch. This is one lucky dog. He and his mom are living with his mom's mom and her sato, Sadie, another All Sato Rescue dog....That means Max has a Sato aunt, on top of all the other great new things in his life. Sadie has been a huge help in acclimating Max to his new home, and he is gaining confidence and becoming increasingly friendly under her tutelage.

    Max is very smart, very obedient and a true love bug. He has been a "dream" puppy: he picked up house training within a week, and is well on his way to mastering sit, stay, come, wait, and off. PLUS, he is just so so so cute - those ears! those legs! His mom says that he is well on his way to becoming a string bean and the best dog and companion.


    Tuukka is settling in very well to her wonderful new life in New Hampshire. She has one canine sibling and three human sisters, whom she loves very much and who are helping her get over her shyness. She also seems to have a very comfy place to sleep. Tuukka was named after the back-up goalie for the Boston Bruins...who would have thought that this little sunbunny from Puerto Rico would end up being a fan of winter sports?


    Here's Hugo having the best cuddle ever with his sister, Alexa. Being in her arms makes him forget that he was ever left tied to tree in Puerto Rico. Rather than make him bitter, that early experience helped mold Hugo into the loyal, affectionate, appreciative lap dog that he is today. In fact, his life is fabulous...he enjoys the beach in his new home of Maine (He was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue) and he gets to hang out with another Sato named Copley who was rescued by the same kind-hearted woman that rescued him. And, best of all, he gets to hang out with Alexa...or did we already mention that???


    Adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine, BiBi now has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the state's lovely coastline. She is a wonderful girl, very loving and loyal, and always ready to play. Her new mom has a special nickname for her--it's Baby Butter Bean!


    Janero doesn't have time to sit and pose for the camera--he has work to do! Some people may look at a beach and see a long stretch of sand for contemplative or sunbathing purposes, but Janero recognizes it as a treasure trove of muscles, crabs, shells, even lost dog bones! And, he is determined to find every one. This industrious guy was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. He is super happy,smart, and well-behaved and gets compliments every day. He loves playing with kids and likes to fall into a heavy sleep after a day of activity.


    Happy Birthday Dita! This lovely pup recently celebrated her first birthday....it's been quite a full year for her. She was left abandoned on the streets as a puppy, rescued by our volunteers, and then flown up to our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in MA where she found her furever home. Her parents are so kind, in fact, that they threw her a birthday party and made her this wonderful card. We look forward to her many happy birthdays to come...


    Jersey came by her name thanks to three inspirations: she was adopted from the SPCA in New Jersey (a new ASR partner), her new dad is from New Jersey, and she's as athletic and soft as a sports jersey. But, despite all that, she is living the high life in New York City!


    Toby had to wait four months for his forever home....but it was all worth it! Adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue, this little guy has made his whole new family very happy.


    Woodie was a Valentine's present back in 2009, and she has been giving love ever since. She goes everywhere with her family--car rides are especially fun--and is the most loyal, lovable, and sweet dog they have ever had. She is very protective of her sister Coco, a rescued cat. Woodie was one of five in a litter, and she was the only pup that would sit still so that her new family could pick her!


    Pipo here has a very important new job. He "works" at an assisted living facility in Cohasset, Mass. and it's up to him to keep everyone feeling cheerful and connected. He puts in long hours, but the benefits are great! He goes home every night with one of the staff members and he has unlimited access to fancy leashes, sweaters, a little soft house and a soft bed with blankets. Pipo was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    Here's an update on Mo, a black lab mix, that we just found in our email archives and couldn't resist posting. Here's how Mo's mom describes her pool routine: Mo will float on the raft, then jump into the water, swim to the stairs, get out of the pool, run around the yard like crazy getting all dirty, then come back and stand at the top of the stairs and bark until someone brings the raft close enough so she can get back on it and get into the pool.


    This lovely and very friendly cat shares her home with another adopted feline named Madison. The two really know how to have fun--they chase each other around the apartment, sliding on rugs, running on hardwood floors, jumping on beds and counters, and hiding in toy tunnels.

    In fact, here's photographic proof of Rosalia's athletic fetes! In this shot, she appears to be flying. When she isn't running and leaping onto tall objects, she can be found in the bathroom, watching the toilet flush....That's always fun! Despite her energy level, she is an excellent cuddler and likes to always be in the same room as her mom.


    Here's Gypsy (on the right) making sure that her mom is safe and warm--it's one way that she can express her immense gratitude for her wonderful new home. Gypsy had developed a few habits that served her well as a scared, abandoned pup in Puerto Rico, but that weren't particularly helpful in a house! But, Gypsy got very, very lucky in finding a mom with deep patience and a huge heart. Slowly, but surely, Gypsy is learning that she can let down her guard and nothing is going to happen to her.

    She now lives on a farm in NH with two other dogs, including another Sato (on the left in the photo) and with horses. She gets to go on long walks through the woods and she is learning to come when called--even if there is a squirrel or wild turkey that need chasing. Her coat is coming in healthy and thick and she has eaten enough good food now so that her ribs no longer stick out. And, the best part is, that she knows she has won the lottery! We are all very grateful to Gypsy's mom for working so much magic.

    We recently received an update on Clover. She had just been to the groomer for the first time...she wasn't crazy about it, but no one said that looking beautiful is easy! In this photo Clover is power napping with her sister Bella. They get very tired because when they go to the dog park, they chase each other around in circles and run like the wind. It's so much fun!!!


    Clover didn't have to wait too long at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. for her forever mom to come along and claim her. Clover now has a wonderful home with a canine sister named Bella Bear, who's cute and little just like she is. Clover's new mom tells us that the thought of this little Sata alone on the streets makes her shudder....we feel exactly the same way. Her mom also told us that Clover will never want for anything. She will have the best medical care--she already has her own health insurance policy--and plenty of exercise, healthy food, and access to a warm bed.


    Daisy was surrendered to a shelter in Puerto Rico by a breeder who didn't want her anymore. Thankfully, a dear friend of ours was at the shelter that day and took her home--otherwise, Daisy would probably have been euthanized. She was then sent up to our partner in NH, Puppy Angels and was adopted by a lovely woman who already has one rescued black lab named Solly.

    The two labs bonded immediately. Daisy's new mom says that Daisy's cheerful disposition has turned Solly's usual seriousness into sunshine. In this photo, the two dogs are enjoying a hike. Afterward, they both took long naps in their comfy dog beds.


    Here is Stella proudly displaying one of her most identifiable and adorable Sato traits--her beautiful big ears! This lucky pup has doubled her weight since being adopted into her forever home, which she shares with two loving brothers. She also has a really nice yard.


    Niki was a little skittish when she left Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine to go to her forever home. But we're guessing from this photo that skittishness is no longer an issue. She looks pretty darn comfortable. These days when she isn't having a power nap, she is wagging her tail. Even though Niki never lived in a home before, she has caught on immediately to the concept of doing her business outdoors--but she doesn't like to go out if her dad isn't with her. In fact, it sounds as if she is pretty darn bonded to him...she likes to snuggle and play with him and give him Puerto Rican kisses, also known as besos...


    As a fanatic ball player, Laika is so thrilled when she chases down a tennis ball that she doesn't particularly feel like giving it up. Fortunately, her dad has figured out how to deal with Laika's possessiveness while still keeping the game going...He throws the first tennis ball, then throws a SECOND! Since Laika can't fit two in her mouth, she has to drop one and the game can continue. Lucky dog to have such a creative dad!

    Laika is lucky in other ways as well. She has her own room with a single (human sized!) bed with a down puff. Sometimes she sleeps on it, sometimes on the couch in the living room, and sometimes with her parents in their bed. She also has a summer residence in Maine where she loves to run on the beach. Laika was adopted through the Worcester Animal Rescue League.


    Talk about Sato kisses...here's Lilu planting a big juicy one on her dad. She is all about love and snuggling. She sleeps in bed with her parents under the blankets with her head on the pillow. When she isn't napping, she loves to ride around in the car with her mom and run really fast in big circles. She has many fans around town and many aunts and uncles who adore her. Her best friend is a cat named Skipper. Lilu recently had her first experience in snow--she was nervous at first but loved it once she put on her sweater. Lilu was a very special foster child to ASR President Edilia Vazquez. She was adopted at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA.


    In Puerto Rican slang Chuchin means "it's cool." But, it certainly wasn't for this little pup after he was abandoned in a parking lot near a beach that is a terrible "dumping" area for unwanted dogs. We can't imagine why anyone would do this to Chuchin.

    But, these days, things really are "chuchin" for this sato, who is affectionately known as "Choochie." He has about a million squeaky toys and plenty of access to LAPS...as in, warm places where he can curl up with one of his favorite people and get some loving. He has his own pajamas to wear at night because of the cold New England winters and he sleeps under the covers.

    Flanders update

    We first posted a photo of Flanders (then known as Flannery) taken as he was going off with his new parents to his forever home and his new life...he was safe in his mom's arms, but it didn't look as if he knew quite what to make of the situation.

    So it's nice to have the opportunity to post a photo of him now that's he's so confidently embracing his great good fortune. He lives in Malden, MA where he loves to go for walks and run around in his very own fenced-in yard. He loves his three cousins: a Cavlier King Charles Spaniel, An Alaskan Malamute, and a Black Lab(Chloe). He was spoiled on his first Xmas getting many toys and some nice winter coats. When he got his first taste of snow, he had fun playing in it, but his paws hurt on the icy driveway. (Maybe next year Santa will bring him boots!) He is a great little guy who is loved and shows his love right back in true Sato style.


    Handsome Hunter had his DNA tested and it turns out that he has an interesting lineage. He is descended from a Golden Retriever and a Jack Russell Terrier. Hunter has a smile for everyone, as you can see, and is a super happy dog--even when his parents make him wear silly things on his head! Hunter was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


    Here's Alfie right after he came home from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. He is having some bonding time with his lovely new mom and new sister, Aleida (on the right). Aleida is also a Sato and she and Alfie quickly became BFFs. They both go with their parents for walks at the beach and in the forest and they sleep in two little beds near their parents at night. Alfie is the sweetest little baby of a dog who has clearly ended up in the home he was meant to have.


    Coco is a lovable, sweet dog whose favorite things are meal time, nice long walks, and mid-afternoon naps on the couch with his new "brother" Barney, another rescue. From this photo, we're guessing that he also likes a good romp in the snow in the snow.

    But Coco isn't all about having fun. He also takes his job as family protector very seriously. The other night, for instance, he used his "special" bark to let his family know that the space heater in the garage was still on! Coco was adopted at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.

    Here's Charlotte (on the far left) when she was first rescued. Her original name was Paris and her siblings (pictured here) were named Eiffel and Pierre...


    Charlotte doesn't mind the cold New England winter weather at all--as long as she is snuggled up on the couch with her dad. She was adopted through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Her new parents wrote us that Charlotte is cared for "with every bit of love" they can give her--as is clearly evident here!


    Dobbin made a fateful connection with her new parents when she sat quietly in her pen at the Sterling Animal Shelter, while most of the other dogs barked and jumped. That did it! She went home that day and hasn't looked back since.
    Dobbin now lives on a farm with cattle, three horses, a Bernese Mountain Dog, and three cats. She tries very hard to cuddle up to the Bernese Mountain Dog at night and she is learning to be very respectful of the cats. Dobbin goes for hikes every day and is even learning to run along when mom is on horseback.

    We are glad that she is in such safe hands--she was rescued in Puerto Rico after nearly being hit by a car. Her new parents protect her so well that she even has her very own fluorescent vest to let hunters know that she isn't a deer.


    Not too long ago, All Sato Rescue received an urgent plea from some very nice visitors to the island. They had come across an abandoned young cat, who was very friendly and special and they couldn't bear the thought of leaving her out on her own.

    Unfortunately, there are even fewer services available for stray cats in Puerto Rico than there are for stray dogs....so the situation is very desperate. We wanted to help, but knew the options were limited. Our secret hope was that they would decide to take the cat back to New York City with them--AND THEY DID!

    Gracie is now happily part of a larger feline family that includes an 11-year-old black cat named Merlin. Gracie is totally besotted with him. She follows him everywhere, plays with him as much as possible, and curls up with him to catch some Zs. Mostly Merlin enjoys the attention, though sometimes he wouldn't mind a little break.


    It may have not been the best Hair Day for little Cybelle, but everything else was clearly going her way. Here she is in the arms of her new mom, on her way to her forever home....is there some hair gel in her future? a little styling mousse? We can't wait for updates. Cybelle was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    As if finding his forever home weren't holiday joy enough, Isaac (on the left) also has his own Christmas stocking hanging by the fireplace.

    Isaac was adopted through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine, and he has a new big brother, Owen, who is also a rescue. Isaac's new mom writes that he is an absolute joy and a cherished new member of the family. She is a college professor and is able to do much of her work from home, so the "boys" aren't apt to be lonely. They also get to run around an entire fenced acre, some of which is wooded, so there's plenty of room to explore.


    In our line of work, we see a lot of super cute puppies--but here we have some super cute kids too. They are Matthew (5), Brandon (10), and Danielle (7), who's holding Honey (2 months). Honey was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA and she is her family's very first pet. As Honey's new mom wrote us "I think the smiles on my children's faces says it all." We agree!!


    Flannery found his forever family through our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue. He is much loved.


    This most expressive photo of Clarence certainly conveys a deep Sato soul....not to mention some serious consternation at having been left on the other side of the door from a most delicious Thanksgiving turkey! Clarence lives with a very dear friend of All Sato Rescue.


    Pear was a tiny, very sick puppy when she came into the care of All Sato Rescue. Maritza, our Vice President, took her home, along with a lot of medicines and IV fluids, so that Pear wouldn't be all alone in a vet hospital.

    Pear is a lot healthier--and a lot bigger--these days. Her size was a bit of a shock, given that her mom was pretty tiny. (We're guessing her dad wasn't.) Here she is (on the right) in her lovely new home with her new sister/BFF, Chassie.

    Pear was adopted through Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. Happy Holidays to everyone at the shelter. Best,


    Here's a nice story....on November 18, we learned of a lovely beagle mix whose owner was moving off island and couldn't take her with him. We had to move fast. Fortunately, our dear friends at Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Maine were up to the challenge. They immediately agreed to make room for Lola, and one of their volunteers drove all the way to the airport in Hartford to meet Lola's plane on 11/28 at the very late hour of 10 pm.

    From there, it was straight to Maine...where Lola waited maybe two days before being whisked away to her forever home. (All this within just two weeks!) You can tell that all the excitement has tired her out and fortunately she has a new dad who happens to make an excellent mattress. When Lola isn't napping, she is running after tennis balls, going on long walks, and trying to win over her two new feline siblings.


    Riley didn't take too long to make herself at home in her brand new home, as you can see here. In fact, she quickly fell head over paws in love with her new brother. She is the very definition of a love bug. Adopted through our friends at Puppy Angels, Riley now lives in Concord, NH, right across the street from a park.

    ASR President Edilia Vazquez took this photo of Pippa when she was being fostered and waiting for her turn to come to New England. Pippa is looking a little lost here, and certainly she could never have anticipated the wonderful things that lay ahead of her.


    This photo beautifully captures the reason we do what we do at All Sato Rescue in a way that words could never convey....Here is Pippa leaving the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA on the way to her first and forever home.
    Her new mom wrote to tell us that Pippa is without a doubt the most beautiful, magical little dog she has ever encountered. Pippa now lives in a house with a nice big yard in a suburb of Boston. She is the first puppy that her parents have had in a long while. In fact, they recently lost two dogs due to old age; one was 14 and the other 17. So, Pippa is clearly in good hands--but you could probably tell that from the photo.


    Adonis is understandably pooped in this picture...he was so ecstatic to find his new home that he has had a very energy-sapping few days. First he explored the house, then he went on his first jog, then he sniffed the entire yard, and followed that up with a walk in the woods. No wonder he's tired. His new parents tell us that shortly after consuming his dinner at lightening speed, he quickly found his doggie bed and brought his toys to its side.

    Ranen update

    You may remember little Ranen....he was in very bad shape when he was rescued from the beach with his brother Ray. It took weeks of TLC--not to mention regular bottle feedings--to get these two healthy.

    Fortunately, that's all in the past. Ranen is a big, strong, healthy, loving dog who will never have to worry about where he is going to find his next meal. When he first went to his forever home in 2010, his parents told us that he gained 5 pounds in a single week!

    In a recent update, his mom wrote that, as she was typing, he was working hard to find the very best place to chew on his bone. That's the kind of "problem" we like our satos to have! Ranen still has some puppy energy, especially when he sees another dog. He loves swimming in the river. In fact, it can be hard to get him out of the water once he gets in. Here he is in one of his favorite spots--squeezed under his parent's bed.

    Remember Tips?

    Tips was the subject of a very broad rescue effort that involved all sorts of people and had a very happy ending. Tips was spotted by some caring souls during a legal convention in Puerto Rico, and they wouldn't give up until he was safe in a loving home. Tips, now known as Rico, recently celebrated a year and a half in his new home in Florida--and is clearly enjoying himself. Read the story of his rescue here


    Cody goes by many names: Puppy, Puppy-boy, Baby, and Boobleloo and he is happy to come running when he hears any one of them. In fact, he can't seem to stop wagging his tail there is so much to be happy about, now that he has found his "inner joy," as his new dad put it.

    Cody joined his forever family at a difficult time--they had just lost their beloved Molly ( a rescued 15-year-old german shepherd mix) and the dad was dealing with some significant health issues. Clearly, the family needed something positive to focus on...Cody was up to the task! He instantly assumed his place as a member of the family-upon arrival, he jumped up on the couch, rested his head on the leg of his new teenage brother, and went to sleep. He's been bringing the love to his new family ever since.


    Percy found a home in Maine through our friends at Tall Tails Beagle rescue. He had been surrendered to a shelter in San Juan and was slated for euthanasia when we intervened. ASR President, Edilia Vazquez, made room for him in her home until he was ready to move to New England. Now he lives with another dog and some great kids and he has made a ton of new friends.


    To see Chili in this photo, it's hard to believe that he came to us after being rescued from a busy highway during rush hour. He was dragging almost 5 feet of rope around his neck as he maneuvered across six lanes of traffic. These days his adrenaline rushes are more apt to come from a predatory pounce on his squeaky toy, Mr. Skunk! He was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid and now lives in Boston, where he partakes in its many cultural and scenic splendors, including daily walks around the neighborhood.


    Here's a nice email from Caper's mom that we received in October 2011: Caper joined our family just over a year ago from Cape Ann Animal Aid and we simply adore her. She is loving, snuggly, and oh so sweet. She is very engaged and loves puzzles and games--she even tries to "talk" us into playing with her (see photo). She is also very good at curling up next to us (or in between our feet) when we read/work-- which as graduate students is ALL the time! She loves squirrels, cheese, sticks, and above all going outside (especially when we go back home to Maine). She is a cautious dog, and New York City has more to be weary of: street sweepers, crossing guard whistles, lots of buses, big delivery trucks, and construction. But once we make it to Riverside Park for our morning play time/off leash walk, her confidence builds. Though a little shy at first, she is very sweet with other dogs and often works to lick inside their mouths. Once she finds a friend, she's a loyal, fun, and fast play mate. We are so happy to share our home and lives with this wonderful little Sato.


    Lokie is much loved by his parents, who adopted him from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, Mass in 2009. In the very beginning, when Lokie was getting adjusted to having a real home, he was a little clingy with his mom--and a little testy with his dad. But fortunately, his "parents" were very understanding of what his earlier life had been like and just showered him with love until he gained his confidence. It's clear here that his dad has won him over. In fact, they go on nice walks together every day are best buddies. These days, Lokie is gentle with everyone--he didn't even mind when his vet had to pull out two of his teeth.


    Here's Mia on her first walk on the beach with her brand new family, just two days after being adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA.

    Mia was one of 12 puppies in one litter in Puerto Rico that thankfully ended up in our hands. Maybe because of growing up in a very big family, she is really open to meeting new friends and she is already thoroughly enjoying her new feline big brother (a large Scottish Fold cat). She is a very sweet pup.


    That's Gracie on the left, with her dear friend Ty. Though she may look like a little angel here, her mom tells us that Gracie is quite clever about squeezing poor Ty out of the way when she wants to grab the limelight.

    She and her mom recently moved from New England to Chicago, so Gracie has felt the need to ferociously patrol the front fence to put the neighborhood on notice. But it's not all work. At night she gets to go to the park and chase the beam from her mom's laser pointer...it's really fun. Of course, being a Sato, she loves to eat and has put on a little weight, but she starts agility training soon, so you may see a new buff Gracie in later updates.


    Pepper was adopted from Cape Ann Animal in Gloucester, MA, by a very nice family with four kids (Mariah 9, Kayla 7, and twin boys Jackson and Jameson 4 years old)...but he had a bit of a challenge ahead of him. The children wanted their own dog, but at the same time, they were a little afraid of dogs. Could Pepper win their trust??? YES!!!

    It probably helped that he was a very shy small (8 pound) pup when he first arrived in his forever home. But as that timid pup grew into a 30 pound young adult, so did the level of trust in the household grow exponentially. Now Pepper and his human siblings know every inch of the trails in the local nature preserve--known appropriately as "Dogtown." But best of all, he has developed such a strong emotional bond with Mariah, Kayla, Jackson, and Jameson that they not only love him, but they also feel much more comfortable around all the other dogs they meet.


    "I rescued my best friend"...is how Cocoa's mother put it in her email to us. She adopted Cocoa from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA. Cocoa was a very fearful and mistrustful pup back then. She was nervous around people and other dogs.

    But that was before love had worked its magic. Now she is the most well adjusted, outgoing, happy girl who has developed deep emotional bonds, not only with her beautiful mom, but also with her grandmom's German Shepherd, Mason. Cocoa and Mason hang out together every weekend, and he really helped build her confidence. She is so grounded, in fact, that she even accompanied Mason on a German Shepherd Rescue walk with about 100 other dogs.


    We LOVE to hear about Satos that have overcome early adversity and lived to see their golden years, which is why it was so gratifying to receive an update on Shadow. She was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA back in 2001--that was before All Sato Rescue was official in operation. Shadow's rescuer, a wonderful and kind-hearted woman named Miguelina Hart, is a volunteer with the Save a Sato Foundation.

    Shadow's mom reached out to us recently on facebook. She said that Shadow (pictured here with her favorite blanket and toy monkey!) is the absolute love of her and her family's life. In fact, she has grown up with a human sister, now 17,and a human brother, now 15.

    Shadow arrived as a nervous, shy and mistrustful little girl and she blossomed into the consummate family dog. She loves to run and so does her mom. They hit the road together several times a week, and, on the days when her mom doesn't feel like going, Shadow will pick up her running shoes and walk around with them in hopes of inspiring a change of heart! We hope that Shadow has many more years of lovely long runs ahead of her.


    Baxter didn't have to wait long for his forever home....just four days after arriving at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA, he was headed off to his new life. He is still shy with strangers--as you might be if you had taken a noisy plane to a big airport in a strange new place and then been driven to a shelter full of other dogs--but he is a playful and loving pup. We can't wait for the updates!


    You guessed it....Sugar earned her name due to her sweet disposition. She is completely in love with her new best buddy, Scott, pictured here. Scott adopted Sugar from the animal shelter in Sterling, MA and because he is homeschooled, they get to spend every day together. Scott says that he had always wanted a dog. (It looks like Sugar has always wanted a Scott!) They take long walks together and are totally inseparable.


    This part beagle, part basset now lives in Maine and couldn't be happier. Honey was adopted through our dear friends at Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Freeport, Maine. This photo was taken of her at her sister's 9th birthday party where she had a blast.

    We're guessing that she was given her name based on her super sweet and loving personality. Her new mom wrote to tell us that she didn't know how her family got so lucky!!! We imagine that Honey feels exactly the same way. In fact, Honey gets to take long walks in the park and sleep in her parent's bed every night! She also has another canine sibling and two feline siblings.


    Lovely Lisa clearly has some natural style and grace with those fashionable long legs crossed so fetchingly. She was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling by a family with kids--and she loves them dearly. Lisa is a bit shy, but will surely get her sea legs once she starts to trust the wonderful new life that she has been given....

    In this update from Mario--now known as Tadeo--we get to see just how confident a family member he has become.


    Here's a special photo...it's Mario about to leave the shelter in the arms of his new best friend....what a lovely life is in store for him. He gets to be with kids all the time and he has lots of toys. His rescuer and foster mom said that he is one of the "bestest"--most super well adjusted, super sweet, and an all around well mannered little guys and she is thrilled that he "adopted" such a wonderful family with whom to spend the rest of his life. Good going, Mario!


    Charley (formerly known as Jomar) was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling not long after his brother JJ (see below) went home with his forever family. We hope they get to visit each other every now and then. If so, they will no doubt have lots of fun stories to share.

    Charley now lives in an old farm house in the country with lots of grass and woods and he can sense that lots of happy dogs have lived there before him. In fact, the spirit of his predecessor, who passed away last February, is evident everywhere. That dog was also adopted (yeah!!) and lived a long (16 years) and happy life. In this photo, Charley is resting after a long walk with his new mom.


    JJ was rescued in Puerto Rico, along with his brother Jomar, and came up to the Animal Shelter in Sterling. He did not have to wait long for his perfect family to come along....as you can see, he is pretty fond of his new mom. He now has his own big back yard and gets to go to work with his dad every day. And did someone say that Beggin strips are on the shopping list???


    Look at this face!!!Zoey's new family writes to thank us for saving their "precious dog." Clearly, "precious" is the right word...


    Little Narciso was nearly washed away during hurricane Irene. Fortunately, the tides took him to us and then to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA, to find his forever family. He didn't have to wait too long.

    A very sweet family came to meet him and he had the best play date ever with an 11-year-old girl and her cousin. The next day, he was part of their family. And guess what? His new dad is from Puerto Rico! That means they can chat about things in Spanish and Narciso will have someone to commiserate with during his first New England winter. Narciso is still getting into the swing of having so much love and so much comfort. It was all so exciting that it made him car sick. We're sure that he'll become a very confident passenger soon enough, especially if he gets to sit in Dad's lap, as he is here...


    Here's Allie (on top) settling in to her lovely new home with her new canine sibling and super nice mom. We think Allie may have had a grandparent who was a Jack Russell and one who was an Airedale. We are glad they came together. Allie found her new home through our partners at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.


    Have we mentioned that we LOVE updates?? Well, we do...the last time we checked in on Betun--now known as Jazzy--she was a small puppy, happily ensconced in the arms of her new parents.

    She's still happy...but these days, she is much bigger and her favorite thing in the world is to run around the yard with her human siblings...ok, so she also likes to pester her feline sibling, Paka...but they still love each other and cuddle daily. Jazzy's new family tell us that they can't remember what life was like before Jazzy came along.


    Here's an email that we received from Antonio's new mom: Many changes were happening in my family, as my children were sad leaving the home they grew up in. I purchased a new home, and when we got settled I really wanted them to have a piece of the American dream..

    Every child wants a puppy to love. I started looking around for a great fit for our new beginnings and new house. When we walked into the Sterling Animal shelter, it was so difficult wanting to take home all the dogs. My son spotted Antonio and fell instantly in love and my daughter was so happy the expression on her face spoke volumes...

    We walked outside and spoke about the responsibilities that come with having a puppy, and we all agreed, that we would love him, and take care of all his needs.

    Antonio was therapy for all of us, his wagging tail, and his unconditional love. We may rescued Antonio, but he rescued all of us.


    As soon as her new family realized that this little sato can go from zero to 90 mph in seconds flat, they named her Porscha...

    Porscha gets to show off her speed in a lovely large family of people and animals. At last count, she was living with several birds, three other dogs, plenty of cats and 19 chickens--not to mention her much adored human sibling, shown here. Obviously, her family loves animals, which makes them very special in our book. They write that Porscha has brought her love to their family and gets all that love back in return.


    Every single animal that we rescue is precious to us and we love each one...but every once in awhile one comes along that works its way into our collective hearts in ways that we didn't imagine possible....that was the case with Bucare, a lovely shar pei mix that was left in dire conditions in one of the most affluent parts of San Juan. Not one of the privileged members of this community seemed to care about this gentle soul until All Sato Rescue came along.

    Our amazing community of rescuers took in Bucare, attended to his serious skin issues and his infections and put some meat on his bones. Then he was ready to fly to our dear friends in NH, Puppy Angels.

    The wonderful people who foster our Satos for Puppy Angels loved Bucare so much that they didn't think they could let him go (They already have one Sato, Niko.)unless the PERFECT situation came along.

    And it did! Jim, a very kindhearted fireman from Worcester, MA thought that Bucare would be a great younger sibling for his elderly shar pei mix, Grizzly. So, Bucare went home for the first time ever..

    Now, he is quite the king. He is eating all sorts of great, healthy foods. He has the best medical care he could ever imagine--someone even figured out that his thyroid was misbehaving! His amazing coat has grown in and he has gained a few lbs. He loves to ride around in the car...and nap in the sun or pretty much anywhere....and chase geese!


    It's probably obvious that we focus on dogs....we would love to be able to rescue every animal we see no matter what type it is, but that just isn't possible.

    So, anytime we are able to save a cat and find it a great home is a good day. We just had one of those in fact. Thanks to the dedication and compassion of many people, Pippa was saved after having been abandoned in an empty house.

    Adopted through the Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter, Pippa is getting acclimated to her new home and has a closet full of toys already! She is eating very yummy, healthy special kitten food and has her own purple tulip bed. Her new mom tells us that Pippa's most adorable quality is that she pulls your face close to hers and showers you with kisses and licks your face for a very long time. That IS pretty cute!


    Lovely Lindita takes her name from the Albanian word for breaking or dawning....it is quite apt indeed, as this pup has seen a new day dawning.

    Her new life includes this super comfy kennel, where she goes to hang out, and new parents who adore her, as she does them. The other day, she got to go to a birthday party with a bunch of four year olds--they were lots of fun and also covered in lots of yummy-tasting treats. Then she went on a long car ride to visit a very nice woman who was 85. Clearly, Lindita loves people of all ages. She even loves cats of all ages--most especially her 14 year old feline sister Petunia. Lindita was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue.

    The Story of Vincent

    We don't know where Vincent was born or the circumstances that shaped his early life. But we do know that his life has now been completely changed!

    On May 30th we received a call that a dog had been attacked by another dog on the street. He sustained injuries to his ears and legs, had lost a lot of blood and could barely stand. His left ear had to be amputated. From that day the story changed completely.

    Luckily he was a very healthy dog so this allowed him to gain his strength quickly and in a matter of a couple of days, it was as if nothing had happened - minus one ear. Everyone loved Vincent's gentle nature, how smart and obedient he was with everyone. It was there we discovered that he follows simple commands like SIT, PAW and COME. Also, as a sign of affection, he gets close to you and rubs his head on your legs, very softly and gently, so you can pat his head and rub his cheeks. This is one of his most endearing behaviors.

    Vincent lives in the present - he lost all memories of the events that brought him to us - he has been a great teacher. Vincent would benefit greatly from a loving home, with people who like big, cuddly, gentle dogs. Sadly, we haven't had interest in Vincent here in Puerto Rico. We want what is best for him and we are sure that any family with the resources to adopt him would be happy to have such a kind and loyal dog. Just like the painter, Vincent lost his ear, but not his love for life. That sets him apart, it makes him unique.

    Here's a long-awaited and much hoped for follow up photo of Vincent, as he heads off to his new forever family with a new chocolate lab sibling.

    Iwi Update

    We LOVE to get updates! And, we were thrilled to hear the latest on Iwi...in fact, we would like to be adopted into her new family.

    Iwi, shown here cuddling with her sister, goes sailing on a lake in NH, hangs out at a cabin in Maine, and even has her own lifejacket to help supplement her (mediocre, but don't tell...)swimming abilities.

    As you may have guessed, Iwi is in heaven....one of the best parts is that she gets to follow her mom around ALL DAY. When mom's in the garden, she's in the garden. When mom goes upstairs, she goes upstairs. When mom goes to sleep, she curls up and doesn't move a muscle until her mom wakes up.


    Ruby is the mistress of her domain...here she is having decided to take a nap in her own little crate. This gal has grown so much since her days as an abandoned puppy. Her mom says that Ruby has been a great addition to her home


    Lucky Amerin is the first Sato that we have heard from who was adopted through our new partner in Florida, the Naples Humane Society.

    Amerin was named in honor of her new mom Stefanie's brother. (We love the name.) Stefanie writes us that she thanks God everyday that she and Amerin found each other. Amerin has been in puppy training classes and has a birthday coming up--her very first! Stefanie also says that she would be lost without Amerin.


    Brodie is a super cute, super sweet pup who can't quite believe the dramatic turn his life has taken. These days, his nickname is the "king" and he has people around him who always want to take his picture.

    He recently had the time of his life on a beach where he could indulge his favorite pastime--burying his special treasures and keepsakes. With all that sand, it was so convenient!

    His only bad habit is that he barks at people when he wants them to talk to him....and that's not really so bad, especially if you are a king. Brodie was adopted from Caribbean Puppy Connection.


    Lovely little Leia was adopted by a family in Puerto Rico. We are so happy! We very much want to encourage the growth of responsible pet owners locally and Leia's parents are great role models.

    You may also have noticed that Leia isn't the only cutie in these photos! She has totally bonded with her new BFF--the most recent addition to the family. We just know that Leia is doing her part to inspire the next generation of animal lovers in Puerto Rico....


    Sidney was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid by a family who say that she has brought incalculable joy into their lives. (We think the reverse is true as well!) Sidney has a wicker basket full of toys and chews, goes on daily walks around the neighborhood and watches her favorite cartoons all day while her parents are at work.

    She also enjoys the walks through woods immensely and a daily visit to an enclosed grassy area around the corner where she gets to do what she does best, RUN.

    She is still happy, naive, playful and fresh (she always gets the last word). And she has proven that she is most certainly not deaf. She can hear someone opening a Slim Jim three rooms away and will be there like a shot!

    Katie and Goldie

    Katie and Goldie are best friends and cousins! Their moms are sisters, so they get to all hang out together a lot. Goldie is a little shy, and Katie is a huge extrovert, so they balance each other out.

    They may be a bit spoiled, but that is certainly appropriate...Katie had her very own birthday cake when she turned 4. She also has a huge toy collection and she is very particular about where they are kept. For instance, if anyone takes one of her toys into a different room, she runs out to retrieve it and put it back where it belongs.Goldie loves being picked up and held by her mom and she has a lovely purple dog tag that is very stylish.


    The Barrett family have been helping Satos for awhile now. On their trip to Puerto Rico in March, they kindly transported several of our rescued dogs on the last leg of their journey to new homes. In the process, they fell in love with one of their "passengers," a three-month-old puppy named Callie

    Now, Callie is an official Barrett family member. She eats 3 times a day, has many new toys and absolutely LOVES to lie in luxury in front of a heater! She is an absolute nut at times....she knows when she has taken something she shouldn't and dives under the bed!!! She digs, jumps like a kangaroo, and can yawn in different octaves!! Talk about unusual talents!


    Aslin, a feisty two-year-old Puerto Rican sprite, has proven to be an effective and endearing ambassadress for the cause.

    In fact, Aslin's "person," Jackie, was so keen on helping other Satos that she put on a yard sale and gave the proceeds to us for our animal programs. Aslin played a key role during the sale by greeting shoppers and making them feel at home.

    It's all part of her "real" job...Aslin has her advanced training diploma from Petsmart and recently became an AKC canine good citizen. She loves lifting spirits at the senior day program and for pre-schoolers. She is planning on doing further traing to become a certified therapy dog.

    Aslin was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


    Calliope is a happy, frisky little gal, who is thoroughly enjoying her new home in Massachusetts. Her mom reports that she can't imagine not having Callie in her life...


    Lucky Lydia has gone from living on the streets in Puerto Rico to having a large canine family--the humans aren't bad either!--in beautiful New Hampshire.

    Here she is (in front) with one new brother rescued from Mexico and the other, who was adopted locally. Everything is so great now...her parents even want to fatten her up! The only wrinkle is the cat!!! Lydia is working very hard on her feline etiquette.


    When we circulated a photo of Lola shortly after she was whisked off the street to safety, one of ASR's best friends had a feeling that this pup was destined to live in New Jersey! And, now she does....Lola went to live with the parents of our friend--their names are Mike and Alicia. They had recently lost their beloved poodle of 16 years and they had a hole in their home and their hearts.

    But, Lola has certainly fixed that....she has brought new life and love into their lives...


    Dexter flew up to Boston's Logan Airport on a cold night in February. He was a very tiny pup, traveling in a carry-on bag and he wasn't sure what was going on, but he was just happy to say hello to everyone he ran into.

    Little did we know that this would just be the first adventure in a glamorous life of travel and fun! For instance, here's Dexter on vacation in Florida....hey, New Hampshire can get pretty cold in the winter. Dexter also has lots of older canine siblings that take very good care of their "baby" brother.


    Noa found a well deserved forever home through our friends at Caribbean Puppy Connection.

    And, thank goodness for that....as this little gal (We think she is a purebred Schnauzer.) had a very bad start to life. She and her sister were thrown out like trash behind a mall. They were starving to death and had almost no hair.

    It took many months to nurse Noa to health and finally bring out her beautiful fur coat. Unfortunately, her sister did not survive.


    Nenita was adopted by a couple who were so keen on enriching their home with a dog that they moved out of their old place--where their silly landlord wouldn't allow animals!--into a pet-friendly spot just minutes from the dog park!

    Then they went to the Animal Shelter in Sterling to find their new family member and it took all of 30 seconds for them to fall hopelessly in love with Nenita. She's got such a sweet personality, with a bit of a feisty streak at the same time. (You kind of get that impression from the photo!)

    To make matters even better, Nenita's new mom works from home so they can be together every second of every day. In fact, as her new mom wrote to us, Nenita was sound asleep in her lap.


    We have to show you two photos of Sawyer with his big sister, Roady, whom he obviously adores. Sawyer is the little one. They are a great--if somewhat mismatched--pair. Roady is also a rescue (yeah! rescues are the best!) and she came up north to Mass. from Tennessee.

    Here they are catching some ZZZZss...Sawyer is quite the cuddler. We can't wait to hear more about this duo as they become even more bonded.


    Here's Bombi in a rare moment of rest. He's usually bombing around the house or running along as his dad rides his mountain bike or cross country skiing or exploring the 100 acres of lovely woods down the street. So committed is Bombi to playing, that he tries to urge on every living thing in his path--and even some things that aren't alive. He's been known to pounce on stuffed animals and even try to play with shadows or his own reflection.

    Unfortunately, during one of his romps, he broke a toe. Can you imagine trying to put a splint on this little whirlwind? Once he heals, it will be time to start training classes.

    Bombi was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid by a nice family who live in Connecticut.


    Coa was quickly adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA and ended up in a great new home with wonderful parents and a feline brother named Billie. She is an angel and picks up everything very quickly--the only thing she doesn't seem to understand is why people like this cold weather! Her new mom is going to get her a sweater to go with this new yummy chewy thing.


    Here's Jessie on her mom's lap, right after they completed a three-mile walk to the beach on a day when there was actually a hint of spring in the air. Despite the long New England winters, Jessie is thriving in her new home--and very bonded with her new mom.


    Sugar went to her new, forever home right before Christmas. She is doing great and is loved by the whole family. She has a great personality and is a joy to be around. She is very playful and friendly and at her happiest when she is running around with her six-year-old human brother!


    Little Michelina made a love connection with her new parents and is especially excited to have a new 13-year-old sister/best friend. She is now an adored member of the family. Michelina was adopted by our good friends at Caribbean Puppy Connection.


    Antoine was adopted by a man in Mass., but ended up visiting sunny San Diego and decided to stay! The weather, after all, was much closer to his native Puerto Rico than New England.

    Antoine landed in a lovely family, where his mom speaks to him in Spanish, he can play with a guinea pig, and where he gets lots of sleep, nap, and cuddle time with his brother and super best bud, as pictured here.

    Antoine does have a reputation as a bit of an escape artist, but at least everyone in his neighborhood knows him and can help him get home.


    Frida was adopted by a veterinary technician who helps our Satos when they arrive at our partner, Caribbean Puppy Connection. Frida's new mom and her fiancee bought their first house and knew that it wouldn't feel like a home without a dog...Frida was an obvious choice--She was even there during the marriage proposal!

    Frida is incredibly SMART, affectionate, funny, clever, social, sweet, beautiful and just a little love! She loves socks! Not to snack on, but because they are so fun to steal and relocate. Frida goes everywhere with her parents, even to work! She is the official mascot at her mom's vet hospital, where she greets the clients from behind the counter and always puts them at ease.


    Would it shock you to hear that this angel, adopted through our friends at Caribbean Puppy Connection, is "having a little trouble" with her new feline siblings Toots and Boots? We're imaging that "trouble" means a little chasing, jumping, and general exuberance. Hopefully, the cats will get Carmen in line. The good news is that Carmen's new parents love her "more than anything."


    Cooper was adopted by a wonderful family with a teenager and young children as well. They think he is so smart, and is taking to his training well. Cooper was adopted through Caribbean Puppy Connection.


    Head-over-heels in LOVE, is how Sandy's family describe their relationship. Sandy was placed through our great friends at Caribbean Puppy Connection. Sandy is the "best thing that ever happened" to her family, who feels very lucky to have her. She even ended up being the perfect size, about 60 lbs. A small big dog. Just big enough to count as a big dog, but not so big she's knocking everything over with her tail.


    This lovely border collie mix ended up in wintry New Hampshire and she doesn't miss the tropics one bit. Iwi now gets daily mile-long romps in the woods behind her house, topped off by a good night's sleep in her parent's bed. And, a huge treat is the fact that both her new mom and dad are around the house whenever she needs them (Her mom works from home.) so she gets lots of attention. Did we mention that she gets to watch TV on the couch?


    Here is Sparks about as happy as a little Sato from Puerto Rico can be. She has a new sister and a new brother! She was a very tiny pup when she arrived at the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA....now she is much bigger, full of spunk and lots of fun.

    Lil' Papi

    Lil' Papi had to wait awhile for his forever home. It was especially sad because he arrived from Puerto Rico with two siblings and they went home right away. But, it turned out to be well worth the wait. He couldn't be happier. Lil' P was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


    Ginger is all of five months in this photo and growing like a weed, according to her new mom. Ginger was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. She has three human siblings and two mammal siblings: a cat and a guinea pig. Ginger's mom writes that taking a walk with her can be a time-consuming endeavor as she likes to stop and say hello to everyone she meets. They never get very far!

    Aisha and Alisha

    These two pups flew up to Boston with a very nice couple who brought them on in two carry-on bags. Fortunately, the aircrew was very sympathetic to the pups and let them come out and sit in people's laps on the plane. So, sisters Aisha and Alisha made lots of friends. They didn't have to wait long at Caribbean Puppy Connection before they found the perfect new home....And, guess what? The two Sato sisters were adopted by two human sisters, so they all get to live together....hermanas juntas para siempre...

    Here's a fun update on Aisha and Alisha, the sister pups adopted by human sisters. Look how much they have grown! These two pups look supremely happy in the arms of their moms. And it's no wonder...as tiny puppies, they were left at the doorstep of ASR President Edilia Vazquez in a plastic file bin!


    This Sato experienced his first Christmas parade not long after finding his forever home in MA. He didn't like the drums, but the fact that a two-year-old girl shared her cupcake with him made up for everything...Sully LOVES everyone and everything from the little german shepherd puppy in his obedience class to his feline sibling, Bruce, who is absolutely NOT interested in wresting. It's all good....the snow, the sledding, the dirty sock that has become his favorite toy, and most importantly his new mom and dad, Carlene and Ray. Sully was adopted at Caribbean Puppy Connection.


    Skipper's new parents write that he is a nice mix of feisty and cute--and you really do get that feeling from his photo. He is also scared of loud trucks, but fearless when it comes to meeting big dogs. Because his dad works nights and his mom works days, Skipper can almost always find somebody to curl up and nap with. He has his own fluffy bed, but really his parents' bed is so much larger...why not just sleep there? And, if he could just please have the really expensive, organic dog food, that would also be nice...Skipper was adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA


    It's always nice to hear from people who adopted our Satos many years ago. That was the case with Izzy who went to her forever home back in 2002. Izzy left an indelible impression on her rescuer, ASR President Edilia Vazquez. That's because Edi's daughter ended up adopting Izzy's mom--there's some symetry in that relationship that we can't quite get our head around.

    Though Izzy is getting up in years, she still loves to chase squirrels and bunnys, and the fact that she has lost most of her bottom teeth has in no way impeded her from enjoying a daily bone--though ice cream treats, as pictured here, are so much easier.


    Though All Sato Rescue specializes primarily in dogs, we are thrilled when we have a chance to help an abandoned cat find a great home. That was the case recently, when someone left the lovely Angelina tied to the door of ASR President Edilia Vazquez's home in San Juan.

    Angelina was adopted locally by a very caring couple. You can see that she has landed on her feet....or rather, she has landed on her new dad's shoulder....

    Daddy Yankee

    This fashionable guy was found in a parking lot with his sister by a friend of All Sato Rescue. Who would leave them in a parking lot???!! We often wonder that too....

    But, lucky for Daddy Yankee his photo was circulated among (ASR Board member) Twig's work colleagues and a love connection was made! He flew to Boston and was picked up by his new daddy. Now DY is pretty much in charge of his new home, which includes another pup and a cat. For Christmas, he visited Maine and saw snow for the first time...it was nice, but he prefers being wrapped in blankets or snuggling with his dad on the couch.


    You may have seen Auggie's photo on our Facebook page when he was rescued off the streets. His name then was Destino. He was close to death and scared, but he let ASR President Edi Vazquez pick him up and put him in her car.

    When he was healthy, we sent him up to our partner Puppy Angels in New Hampshire. When a very nice family--with a five-year old boy--saw his photo, they all fell in love. Auggie probably fell in love too...especially since he was treated to a shopping spree at Petco on the way home!!

    Now this lucky pup has absolutely everything he could ever imagine: a work-from-hom mom, a best friend human brother Ethan, and long walks during the day. He takes great pride in sitting loyally by his mom's chair while she works, just in case she needs him.


    Sometimes it happens that the kind people who serve as foster parents to our pups through our partner shelters find turn out to be massively bad at fostering....

    It's true! Or maybe it's just that our little Satos are incredible charmers....either way, Dora started out as a foster dog, but ended up being officially adopted. Good thing, because she looks pretty comfortable napping on the couch with her canine brother. (She's the one on the right.)


    Journey's new family picked her name given how far she had come--from life on the streets of Puerto Rico to a cushy life in New Hampshire.

    Journey was adopted through Puppy Angels. In her new family, she has both canine and human siblings. She has her own toys and treats. She gets to chew on people's hats and mittens--and doesn't even get in trouble!

    Then there are the car rides--all the time! Her human siblings go all sorts of exciting places and she gets to escort them...


    Imagine living in a hole near the highway for weeks, just waiting and hoping for someone to come along and help you.

    That was Kenobi's situation, when he was picked up by a very dear friend of All Sato Rescue.

    He soon flew to Boston and went to our partner, Buddy Dog Humane Society, in Sudbury, MA, but he languished there for quite awhile, until a nice couple came along and recognized his gentle, caring spirit.

    Now, Kenobi (whose parents are Star Wars fans) is the king of his home. He likes a good long nap during the day, interspersed with some dramatic forays outside to keep the local squirrels on their toes. His sad and fearful days on the streets are happily way behind him.


    When a new coworker of Twig's (All Sato Rescue cofounder), mentioned her interest in adopting a dog, it didn't take long for the Puerto Rico foster network to kick into action. The call went out for a lab mix and among the many dazzling candidates was Barnaby. Was it the hint of weimaraner? his soulful eyes? Whatever the chemistry, this super sweet pup was picked out of the mix and was soon on a plane to Boston.

    He went to our NH partner, Puppy Angels, but within the week, he was in his meant-to-be new home. Now he spends every day with his work-from-home dad, goes on weekend romps through the woods, and shares the newfound joys of a comfy couch with his favorite stuff toy! His new mom notes that he shredded every toy, but this one, which he seeks out at naptime.


    Lovely Nala was adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA by a couple who are long-time Sato fans....(Nala's new grandmother has had a Puerto Rican pup for seven years.) Nala is settling in and learning what it's like to have her own warm bed and snuggly toy to sleep with.


    Sometimes people ask us what All Sato Rescue would like for Christmas. Aside from the obvious--donations, supplies, a comprehensive animal welfare campaign for Puerto Rico--our most treasured present is knowing that the pups we have so lovingly rescued and nursed to health have found loving forever homes.

    That's why we were so grateful to hear from Rusty's new family just a week before Christmas. They wrote to tell us that he is "tremendously loved" and a "true member of the family."


    Max was adopted through Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA. His new mom writes that she would have sent his photo sooner, but that it was very hard to get him and his four human siblings to sit still long enough for her to take a shot!

    Here he is with his beloved family (left to right): Anna age 2, Sam age 1, Alexandria age 4, and Ben age 6. Max is usually super busy, playing frisbee and romping around endlessly with his sibs. But, when he gets tired, he has discovered that his parents have a big, comfy bed where he can go to escape the chaos.


    Bella may not consider hers to be such a happy ending--at least not in this photo. Who likes a bath anyway?? Especially when it's freezing cold out in New England and you're used to sunny Puerto Rico???

    But the sight of her curled up on this comfy cushion is probably closer to the true story. Or maybe it's more like a fairy tale. She looks a bit like the princess and the pea here.

    Bella was adopted through our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    A very kind-hearted couple in Puerto Rico live across the street from a construction site. They noticed that a Sato frequented the site. He had a very bad skin condition, an injury to one leg, and was malnourished. They knew that the construction workers were feeding this pup, but when the project ended and the workers moved on....he suddenly had no one.

    The couple weren't about to let him starve, so they started feeding him and they contacted local shelters to see if anyone would take him in and find him a home. But, the shelters in Puerto Rico have very high euthanasia rates (95%), so that option was dismissed. They contacted ASR President Edilia Vazquez for advice. Edi helped guide them toward a vet and we knew that we could take Lobo into our program and find him a home in New England.

    But that wasn't going to happen! The couple, even though they already have three dogs, decided that Lobo was just too noble and too kind to give up! So, now they have four canines--and lots of good karma coming their way.


    Tess was in foster care with a volunteer from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA...but, as she began to settle in to her new surroundings and saw how well the couch upholstery complemented her features....she decided to stay permanently.

    Tess and her brother were spirited out of deplorable conditions at municipal shelter in Puerto Rico where they would almost surely have been euthanized. They were fostered by ASR President Edilia Vazquez.

    Remembering Tess's endless playing and sense of mischief, Edi is suspicious that Tess's angelic and demure pose here must have been staged!


    Roger was adopted from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA. His new parents wrote us with that magic phrase that makes everything we do worthwhile..."You should not worry about him â he is loved."

    You can probably tell that from his photo. Roger has grown from a skinny little thing into a healthy 46 pounds. Peanut butter treats are a favorite!

    He is great with people and loves to run. His feline siblings still swat him on his nose when he tries to chase them, but that hasn't been much of a deterrent.

    His first Thanksgiving was especially fun.


    This beauty was adopted by equally exquisite parents...They make a lovely family. Osita is sweet and friendly, very playful and full of the joy. She loves to play with a tennis ball in the yard and a Kong in the house. Anything that bounces is fair game. Osita will sit when waiting for her food bowl, for about 8 seconds. She was adopted through our newest partner, All Shepherd Rescue.


    Hunter was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA and his new family report that he is an "awesome addition." His mother is actually a vet tech at the animal hospital that spays and neuters our Satos before they go up for adoption at Cape Ann.

    She met Hunter the morning of his surgery and felt an instant connection. The next day she sent her husband and 3-year-old daughter down to the shelter to meet him and they approved! So, Hunter had his forever home even before he went up for adoption.

    Hunter joins a home that already has one Sato--11-year-old Otis. Otis is a bit of a celebrity in the Sato world. He was the star of a postcard campaign in which about 5,000 people sent cards with Otis's before and after photos to the governor of Puerto Rico to beg him to take steps to improve the lives of the island's abandoned animals.

    A photo of that postcard is here, but you have to use your imagination a bit, as the writing is reversed. The card reads "No animal should be left to suffer..." and has a great photo of Otis frolicking on the beach. Unfortunately, even the wishes of 5,000 kind people did not move the government to take any action....their record on animal welfare continues to be deplorable.

    Coco Chanel

    Here's Coco Chanel chilling with her best friend. Coco has a great home in Florida where she went after some ups and downs in Puerto Rico. In the first home on the island, she was almost burned by a toxic flea dip before being returned to us. Then her second family returned her after two years because of a family emergency. Poor Coco was so depressed after that--as anyone would be. But the odds turned in her favor when she hit the Sunshine State and now she is treated like the Queen that she is.


    The day after we posted Roo's photo on our facebook page, a very nice woman--and mom to three other chi mixes--in New Jersey saw him and made a love connection. She got up at 5 am and drove all the way up to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA to adopt this little bit o'honey.

    Now Roo--named after the sound he makes when he barks--is part of the pack. And what a long way he has come since someone threw him into the yard of ASR President Edilia Vazquez. She picked off over 100 ticks from this little four pounder, who was terribly anemic as a result. His vet was very concerned.

    But Roo knew that something really good was ahead, if he could just hang in there....and he did. Now he has a new wardrobe, ground beef cooked to his specifications, and a big canine brother to show him the ropes.


    Pachin was adopted as a seven-month-old puppy from our newest partner, the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick, Maine. As is the case with almost all of our rescues, he arrived at the shelter with a note from his rescuer.

    Now he lives in Freeport, Maine, which is a beautiful coastal town. His new parents write that he is doing great and is a wonderful little dog. That update brings a lot of joy to his rescuer, who says that he was totally hairless when she found him. It's typical for an abandoned dog to lose its fur due to malnutrition. So nice to see that that will never again be a problem for this lucky Sato.


    Bogen enjoys outings to outdoor cafes and being a muse for his photographer dad.


    Lucy was adopted by a very nice woman through our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA. She is a perfect combo of playfulness and cuddliness and she is much loved. Since going to her forever home in late July, Lucy has gained a full two pounds, and now tips the scales at nine pounds. That means she's still light enough to rest right up against her new mom's cheek for maximum cuddling.


    Lucky Lucas is pictured here the day after he was adopted into a lovely home. His new mom says that he is a little shy as he takes in his new surroundings, but we're sure that it won't be long before he is racing around confidently.


    Bailey was an exceptionally tiny puppy when she was rescued, along with her brother. But now she is so grown up that she has taken on all sorts of important responsibilities in her new home. In this photo, she is at her sentry post, watching over her family's big backyard in case the squirrels and birds try to invade. She also keeps track of all the soccer games that take place on the town field--for instance, what if someone loses the ball? Bailey will know exactly where it is.


    Bella was rescued by a wonderful woman who is a good friend to ASR. Little Bella and her two siblings were literally thrown over a six-foot fence and into her yard. It was a rainy day and they were very scared.

    But, Bella was adopted into a great home with a real human brother and a feline sister. She is a very loving puppy. Her rescuer says that seeing this photo and hearing about Bella's new life gives her strength when she is tired and sad by all the animals in Puerto Rico that need homes.


    Buddy was adopted into a particularly great home, but he had a big job ahead of him. That was to help fill the void in his new person's life that had been left by the passing of her beloved rottie/husky mix.

    We're happy to report that Buddy is up to the challenge. His first order of business was to implement a strict exercise regimen with long workouts twice a day on week days and three times a day on weekends. For extra cardio, he likes to include some quick sprints after squirrels.

    Then there's nothing like taking time out for reflection. He likes a good nap--his person's stomach is a preferred location, but he also likes to curl up on a sweatshirt bearing the logo of his new favorite team--the Boston Red Sox. He's also making lots of friends, including Marlow, a great Dane, under whom he likes to stand. (Is this a new Sato trend? See Paolo and Sadie below.)Buddy was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA.

    Paola and Sadie

    Little Paola and big sister Sadie make a cute--though mismatched--pair as they enjoy a beach day in Gloucester, MA. They are a team! They play together, nap together, and even walk as one unit, with Paola trotting along right underneath her big sis. Sadie is very long suffering when little sis jumps on her and she's a mentor too. Paola was very shy at first, but she's learning to come out of her shell by following Sadie's example. The two were adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid by a nice couple who report that they are the "best girls around."

    Hurricane Trixie

    Hurricane Trixie earned her name because of the destruction she leaves in her wake...particularly when there's a box of kleenex around. Did you know that if you pull out one sheet, another pops up, and another and another??? What self-respecting puppy could resist that kind of temptation?

    When Trixie isn't shredding kleenex, she can be found trying to get her feline older brother to play by planting sloppy kisses all over his face. Did we mention that she LOVES everybody?? Trixie was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


    This lovely German Shepherd had a tough start in Puerto Rico when someone threw boiling oil on her....we will never understand how people can do such horrible things to animals. After a long stay with our friends at Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue, where she became very dear to her foster mom, Geneva found the perfect family. She sure looks happy here being hugged by her new best friend.


    Leah was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. by a family who already have an 11-year-old Sato. Leah was rescued in the town of Caguas by a very kind man, who took her to the vet for all her shots and then visited her regularly when she was being fostered by one of our stalwart foster moms while she waited to catch her flight to Boston. He would sit on the ground and coddle Leah in his lap and dream about her finding a really terrific home. And she did!


    So, who doesn't have a few pounds to lose? Chaina is just starting a new exercise regimen that involves plenty of long walks. This little Gordita was adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA in 2006. Her parents say that she is a perfect fit for their family.


    Laika was named after the first Russian dog in space and her new dad reports that she is out of this world! They are getting to know each other better, and having more and more fun. She is very happy and she has made her dad very happy. Laika was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Puppy Kalea looks thrilled to be in the arms of her new mother. Kalea was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Leia is a little princess in a family of four human brothers...in fact, those very brothers were the ones who gave her her name--in honor of Princess Leia in Star Wars. And just like her namesake, she has her own galaxy to conquer. It happens to be a fenced-in yard.


    Betun didn't have to wait too long before finding the perfect parents to adopt....This little cutie pie spent about a week at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Lola is "loved to pieces!" Her new parents report that she is settling in well and is becoming a one-woman welcoming committee, making them feel very loved upon their return home from work.


    Ted was part of a lovely--and large-eared-- litter of Satos whose names all began with "T." (Think Toby, Tammy, Tim, Trudy, etc...) They all landed at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA--which found great forever homes for every single one.


    Murfee has a little bit of that fiery Sato "attitude" but that doesn't mean she isn't a sweetheart. In fact she is especially sweet with her new nine-year-old human sister: they spend most of their waking hours loving each other. Lucky dog Murfee lives in the seaside town of Rockport, MA.


    Diva was found abandoned on a beach in Puerto Rico. We sent her up to Gloucester to our friends at Cape Ann Animal Aid, which also takes in dogs from Georgia where there is an animal overpopulation problem. Lucky for Diva, (on the left) her new mom also adopted a little Southern Belle, named Crouton, at the same time. Now the two are fast friends.


    Breezie, a.k.a. Wild Woman, lives with several bulldogs and a couple of rescued greyhounds and she keeps them all in line. She has a big yard to patrol too--it's almost as though she has an entire kingdom over which to preside and she takes her job seriously. Aside from her personality, her ears may be her most stunning feature.

    Austin Update

    We've written about Austin before, but we're also a sucker for cute new photos, and we really like this shot. You'll remember that Austin lives with an older Sato sister named Brandy--who's about 13 now.
    Back in the day, their mom didn't even like dogs!!! Now, she has two and she's a dog groomer, so she's around pups all day.


    We think that one of our Satos relocated to Vermont--Brattleboro in particular--and liked the outdoor activities there so much that he got word back to his buds that it was a beautiful place to live y que vengan pronto! Well, it's possible anyway...

    At least that's the case with Trooper and his pal Eva (below). Where they diverge is that Eva is a hiker and Trooper prefers water sports. In fact, he is so bonded with his dad, a rower, that he guards the extra oars when dad's out on the water. (As you can see in this photo by Peter Gill of the Putney Rowing Club.) Once he even swam across the Connecticutt River after dad's boat--just to provide a bit of extra encouragement. Since Trooper only has three legs, his dad didn't immediately realize that he would be a good long distance swimmer...but now Trooper's famous around the rowing club for his fast and enthusiastic dog paddle.

    Trooper was picked up on the street when he was about a year old with a badly injured leg. He was slated for euthanasia at the pound when someone recognized his unique spirit and reached out to a fellow rescuer. She kept him for a year before someone agreed to take a chance on a "crippled" dog.

    That someone acted gingerly with Trooper at first, until he made it clear that he didn't know the meaning of the word "handicap." The only skill he doesn't have is digging...which many people might actually consider an asset. He loves long hikes, chasing squirrels, and sprawling himself in the geometrically precise center of any social gathering (the better to scout out any dropped food).

    So that's how Eva ended up living the good life in the town of Brattleboro where she goes on long walks through the woods with her mom and human sister.

    But it's not just the rural splendors that Eva adores. Her mom is also an excellent photographer, so Eva is constantly in the limelight. As you can see in the photo here, Eva has taken her role as muse so seriously that she has learned a few tips from watching "America's Next Top Model."

    That's right....she's "smizing"....as in "smiling with her eyes." Tyra Banks would be proud.


    An old high school friend of Twig's (an ASR board member) was interested in adopting a dog. She lives in Vermont, but traveled down to Sterling, MA to visit the Animal Shelter there. In a twist of fate, as she explained her connection to Twig, Shelter Director Leigh Grady mentioned that not only did she know Twig, but that Twig had been out there the day before.

    Might this be a sign that this lovely lady from Vermont was meant to adopt one of the Satos that Twig had helped get up to Mass?? Of course it was....


    When Gypsy's parents went to Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA to look for an animal companion, they were drawn to the kennel of the only pup being quiet amid a cacophony of barking. One look into those big puppy-dog eyes and--voila!--a new family was formed. Over the past three months, Gypsy has grown both in size (she LOVES to eat!) and in comfort with her new home. She is very lucky indeed: her littermate was poisoned to death by some cruel person in Puerto Rico. We are very glad for at least one happy ending.


    Once Hugo was available for adoption, he only had to spend a couple of hours waiting for his forever family to come along and take him home. Lucky boy! He is thoroughly enjoying his new life, complete with a canine brother, who may weigh in at 78 pounds, but still recognizes that Hugo is the one in charge.


    Bonnie was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA and her family report that she is "firmly in charge of our lives."

    She is also pretty much in charge of her new mom's landscaping business. Bonnie is an integral part of the team. She goes on all the site visits and isn't shy about sharing her opinions. In this photo she is saying an emphatic "no" to a suggestion that catnip be planted as ground cover...


    No loud noises, please....Crispo is taking a little nap. A lab mix with many other Sato strains, Crispo probably didn't get a lot of quiet time around his seven siblings. His mother, Zoey, gave birth to them in an abandoned home that was set to be demolished. Crispo was privately adopted into a lovely, caring family in Burlington, MA. They love him so much, they even tuck him in at bedtime. In this photo, Crispo is probably dreaming about the games he's going to play his human Siblings.


    Liko's new parents were recently married in Hawaii, so they picked a Hawaiian name for him that means "Bud." Here's the whole family on a camping trip--one of Liko's new favorite activities. He is also crazy about car rides (as they usually lead to the park!), cuddling time, and belly rubs. Liko was adopted from Puppy Angels in NH.


    We don't have a lot of details on Ibania's new home, which she secured through our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA, but we're fairly sure we don't need to call in the Animal Cops! If this doesn't look like a match made in heaven, what does???


    Satos aren't always mixed breeds, as you can see by Elliot here who is 100 percent dachshund. Elliot was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA into a family with another dachshund named Gilbert. The two are already fast friends. Elliot waited a long time for a home and he's now enjoying every single second, including being able to sleep in bed with his new parents.


    Sunday was adopted from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA by a big family--four kids! She is having a blast! She aced puppy training and fell in love for the first time--her boyfriend, Sammy, is a shih-tsu, who takes her on regular play dates. (Sammy is an older man, so they always have a chaperone.) Her only bad habit is chasing after her human siblings and nibbling at their feet.


    Kona's new family write that they can't get enough of him. From the looks of this photo, with brothers Zac, Sam, and Luke, the feeling is mutual. He is rambunctious, playful, and very, very sweet--a great combination. And he is getting quite a bit of attention, as his new brothers help train him to sit, stay, and fetch. (That last one is especially fun.) Kona gets to play constantly, go to work with his dad, and spend weekends on a sailboat.


    Bella was rescued with her siblings at the bottom of a cliff. She was sent to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA and was adopted by a family who report that she is doing well and enthusiastically embracing puppyhood....meaning that she runs around like a maniac, tackles her pug sibling, shreds her squeaky toys into tiny pieces, and then kicks back with her tummy toward the sky.


    Winnie is so scrumptuous that when she does something naughty, her parents don't have the heart to punish her. (We're guessing she has figured out how to use her looks to best advantage!) On her first Christmas, she received piles of toys and treats, and she has a winter wardrobe and kitty cat siblings with whom to snuggle. And she has a lot to say. She is a real "talker." If we could interpret her chatter, it would probably be something like "thank you for giving me such a great home."


    This ridiculously cute pup went to our friends, Puppy Angels, in NH, where she was quickly adopted into a home with horses. Journey loves to ride around in the truck, but she isn't sure what to make of all these big critters with their swishing tails. She likes to go with her new mom when she finishes up in the stalls and stays very close, even though she isn't on a leash.


    If you checked out the video link on our homepage, you know the story of Tips, the little pup found by a group of attorneys who were in San Juan on a conference. These amazing people organized a huge campaign to rescue this pup and find it a new home....and it all worked out. Here is Tips on Father's Day, enjoying a little coffee break with his new dad. Tips also has a human sister with whom he loves to cuddle.


    Oregon here spends most of his time running after tennis balls in an enormous yard, so it's hard to believe that he spent months recovering from horrific broken bones. In fact, he still has some hardware holding him together, but he doesn't see that as an impediment to having fun. He is proud pet to a human brother who plays baseball--and therefore has a great arm for throwing those tennis balls. Oregon was adopted from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA.


    A nice couple was vacationing in Fajardo when they fell in love with a sweet female that hung out near the food court. She had a broken leg. When these people had to go back to Chicago, they were desperate to find a way to help Izzy--so we got in touch with our dear friend Sandy. Sandy is such a dog lover and has such a can-do attitude, that she went right out and found Izzy, took her to the vet, cared for her, and got her on a plane! Izzy was first in for some surgery on her leg--you can see her in a splint here--but it didn't really bother her that much, especially on her very first Thanksgiving, which she is celebrating here.

    Since that Thanksgiving back in 2008, Izzy has had plenty of reasons to count her blessings....Counting calories, on the other hand, may not be in the cards. Is it just us, or has Izzy gained a few pounds? She sure looks great to us and the more to love, the better.


    Tulsi has been in her new home just over a week and her new parents report that they are already overcome with love for her. She has a nickname too. It's Holy Basil, which is a sacred and healing herb in India--so it matches her gentle and loving nature. (Not to mention her obvious mastery of yoga poses...look at that Downward Dog!) Tulsi now has a large yard in Dover, NH, with easy access to the woods, the White Mountains, and the ocean. She surely has lots of hikes and swims in her future.


    Mimi was found abandoned near a food vendor...it's hard to be all alone when you're a ten-pound pup, but she did very well to find a spot where there might be a supply of leftovers. Fortunately, she doesn't have to worry about that now.


    Kurt was in foster care for quite awhile until both he and his foster parents realized that it was useless to keep looking for the perfect home for him....he had already found it! Now, Kurt is officially a member of the family, which includes four other dogs and three cats. (Clearly, Kurt's parents are the kind of people we love.)


    Awhile back, a very kind man found a Sata who had been tossed out onto the streets with a collar so tightly wrapped around her neck that it had become embedded. She was in terrible pain. He immediately rescued her and nursed her back to health. Then he contacted All Sato Rescue to see if we could find her a good home. We knew that our friends at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA were up to the task

    Well, you can probably guess the rest of the story. Ulani here (Yes, that's her peaking out from her very own feather comforter and catching some rays at the beach) didn't just find a good home, she found a GREAT home! With a mom who takes her on walks in the woods and to the beach, and then on car rides all over town. We wish every Sato could have an ending this happy.

    Bassett Heaven

    We are fortunate enough to partner with the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA, which also specializes in Bassett rescue. The only trouble is that the kind woman who fosters the dogs doesn't really understand the concept of fostering....or maybe it's the bassetts that don't realize it's supposed to be a temporary placement. Either way, these three lucky Puerto Rican rescued Bassetts have transformed "foster" into "forever."

    Daisy(from left to right)was rescued by ASR President Edilia Vazquez about a year ago; Clarence was rescued by a fellow rescuer and friend of ASR a few years back; and Earl was spirited out of a particularly horrible municipal pound.


    When Bailey arrived at Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA, she was afraid and sad to be in a shelter--even such a wonderful one. Then something magical happened. A nice family took her out of her cage to meet her and she decided right then and there that the 13-year-old son was her soul mate. She nuzzled into his lap and has pretty much been bonded to him ever since. Of course, she loves the WHOLE family, but from the second she spies her brother in the morning until the moment she tucks him in, her tail is wagging.


    If there were ever an ad for the health benefits of napping....this would be it! Don't you just want to curl up in the middle of this trio and catch some ZZZss? Sato Nacho is the dal mix at the top. He lives in Maryland these days, where he got to experience a huge blizzard over the winter. His mom said he was totally pooped after some heavy romping through the drifts. We're guessing he came in and took a nap.


    Here's Charlie (in the center) hanging out in the shade with his BFFs. He lives happily with another male Malamute and two females. They travel in a group, following their mother whereever she goes. Charlie spends a lot of time outdoors with the cat in the winter, but when it gets hot, he hardly moves off the air-conditioning vent!


    Two kind families and two rescue groups worked together to give a lovely Sato the life she deserves. Here's the story:

    In mid March, a couple from Maine were vacationing near Lucia Beach in Yabucoa when they befriended a stray dog that was particularly loving and sweet. The couple were pretty sure that this female had already had at least one litter of puppies.

    Leaving her to return to Maine was terribly painful for the couple and they couldn't stop thinking about her. They were so worried that they went online and found All Sato Rescue. They then contacted our President Edilia Vazquez and asked for her help, sending a very generous donation to cover expenses. This couple couldn't take her themselves, but they wanted to help get her off the beach and into a home.

    Edi immediately put out the word to the wonderful Sandra Cintron, who is with Manos por Patas, focusing on the abandoned dogs on the beaches in Yabucoa.

    Then began a long and tense wait for news of the pup who had been named Sweetie, for obvious reasons. Strays on the beaches are routinely picked up by animal control and euthanized. Sweetie's chance for a new life was dwindling every day that passed.

    But when it comes to Sato rescue, Sandra doesn't give up. She toured the beaches with Sweetie's photo in hand for nine days before finally finding her and getting her to safety.

    Meanwhile, another animal-loving family had visited Yabucoa and fallen in love with Sweetie. They too reached out to Manos por Patas in hopes that the group could rescue this pup and, the best news of all, they wanted to adopt her themselves.

    Manos founder, Ginny Cornett, worked with Edi to find a way to transport Sweetie to Chicago. In just over a month, this lucky dog went from struggling to survive on a beach, to living in the lap of luxury.

    Now named Bella, this Sata gets two good meals a day, full access to the couch, and lots of love from her canine sisters and human sisters. In fact, nearly everyone in the family adores Bella...the lone hold out is the cat, who greeted his new sibling with a big scratch. But even that hasn't dampened Bella's joy at finding her forever home.


    Bella was adopted very quickly from Puppy Angels in NH. She was adopted by a family who run an Italian restaurant, so we will never have to worry about whether she is eating well. Bella's medical care and transport fees were paid as a birthday gift to honor a very dear friend and staunch supporter of Sato rescue.


    George here is taking a moment to reflect on his AMAZING NEW LIFE! Just weeks ago, he was struggling to find his next meal....now he is living on a 30-acre farm in the gorgeous state of Vermont and going for boat rides on the Connecticutt river. And now that the human siblings have moved out of the house, George will be getting ALL the attention from his new parents.


    Sasha arrived at Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter with a note saying that she would be like "velcro." And she is! In fact, Sasha was right next to her new mom as she first wrote to us. Sasha gets to go on many walks and is rewarded with a "mini party" whenever she does her business in the right place. Her mom says that Sasha is an angel and we don't doubt that, but it sure seems as though she has a little devilish glint to her eyes!


    Foxy isn't technically an All Sato Rescue rescued pup...but she sure is a compelling ambassadress for Satos everywhere. This little bundle of honey was found by a woman from Boston when she visited the notorious and horrifying Dead Dog Beach.

    The beach is where many people go to dump unwanted pups. Can you believe someone wouldn't want Foxy????

    These days Foxy lives in Boston's North End, home to the city's finest Italian restaurants. In fact, Foxy has been immersed in European culture, as evidenced by her stylish beret. In addition to Spanish and English, Foxy also understands Italian. Naturally, she loves pasta...


    Lily is mastering leash training, but she really likes to walk a little bit and then plop herself down and look around to see if someone might want to pick her up. It's cute now, write her new parents, but they worry about when she weighs 60 pounds! One thing special about this pup is that she has the same birthday--January 29--as her new mother's mother, who passed away many years ago. It almost feels as though her grandmother is reaching across time and space to keep the connection with her family...besides, who doeesn't love an Aquarian?


    Gracie's new mom reports that she is perfect in every way. So many Satos are!!! Gracie was adopted from the Howard County Animal Shelter in Maryland. She was a bit shy at first, but she quickly warmed up and settled into her new home. She has made friends with all her neighbors and with her canine brother, a Sheltie named Joey. The pups are super lucky because their mom is home with them most of the time.


    Skyler has a wonderful new family that includes two sisters (ages 4 and 6), two parakeets, and one fish. Sky is a real snuggler (as you can tell here), lives near Cape Cod, and is considered "the perfect puppy." We hear that a lot about Satos!


    Here Shasta is giving new meaning to the phrase "lap dog." To say that she has settled in to her new home would be an understatement. This lucky gal was adopted from Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter in Conn.


    This little piece of honey spent months in the foster care of ASR President Edilia Vazquez and they became very bonded. So, it was very hard for Edilia to send Chalupa up to our friends at Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, MA to find her forever home. The good news is that Chalupa didn't have to wait very long before the perfect person came along for her to adopt.


    Mia was rescued from a section of San Juan that is a notorious dumping ground for unwanted animals. She was found with three litter mates, all of whom went to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. Mia now has three feline siblings and a human mom who is a photographer.


    Ham and his little sister, Pringles, were rescued in a downpour after ASR President, Edi Vazquez, and Cape Ann Animal Aid Executive Director, Sunniva Buck, spent half an hour luring them in with slices of pizza.

    Now he is enjoying life with his very own yard where he can stretch out and then run around like crazy. After all that exercise, he likes to sack out in front of the TV with his new best friend pictured here.


    Avatar was adopted into a family in Puerto Rico after she was found in a store parking lot. She is now much loved and much spoiled...her new mom made a special trip to the mall for a bed, treats, fashionable leashes and collars, and all types of squeaky toys. Avatar loves riding in the car and recently went to the beach for the first time. She ran around so much that she went right to bed with her stuffed elephant the second she arrived back home.


    Now that she has gotten over the shock of being sent on a huge, noisy airplane all the way to Boston, Gabanna is beginning to show her true sweet, snuggly personality. She has her own comfy dog bed, but she recently discovered a place to sleep that is much more spacious and has a bigger blanket selection, so she has decided to claim it as her own. It used to belong to her parents, but now they are learning to curl up around her. Gabanna was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


    Emma gets along well with all the dogs in her new neighborhood and even made a BFF with the one next door. She likes to go for rides with mom and dad, especially when they go on errands, so she can go into stores and say hello to everyone. But being a Puerto Rican sun bunny, she is not a fan of cold temperatures. Fortunately, she has a whole new wardrobe of sweaters.


    Precious's life went from rags to riches in a matter of days...ASR President Edilia Vazquez met a kind woman at the vet's office who told her about a dalmation that had been abandoned at a bus terminal. Edi encouraged her to go back and pick up the pup and take her to the vet for a health workup. Precious got all her tests and vaccinations, was pronounced adoption ready, and grabbed the next plane to Miami! There she went to our partner Dalmation Rescue and ended up in a home with another Puerto Rican rescue and a large yard.


    Luna clearly isn't your typical Sato. But this lovely Malamute did start out life in Puerto Rico. She ended up at the Worcester Animal Rescue League in Worcester, MA where she was fostered by a family that only meant to keep her until she could find a permanent home. But Luna had other ideas. She decided that her foster parents deserved the right to have a loyal canine companion, so she "adopted" them.


    Shanti was rescued by our friends at Save a Sato and sent to ASR's partner Dalmation Rescue, Inc. in North Miami. She was adopted by a family that take full advantage of Florida's many natural wonders, including exploring the waterways by kayak.


    Cookie was placed by our good friends at Dalmatian Rescue in Florida. He was adopted super quickly by a wonderful family that live in Alabama and plan to give him all the luxuries in life that he so clearly deserves.


    Winston landed at ASR President, Edi Vazquez's home with both back legs broken. He endured many months of being crated and was patient and sweet when Edi lifted him up and carried him outside to do his business. Then his lucky day came and he went to Cape Ann Animal Aid and was adopted by a wonderful couple that are taking great care of him. His new mom reports that he has pretty much taken over the couch, but he is happy to share space with whoever wants to watch the news. He's even gotten enough strength back in his leg muscles so that he recently walked two miles around a pond. Love is a great healer....


    Bernie was bounced around to different homes when he first arrived in New England. He was even returned once because his owner said that he was too attached! It was breaking our hearts.

    Then our dear friends at Puppy Angels in NH agreed to take him on and help him work on some of his issues. He was a little nervous, had separation anxiety, and was very nervous in the car.

    But what began as a foster placement ended up being a forever home, and we couldn't be happier, after what this guy has been through. In addition to his many feline siblings, Bernie has a canine brother, who is a very calming influence on car rides. But for the most part, Bernie doesn't really want to ever be away from his wonderful new home.


    Libby lives with three kids, a canine brother, and 5 chickens...and life is good! Here's a typical day: she sleeps on mom's bed, gets up for breakfast, sleeps on mom's bed, plays with her canine brother Kiley, sleeps on mom's bed, runs around outside, grabs an afternoon nap on mom's bed, has dinner, and then it's bedtime! What's not to like?


    Lovely Lady was adopted by a retired couple who have plenty of time to devote to her and she is doting on the attention. She loves her new home and her new designer bed. Lady also has some big responsibilities: her new parents lost their 12-year-old canine companion a few months earlier and Lady is charged with helping them get over the loss. So far, she's doing a great job. Lady was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.

    Here's an update on Lady--a.k.a. Ladybug--whose parents write that she is a "gift from heaven." Lady loves her new nickname and she comes running whenever she hears it.


    ASR Vice President Maritza Rodriguez found Bass after he had been hit by a car and dragged himself into her office parking lot. He let her pick him up, even though he was in pain.

    Now things are looking up for him. Renamed Benjamin, this lucky pup has his very own deck where he can run around in circles and bay at the moon. He has new parents who wanted to adopt him so badly that they drove 100 miles to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. He loves to give them kisses and he's so serious about protecting his new home turf that he marked his dad's foot by accident!

    Benjamin's family was so devastated by the death of their previous basset that they weren't sure they could go through it again....but it only took a few clicks of doggy toe nails on hardwood floors for them to know they had made the right decision.


    It may look as though Beau here has his baby brother Simon in a head lock, but it's just that these two are so bonded, they are literally joined at the hip. One reason for that bond is that Beau is deaf and Simon acts as his "ears." It took awhile for anyone to realize Beau had a handicap, and his new family is very understanding and supportive. They have a special leash and harness for him so he can go outside and investigate while staying safe. We are very grateful that Beau found such a wonderful home.


    Charlie was one of a pair of small pups that had been orphaned and abandoned on a remote beach. He was originally named Ray and his brother was Ranen. (You can see his story in the "Makeover" section of our website.)

    Now with a new name and new possibilities, Charlie is thriving. He has a dad that he adores and follows everywhere--he's been known to cry when he can't be with dad. He loves his chew toys, and sometimes, when he is giving kisses, he mistakes a nose or ear for one of those toys and gives it a little nibble. Fortunately, his grandparents and dad don't mind.


    You might think that Stinky is most known for his foul smell, but it's really his crazy nature that defines him. This guy loves to talk and run wild laps around his house. He has two kitty siblings who gamely put up with his antics. Stinky was adopted from Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter in CT.


    Not only does Maddy have an adorable little brother that he can nap with, but he has a new mom who says that she loves him so much she hates being away from him for even ten minutes. We can see why. This little cutie was adopted from the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Mass.


    Zola arrived at Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter weighing all of six pounds--after having given birth to six kittens. Her new mom saw her photo and knew immediately that this kitty needed a good, safe home. Zola was gentle, though very scared after all she had been through. With time and trust, a sweet, outgoing, energetic, and curious cat emerged.


    Roxy has an awesome character. She goes to work every day with her mom and is the official greeter to all customers--except, of course, when she is sleeping upside down in her chair. Otherwise, she is pretty much glued to her mom: she likes to lie on mom's feet or snuggle up with her to watch TV. (She's a big fan of "It's me or the dog.") Roxy has an older canine sister and lots of playmates.


    Chance is one relaxed kitty. He is from the same litter as Tiana and Danute below. Chance's parents say that even after two years together, he still brings them joy every single day. He greets them at the door, plays fetch with his toys, and is an expert cuddler.

    Tiana and Danute

    It doesn't get much cuter than this! Here are siblings Tiana (white)and Danute (orange)napping. Tiana is totally deaf, but that doesn't affect her at all. Danute likes to steal his mother's jewelry--you've heard of a cat burglar, right? And, Tiana likes to watch the action. The two were adopted through Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter. ASR is always grateful for the chance to find homes for our gatos.


    Gypsy has a true-to-life wags to riches tail. She and her four sisters were abandoned in a park at just 7 weeks old. She was adopted by an enterprising couple through the Friends of the Mansfield Animal Shelter in CT. Gypsy, now 8 years old, has a talent agent and career. She acted in a feature film and TV commercial and modeled for the ASPCA.


    Dominoe nows lives in Lancaster,MA with two horses. She has a nice backyard too, with a swimming pool that her dad is kind enough to dig a path around in the winter so that she can run laps and stay in shape.


    Duke was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. He LOVES water. He lives on a lake where he likes to wade in it, splash around in it, and chase sticks in it. And when he can't be near the lake, he likes to tip over his water bowl so he can lie in it. He lives with two elderly cats, one of which--Lefty, pictured here--has actually become Duke's personal pet companion. They share their food and Duke's kennel and they like to give each other high-fives.


    Pesto also goes by the name of Noodle. She was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA by a very experienced dog family, who already have two pups in their home. They report that Pesto is a little skittish, but they are very patient with her and love her very much....we're so grateful that she ended up in such a great home.


    Sam and his siblings Sacha and Cecile didn't have to wait long before finding their forever families. They were all three adopted from our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Sacha and her siblings Sam and Cecile didn't have to wait long before finding their forever families. They were all three adopted from our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Cecile and her siblings Sam and Sacha didn't have to wait long before finding their forever families. They were all three adopted from our friends at Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    For her rescuers, seeing Katia happy and healthy in a loving home is almost like winning the lottery. This lovely lab mix pulled more than a few heartstrings when she was noticed in a horrific municipal pound, terribly ill, and just days away from being euthanized. Through her treatments for infections, parasites, and malnutrition, her loving nature never waivered. Her new family call her "Angel" or "Princess" to reflect both her nature and her new stature. Her eight-year-old human brother is her soul mate.


    This little guy is also featured on our Makeover section as a tiny puppy who had been rescued off the beach. But that's all in the past. He was sent to Cape Ann Animal Aid where he was adopted into a great home. It took him awhile, but he soon mastered the art of climbing a spiral staircase! A growing teenager, he gained a full five pounds in his first week in his forever home.


    Pluto adores his new human brothers. They all sleep in bunk beds, so he sleeps with one brother one night and the other the next. Then they all go out in the snow and play. Life is good...


    Vicky was in a high-risk situation in Puerto Rico, but was so shy that there was concern that she wouldn't be a good candidate for adoption. Our good friends at the Worcester Animal Rescue League wanted to give her a chance and we're so glad they did....look at her now. She has a Sato sibling and plenty of acreage where they can really cut loose.


    Little Sadie has adjusted very well to cold weather. It helps that she loves her new mom and new sibling and new comfy couch and new winter coat.

    Nina and Miles

    Miles is often mistaken for Benji, the famous pooch that put terriers on the map....his new mom calls him "ridiculously cute" and we see what she means. Nina has a velcro relationship with her mom. They are truly inseparable. All three enjoy jogging together...that is, as long as Nina wins.


    Rain wasn't in very good shape when she and her puppies were rescued. But now she's the picture of health, even though she's no fan of frigid New England winters. Her new mom made her a coat, which she never wants to take off. Here she is enjoying the sun with her "brother" Ben(a terrier mix that was adopted 10 years ago.)


    Sparky was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA and he is doing GREAT! He hasn't had a single accident in the house, he sleeps all night without a peep, comes when he's called, and fetches his toys. He even likes his new cat Buddy. His family calls him their little sparkle dude.


    Maya arrived at the Worcester Animal Rescue League in Worcester, MA as a mother with one puppy. She landed in a great home, where she is often mentioned on her owner's blog.


    Robin is a special needs pup. He has a hearing impairment. Our amazing partner, Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA., found him a great home where he gets to go for walks in the woods and has a canine roommate.


    Fievel was very timid at first, as everything was so different, but he is learning to love and trust and is lucky to have a great family. He is a dog that loves to run. He loves to visit his grandmother, who happens to have a big backyard where he can really blow it out.


    Plenty of toys...check. Soft cuddly bed....check. Devoted owner....check. Looks like Pelouche hit the jackpot. This lucky dog was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Salva is the only child in her household and she couldn't be happier about it! She was adopted from the Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Here's Henry (on the left) taking a short breather from some serious rough housing with his big sister Holly. (Older brother Herbie is just out of camera range.) Henry was adopted from the Worcester Animal Rescue League in Worcester, MA. He now lives on a huge farm with lots of family members--both canine and human. His mom is so caring that she even dabs sunscreen on his white chest during the summer months!


    Lucy's new family reports that she is super smart, very funny, and much loved. She was adopted in August 2009 from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA. She even knows how to jump through a hula hoop!


    Patrice was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA. into a great home where she sleeps every night with her new sister, who's holding her here.


    Here's Dinah with some of her new friends, enjoying the beach south of Boston. Dinah was adopted from Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue in Cohasset, MA.


    Huckle was named for one of his new "brother's" favorite book characters. He is a very playful pup. Once, when he saw his reflection in a mirror, he thought it was another dog and started to try and play with it. It was the only time his new family has heard him bark! Huckle was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass.


    Big Papi here spent a long time at Buddy Dog in Sudbury, Mass. waiting for his forever person. The wait was certainly worth it! This gentle giant took a little while to come out of his shell, but now that he has, he has a lot of love to share.


    ASR's partner, Caribbean Connection Puppy Rescue, in Mass. helped place a very special litter of Satos--several of which were hearing impaired. One of these, Rudy (on the left) was adopted into a wonderful family where he bonded quickly with his dalmation sibling. Naps together on Mom's lap are especially rewarding.


    This little munchkin was adopted by a family that already had one Sato. Now the two are becoming fast friends, though Austin's sister is 11 years old and can get a little sick of the constant playing. Their mom is a dog groomer, so Austin always looks very put together...though he does find that he may need a nap after a long day at the spa.


    Kiwi was a Christmas present for the Baker family in Maine, who adopted her through Tall Tails Beagle Rescue in Falmouth, ME. Her new human sisters first received all sorts of dog items--leashes, treats, toys--and were a little confused, until they opened the big box with a beagle in it! They said it was their happiest Christmas ever. Kiwi is the Baker's first dog ever.


    Is this heaven, or what? Rosalita is her new family's Latin Princess. Sweet and mellow, she is a perfect fit for a lively household with three small kids. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle with ANYONE on ANYTHING soft, including her enormous dog bed that she often shares with the kids.


    Veruska's life started out badly, but she has put it all behind her now that she has a wonderful family that surround her with covers and pillows. They had lost a much loved 13-year-old dog a few years ago and weren't sure they were ready for a new canine companion. But Veruska changed their mind...


    Chica and her litter mates were known as the "Golden Girls." They were saved from a terrible fate at a local municipal shelter. Chica is the new love of her new mom's life...She has her own fenced-in yard to patrol and lives with 2 cats that she adores. (They aren't sure how they feel yet!)


    Jose was adopted from the Worcester Animal Resue League in Worcester, Mass. in 2008. Ever since, he has been a loving companion to his mom. She says he is exactly what she was hoping for.


    Ponce de Leon (on the right with new owner Jackson) is doing great in a wonderful new home in Natick, Mass. He was adopted from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, Mass. He loves his new friend, Remy (on the left), and his new family. Ponce likes sleeping on his warm comfy dog bed and chewing on rawhide.


    Perla is front and center on her parent's wedding day. She is one happy pooch.


    All Sato Rescue isn't just about dogs....we rescue cats too. Bolillo was found in a parking lot after he had been hit by a car and was dragging his leg. Even then, he was loving and approachable. He made his way through our foster sytem and on to St. Huberts in New Jersey where he was adopted into a spectacular home and couldn't be happier to be safe and loved.


    Nothing quite says "Sato" like a giant ear span--so there should be few doubts as to Mimi's heritage. This gal was very shy and fearful at first--she had been found near a school with her seven puppies and probably worked hard to try and protect them. Now Mimi is the most loyal canine companion ever. Her mom says that she has tricks too--like "speak" and "wave," which she is happy to demonstrate even if you don't ask her to.


    Here's Uno is one of his favorite spots--on Dad's lap. Uno is a great snuggler, but also serves as the neighborhood good will ambassador. His family says that he knows and greets everyone--and every dog, especially his best friend Eva. On most of his dog walks, he manages to end up at Eva's house, where he likes to sit on her porch and look longingly inside in hopes that she'll come out and play.


    Pepper was adopted from Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. where she stole the hearts of her new forever family. She has a best bud named Freckles and a two-year-old human sister to play with. Her family say that Pepper's bouncing abilities remind them of a jack rabbit.


    Garbo is another poor pup who started out life in a terrible municipal shelter where she was very sick and skinny when ASR President, Edilia Vazquez, saw her. She's come a long way....Garbo now vacations around New England, hangs out with her best bud who's a golden retriever, and even gets to chase the bunnies that come in to "her" yard.


    Puki is a very friendly, cute and loving puppy who puts a smile on everyone's face everyday!


    Abby's a superb sailor girl. Her position in the dingy is paws up on the bow, muzzle raised into the wind. She jumps from dingy to dock and back again like the old salt that she is...but sometimes even sailors need a nap with mom.


    Lucy lives in Somerville, MA with her canine sister and best bud, Greta. Lucy's mom and dad are both professors and writers--so she leads quite a life of letters.


    Who would think that a Sato from Puerto Rico would have dreams of competing in the Iditerod....that's Josie. This gal is so smart and quick and agile that her "person" thinks she'll be walking a tightrope soon. But Josie has another love--her 93-year-old "grandfather" whose life she greatly enriched with her serenity and sweetness.


    Jimmy is full of love and a very happy pup, who plays with his two human brothers in the backyard all the time. He's learning the basics - sit, down, come, stay - and he's very smart! Jimmy was adopted from Buddy Dog in Sudbury, Mass.


    Lilly was adopted from the Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass. She is super sweet and full of spunk! When she's tired, she curls up in her person's lap. She is always available for hugs and kisses.


    This little lovebug goes by Bella--or Bells for short. She recently experienced her first snow and loved it.


    As a tiny puppy, Katie was surrendered to a shelter in Puerto Rico that happens to be a true hell hole....it may even be worse for a dog than living on the street. But ASR President, Edilia Vazquez, goes there to rescue pups that would otherwise be euthanized. That was the case for this lovely gal...who was sent to the Worcester Animal Rescue League and now lives in Webster, Mass. Katie was the quietest dog at WARL and when her new mom took her out for a walk and brought her back into the noise of the shelter, Katie put her little head down and made it clear that she wanted to go somewhere calmer. Fortunately, she went home that day and now lives with a cat, a bird, and three people. She has her own dog bed, but she prefers to snuggle with her people.


    Maiya's new mom went to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. to adopt another dog. But it was already gone....so fate stepped in and she went home with Maiya. It only took one look in those eyes. Now Maiya has her own sweater, blanket, and comfy new bed--snow boots are next!


    Rosa was adopted from the Worcester Animal Rescue League. Her original name was Mama Candy, but she likes Rosa better. She is in heaven with her two new human sisters. Her new family promised to give her more love than she can hold!


    Life for Bruiser started out pretty bad. He was stuck in a horrible municipal pound where conditions are desperate. But ASR's Edilia Vazquez and Maritza Rodriguez spied him on one of their visits and promised him they would get him out before something awful happened. They did! Now he is so happy that his new family says he almost never stops wagging his tail. He also spends a lot of time on Dad's lap.


    Mia is much beloved by her parents and sibling Beagle Bailey. Bailey and Mia love to play, go to parks, and run around like crazy--then it's fun to snuggle up for a good nap. Mia was adopted from the Worcester Animal Rescue League.