Decorate the Satos' tree to bring holiday joy to dogs in need.


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$25,705 raised!
Special Thanks and Wishes:

Claire Sanford - Orange Present

Julia Speicher - 3 Green Presents
"in honor of our beautiful island felines"

Andy Klickstein - Star
"In memory of Little Bit our special sato & her sibling Satos"

Christine Feldman - Red Ornament
"In honor of Trinity, best Sato in the world!"

Lisa Velez - Purple Ornament

Chris Tinkham - Red Ornament
"From my girl Cloverwho you rescued in 2012. Thank you so Much!"

Anonymous - Red Garland

Danielle Myers - Red Garland
"In honor of Jane Myers. Merry Christmas!"

Jean Bannister - Orange Present

Kelly Forden - Red Ornament

Katherine Dwyer - Red Present
"In honor of Barlow All Sato Alumnus 2017"

Teresa Healey - Red Garland
"Merry Christmas! Thank you for rescuing our sato Kylo!"

Susan Kelly - Green Present

Debra Ryan - Gold Ornament

Nicole Mikalauskas - Blue Ornament

Curtis Kowalski - Red Present

Alma Kenyon - Red Garland

Gail Self - Red Present

Donald Gudinas - Red Ornament

Shanna Lovelace - Red Ornament

Gerald Griep - Silver Ornament

Sara Bostic - Red Ornament and Red Present
"Best Wishes for the coming year. Thank you so much for all you do."

Catherine Ingraham - Silver Garland

Anonymous - Red Garland
"For Nina"

Denise DiBiase - Purple Ornament

Marci R McKenna - Red Present
" thank you so much for helping these precious innocent babies!"

Carolyn Williams - Red Garland

Elizabeth C Tringali - Silver, Blue, Red and Purple Ornament

Anonymous - Red Garland
"Our Sato, Kahlua, was able to choose us because of all the fine work you did in getting her to our local SPCA."

Birgit Miranda - Gold Ornament
"In Honor of Juli Hall."

Evelyn Crowley - Silver Ornament
Scott OBrien - Red Garland
"In honor of Sato Minnie"

Marisol Reilly - Silver Ornament
"Love you all at ASR..Merry Christmas and Thank you for what you do every single day for those lost and forgotten Satos"

Nikki Alexander - Red Ornament

Heather M Jackson - Red Ornament

Carol Lane - Silver Ornament

Linda Greenwald - Red Present

Roland Chirico - Red Garland
"Feliz Navidad! From Bombi and Zoey!"

Linda Greenwald - Red Present

Kokoro Reiki - Gold Ornament

Kayla Creamer - Silver Ornament

Donald Gudinas - Purple Ornament
"We still miss you Squeaks"

Donald Gudinas - Purple Ornament
"Crystal eres una estrella en el cielo."

Amalia Avila Figueroa - Gold Ornament
"Merry Christmas from Polo our sato, Northbridge MA"

Carol Lane - Silver Ornament
"Foxy and Coquito"

Amy Egnatovich - Silver Ornament
"THANK YOU, for all that you do"

Judy Maheu - Purple Ornament
"Thank you for my sato, Scout"

Michelle Winn - Red Garland
"Merry Christmas from our sato, Naya"

John Rech - Silver Ornament
"God Bless the Sato's and their caregivers!"

Shoshana DeAtley - Red Present

Michelle Winn - Red Garland
"Merry Christmas from our sato, Naya"

Anonymous - Star Donation
"In memory of Barbie Bella"

Gale Gage - Red Ornament

Donald Gudinas - Purple Ornament
"Recordando a Coco"

Lucy Schreuer - Red Present

Donald Gudinas - Purple Ornament
"In memory of our beloved Coqui dog."

Hope Jay - Red Garland

Maryann Sadagopan - Red Present

Kevin Campanella - Red Garland

"Merry Christmas from our sato Harold!"

Joanna Dumont - Red Present

Anonymous - Silver Ornament

Patricia Tapp - Red Ornament
"For our Sato, Rico"

Annette Figueroa - Silver Ornament

Mary Malenfant - Silver Ornament
"Merry Christmas from Laci, our 13 year old Sato."

Joanna Dumont - Red Present

Christopher Huggett - Red Ornament

"Thank you for all your important work! I got my pup, Samuel Cartucho (Sam) 4 years ago through your program!"

Arinda Perez - Purple Ornament

Katherine ODonnell - Red Ornament

David Low - Red Garland

Catherine Flores - Purple Ornament
"So thankful for Leila who came through you!"

Kevin Mahoney - 2 Silver Ornaments
"Thanks for all you do! Kevin Mahoney, Board President ARLGP"

Bethany Freeman - Red Ornament
"In honor of my Sato, Rodolfo"

Heidi Garcia - Red Present

Anonymous - Star

Jamie Thompson - Red Garland
"This is the answer to overpopulation"

Michele Ramirez - Blue Ornament
Joyce Kreppel - Gold Garland
"In Memory of our beautiful Chopin"

Anonymous - Red Present
"Thank you for all you do!"

Kathryn Waselewski - Purple Ornament
"Thank you for helping to save the fur babies!"

Aida Sanchez Garcia - Silver Ornament

Tanya Munroe - Silver Ornament
"Thanks from Tito from Malden MA (fka Tomas from Ponce)"

Melissa Rose Redman - Orange Present
"Thank you for saving our Sato, Marcy and for all you do!"

Victor Fillippi - Red Garland
"We love our Sato, Daisy! Thanks for all the work you do for Satos."

Don Pritchard - Orange Present
"Appreciate all of your help in getting Harland to his new home in Chesnee S.C."

Ofelia Garcia - Silver Ornament

Anonymous - Red Ornament
"Thank you from Foxy & Coquito"

Ivelisse Ortiz-Garay - Silver Ornament

Hammersmith Associates -Silver Ornament
"Thank you for all you do!"

Julia Speicher - Red Present
"Love ASR"

Sormarie Nieves - Red Ornament

Diane DeBenedictis - Red Garland
"We love our Satos!"

Anonymous - Silver Ornament

Kathleen Macleod - Red Garland

Jay Pominville - Silver Ornament

Alexis Ciccone - Red Ornament

Susan Hill - Red Garland
"Thank you for saving my Lola!"

Jean Haley - Blue Ornament

Dede Ketover - Red Present
"LOVE & gratitude to all ASR volunteers!!"

Todd Veilleux - Red Ornament

It's the holiday season, and all of us at All Sato Rescue invite Sato lovers everywhere to help us trim our virtual tree. Make the holidays truly happy for the hundreds of homeless dogs we will care for in the coming year by helping us reach our tree-trimming goal of $20,000!

Here's how it works:

We have a virtual tree that needs to be trimmed.  We have lights and gifts to make the tree beautiful, and different dollar donations will let you trim the tree.

Choose which lights and/or gifts you'd like to donate below. Your trimmings and holiday wishes will be added to the left.

purple $10  
pays for nutritional supplements for our tiniest rescues
Optional Message
blue $15
vaccinates a Sato against rabies
Optional Message
buys antibiotics to treat 15 dogs
Optional Message
silver $25
provides mange treatment for 50 dogs
Optional Message
gold $45
neuters a male dog
Optional Message
red garland $50
spays a female dog
Optional Message
silver garland

vaccinates, deworms, and sterilizes one Sato

Optional Message
gold garland $85
immunizes 20 dogs against serious diseases
Optional Message
green $90
vaccinates, deworms, and sterilizes one kitten
Optional Message
present red $100
pays for a small dog to fly in a carry-on bag
Optional Message
present orange $175
pays for two dogs to fly in a kennel in the baggage hold
Optional Message
blue $300
provides heartworm treatment for one Sato
Optional Message
star $500
covers the medical work and certifications needed for 10 Satos to fly to their forever homes
Optional Message