Decorate the Satos' tree to bring holiday joy to dogs in need

Thanks for Helping Us Reach Our Goal of $25,000!


Donor Wall

Zandra Segarra - Star Donation

Evelyn Crowley- Red Garland Donation

Julia Speicher - Red and Orange Presents, Red Ornament

Aaron Sylvanowicz - Red Gardland Donation
"For Morgan"

Kevin Campanella - Red Garland Donation
"From our sato Harold to all of the other satos. Merry Christmas"

Judith Harris - 4 Silver Ornaments
"In memory of Loba"

Nina Schlosberg - Red Present

Katherine Sosnowski - Red Garland
"Bob and Kate Sosnowski - thank you for saving Chloe!"

Tanya Munroe - Red Garland
"Tito says "hola" from Malden MA!"

Jody Fox - Silver Ornament

Iris Quinones - Silver Ornament
"From OICA"

Michelle Lucia - Red Garland
"For our Emma Meriah Lucia"

Anonymous - Red Ornament

Anonymous - Silver Ornament

Brenda K Richards - Orange Present

Janelle Hicks - Red Ornament

Barbara Nill - Red Ornament
"Thank you for the beautiful service you provide!"

Richard MacKinnon - Red Present
"Hola from Mojo"

Robert Patrick - Red Garland
"In memory of Marissa who was a Sato. I have another one now named Mandy."

Trendy Times - Blue Ornament
"As a thank you from our little Lady now in Naples, FL who was rescue by Sato and we adopted 2 years ago."

Scott OBrien - Red Garland
"Thank you for helping Satos like Minnie!"

Catherine Melody - Gold Ornament and Red Garland

Angela Scieszka - Red Present

Pamela Sciarappa - Red Ornament

Alma Kenyon - Red Present

Michele Owens - Purple Ornament

Jay Pominville - Red Garland
"Merry Christmas from Holly, the love of our life."

Victor Fillippi - Silver Garland
"We loveour sato-Daisy and are very appreciative of the work you do for all Satos"

Joan Schaffner - Red Present

Nicole Vicente - Gold Ornament
"Thank you for rescuing the fur babies of PR!"

Domingo Virola III - Gold Ornament
"From: Rocky & Inaki (Satos de Puerto Rico). Sending our Love."

Joe Barilla - Orange Present and Blue Present

Ronald Newman - Gold Ornament

Kelly Frese - Gold Ornament
"In loving memory of my sato, Henry"

Linda Cormier - Blue Ornament
"In memory of Toby"

Donald Gudinas - Red Ornament
"In memory of our beloved Truly"

Wanda Castro Borrero - Orange Present
"Thank you for all you do!"

Marisol Reilly - Silver Ornament
"Thank you ASR for all you do for our furry friends in need."

Danielle Myers - Red Garland
"In honor of Jane Myers, and in memory of her sweet Zooey, one of your rescues."

Frank Inserni-Milam - Red Garland

Carol Lane - Red Ornament
"Thank you from Foxy & Coquito"

Adam Beeh - Red Garland
"Merry Christmas Bella and Eva!"

Charles Decker - Red Present

Karen McNabb - Red Present

Denise Click - Red Garland

Jonathan Kelly - Red Present

Mary Malenfant - Silver Ornament
"To thank you for all you do from our 15 yr old Sato, Laci"

Diane Savickas - Red Garland
"For all the Satos thank you"

Aaron Lopez-Huskey - Red Garland

Anna Kruger - Red Present

Diana Moreno - Red Garland

Ronald Newman - Red Garland
"Thanks for our beautiful Laika!"

Ruben Montano-Lopez - Silver Ornament

Olga Figueroa - Silver Ornament

Anonymous - Silver, Red and Purple Ornament

Rosina E Fabbo - Silver Ornament
" In Loving memory for FOXYLADY"

Anonymous - Purple Ornament
"For all animal babies"

Debra Newton - Star Donation
"On Bahlf of Pippin-and Twig who helped save him!"

Julia Speicher - Star Donation
"God bless ASR and all the beautiful satos that we are fortunate to save and love."

Anonymous - Red Present

Gladys Cabanas - Red Garland
"¡Feliz guau guau!"

Anonymous - Red Present
"From always happy Sato Lorel for the good work that is needed."

Matthew Kamins - Red Present

Ed Forrester - Red Garland
"Thanks for our beautiful Abbey we rescued two years ago."

Wanda Castro Borrero - Red Garland and Gold Ornament
"In honor of Manchita. Thanks for everything you do."

Bridget Herlihy - Silver Ornament
"Happy Birthday to Katie, Coco & NotMom"

Norma Velasquez - Silver Ornament
"It's a great pleasure to contribute to such a wonderful and meaningful cause."

Donna Marino - Silver Ornament
"In memory of Rudy, my love"

Anonymous - Red Present
"For my Bijou"

Margaret LaMare - Gold Garland

Jamie Howard - Red Present
" Pepper (Esperanza) sends love"

Maria L Colon Carreras - Blue Present

Renee Wheeler - Red Ornament
"Thank you for all you do to help the satos!"

Lisa Velez - Purple Ornament
"Thanks for all you do!"

Donald Gudinas - Blue Ornament
"In memory of our precious Coqui."

Debbie Chiapperino - Red Ornament

Maria T Mendez - 4 Red Garlands

Mary Buonanno - Silver Garland

Jeffrey Urbanke - Silver Garland

Anonymous - Star Donation

It's the holiday season, and all of us at All Sato Rescue invite Sato lovers everywhere to help us trim our virtual tree. Make the holidays truly happy for the hundreds of homeless dogs we will care for in the coming year by helping us reach our tree-trimming goal of $25,000!

Here's how it works:

We have a virtual tree that needs to be trimmed.  We have lights and gifts to make the tree beautiful, and different dollar donations will let you trim the tree.

Choose which lights and/or gifts you'd like to donate below. Your trimmings and holiday wishes will be added to the left.

covers the medical work and certifications needed for 10 Satos to fly to their forever homes
Optional Message
provides heartworm treatment for one Sato
Optional Message
present orange
pays for two dogs to fly in a kennel in the baggage hold
Optional Message
present red
pays for a small dog to fly in a carry-on bag
Optional Message
vaccinates, deworms, and sterilizes one kitten
Optional Message
gold garland
immunizes 20 dogs against serious diseases
Optional Message
silver garland

vaccinates, deworms, and sterilizes one Sato

Optional Message
red garland
spays a female dog
Optional Message
neuters a male dog
Optional Message
provides mange treatment for 50 dogs
Optional Message
buys antibiotics to treat 15 dogs
Optional Message
vaccinates a Sato against rabies
Optional Message
pays for nutritional supplements for our tiniest rescues
Optional Message

Add a Calendar to your donation!

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