Our Mission

All Sato Rescue (ASR) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives, and reducing the numbers, of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. (Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a mutt.) We rescue and rehome Satos, and we also strive to address the root causes of overpopulation, abuse, and neglect through initiatives aimed at raising public awareness, facilitating low-cost spay and neuter, and expanding the involvement of the judiciary and government in implementing humane solutions.

Every cent of every dollar donated goes directly into helping Satos! You can make a one time donation or become a monthly donor using your credit card or paypal. You may also send a check payable to All Sato Rescue to ALL SATOS RESCUE, PMB No. 595, P.O. Box 194000, San Juan, PR 00919-4000 (any packages please send to All Sato Rescue, PMB 3 595, 220 Domenech, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00918).

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Northeast US address:
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Welcome to All Sato Rescue

Puppies in need

We have dozens of tiny mouths to feed. Can you help us keep their bellies full? Over the past several weeks we have been assisting in the rescue of more than a dozen litters of puppies. In addition to transporting more than 150 rescues each month, we help provide veterinary care and vaccinations for many of these pups. We have our own volunteer crew of rescuers, but we also work with many other kind-hearted people who rescue Satos and then need to know what to do next. We provide that education so they are able to help save a life. Together, with your help, we can save many lives. Can you help us feed and vaccinate these puppies?

NJ bound!

Cielo and her babies are going to the Monmouth County SPCA in NJ! From a side alley, to a new chance at a loving home!

Cameo gets a second chance

Animals are not trash, but unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. One of our rescuers saved this puppy from a trash can near a hospital in Santurce when she was just days old. We've named her Cameo! That was a few weeks ago and look at her now!!! This beautiful puppy is doing really well and is getting all the love she deserves!

Another big day for Satos!

There's never a slow day at All Sato Rescue and this past Friday was a particularly busy one! We were up, as we often are, before the sun was. We had multiple transports sending 21 Satos to shelters in the northeast. We flew 6 puppies to Cape Ann Animal Aid, 4 golden mixes to DVGRR Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue, and 11 puppies to Sterling Animal Shelter! We are so grateful for our shelter partners and those who adopt for giving these pups a second chance!

Welcome to All Sato Rescue, Tatiana!!

One of our volunteers just rescued this little puppy from underneath the expressway in Rio Piedras. She was all by herself and was about to enter the road when we got her. Now she's getting the royal treatment getting a bath, tasty puppy food, and the chance to live in a foster home! We will give her so much love until she's ready to fly to one of our shelter partners!

Lucco has found his forever home!

He now goes by the name, Bubba, after being adopted from Buddy Dog Humane Society, Inc. His adopter writes, We are so in love with him and we can't wait to spoil him rotten. Thank you for rescuing him and his family. I can't imagine my life without him.

Help pass a new law to help Satos

There is an incredibly important bill being proposed that would drastically help Satos and gatos on the island. You can help the effort for this bill to become a law. If passed, this legislation would enact an effective spay/neuter policy and allow veterinarians from the mainland U.S. to come to Puerto Rico and perform high volume spay/neuter clinics. The legislation would also encourage adoption, and place a temporary five year moratorium on the sale of dogs and cats. A coalition would be created to help people stop overpopulation in their communities. This will have a huge impact on the animals of Puerto Rico! Whether you live on the island or not, there are a couple steps you can take to help get this law passed.

1. Urge your own senator and representative to support this bill.

2. Sign this petition created by our friends at another rescue organization.

3. Contact Representative Lydia Mendez (lmendez@camaraderepresentantes.org) and Senator Jose Luis Dalmau (saludsenadopr@gmail.com) who are lawmakers in Puerto Rico. Tell them that you Support S1631 and C2950 because you deeply care about the animals of Puerto Rico.

The Sato Reunions were a success!

We hope to see you next year!

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