We are dedicated to improving the lives, and reducing the numbers, of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.

(Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a mutt.)

Meet Some Happy Pups!


Ellea traveled to the Animal Welfare League in Port Charlotte, Florida where she found a lovely home. In fact, her new mom was so committed to adopting this sata that she sat in front of her computer, refreshing it constantly, so she would know the exact moment when Ellea became available for adoption. She arrived at the shelter at 11am and by 11:11, the deal was done, adoption papers signed, and Ellea had her forever home. This pup is a "princess" who loves everyone and every other dog.


Bailey's new mom wrote to tell us that she is head over heels in love with this little munchkin. She adopted him through our friends at SAVE shelter in Toms River, NJ. Bailey and his six siblings were a bit of a surprise. They were born to a dog that one of our volunteers rescued in April--and no one realized she was pregnant!You can check out a video of them as newborns on our facebook page for April 23, 2020.Everyone, including the mother, has since been adopted.

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Life saving missions!

On July 18, we sent 26 amazing Satos to the Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Myers, Florida. Our volunteers in Puerto Rico arrived at the airport in the evening to check their dogs onto the flight and say goodbye. It's always tough to let go of an animal that you saved and nursed to health...but knowing that these lucky dogs were being met on the other end with open arms and kind words made it much easier. Now these Satos are on their way to wonderful new lives with loving families. These life-saving transports would not be possible without your support.

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We had a record-breaking Thursday.

After weeks of not being able to get many dogs off the island, we sent 7 sweetie pies, including a mom and her 5 babies, to our dear friends at Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue in Reinholds, PA. Then we sent 34 lucky pups to the kind folks at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in Florida. That's a lot of Satos to brighten people's lives. We couldn't do any of this without your steadfast support. Thank you for helping!

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Ayla is thriving!

Here is Ayla after one month of TLC! Look what your generous donations and our tender loving care can do for abandoned animals in Puerto Rico! Your support and encouragement fuels our passion to do more each day.

Keep us rescuing!

Just keep saving!

We are overwhelmed; our homes are filled to the rafters with rescues of al sizes, ages and conditions, but we could not turn our back nor look away when we found out that this poor momma and her babies needed help. She was a case of neglect and later abandonment in the southern town of Lajas, a town that has been severely impacted by the earthquakes and almost daily tremors since last December. Exhausted as we are, mentally, physically and emotionally, we sent for her and found miraculously yet another home to board her while we bring her back to health and care with the same love for her puppies.

Please help us to keep saving such precious lives.

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