We are dedicated to improving the lives, and reducing the numbers, of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.

(Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a mutt.)

Meet Some Happy Pups!


Roo came up with his siblings to Cape Ann Animal Aid in Gloucester, Mass. and found a great home. He has a canine sibling, comfy places to sleep, lots of fluffy toys, and people who adore him.


Katie is one of our senior gals...We so wanted her to have a chance to enjoy a wonderful life. And she has it! Thanks to our partner, Shore Animal Volunteer Enterprise (S.A.V.E.) in Toms River, NJ, Katie has a great home where she is much loved.

Thanks to PetMeds for donating to
All Sato Rescue!

Northeast US address:
313 Summer Street
Somerville, MA 02143


Meet Lucy and Charlotte!

We found these two puppies huddled together against a trash bag in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm. They’re now warm, safe, and eating good meals in their foster home.

7 puppies find hope

7 puppies have been rescued from a desolate area in Ciales! As you can see from the video, this rescuer needed to trek through a heavily wooded area to reach these sweet puppies. The rescuer saw the mom a few days ago in the street looking for food. We don’t believe we’ll be able to rescue her because we think she is feral. The good news is that we have all 7 pups in a foster home and they are safe!

Another busy and meaningful day!

It was another busy and meaningful day for us at All Sato Rescue yesterday. We transported 13 wonderful dogs to our shelter partner in Massachusetts, Cape Ann Animal Aid. In addition, we found this black dog wandering the streets of San Juan and made sure to rescue him so that his journey can one day include a flight to a shelter partner, as well. We’ve named him Ernesto.

In Need of Extra TLC

These five extremely malnourished puppies have been rescued from the side of a road in Lares! As you can see by how skinny they are, we got to them just in time. Can you show your love for these little Sato puppies by helping to sponsor their veterinary care and food expenses, both of which are critical at this point? They were found in front of a house, and they supposedly “belonged” to this person living there, but it’s clear they weren’t getting the care they needed. He didn’t want to give them up, but after some discussion he agreed to let them be rescued. These five puppies are so sweet and are now safely in one of our foster homes. We’ll post more updates soon. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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