We are dedicated to improving the lives, and reducing the numbers, of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.

(Sato is Puerto Rican slang for a mutt.)

Meet Some Happy Pups!


We heard from Tess's new family that they are extremely happy with her! Tess found her home through the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA.


Rookie was rescued from a busy road with his three brothers. They all went to the Animal Shelter in Sterling, MA. All his brothers had been adopted when a family came by to meet him. While they were deciding if he was the right match, their little girl began to cry because she wanted to take Rookie home. He immediately approached her and offered his love. This kind response sealed the deal. Rookie has been drying tears and showing love ever since in his wonderful new home. He loves everyone (humans and dogs alike). He loves to run and play. He loves to sleep in the sun. He loves to play in the grass, in the woods, in the snow. He is a happy boy, who adores his human sister..

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In Need of Extra TLC

These five extremely malnourished puppies have been rescued from the side of a road in Lares! As you can see by how skinny they are, we got to them just in time. Can you show your love for these little Sato puppies by helping to sponsor their veterinary care and food expenses, both of which are critical at this point? They were found in front of a house, and they supposedly “belonged” to this person living there, but it’s clear they weren’t getting the care they needed. He didn’t want to give them up, but after some discussion he agreed to let them be rescued. These five puppies are so sweet and are now safely in one of our foster homes. We’ll post more updates soon. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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4 Days - 71 Satos

We are so excited to announce that in four days this past week we transported 71 Satos to shelter partners on the mainland. These are just some of the faces of those 71 rescue dogs whose lives will be changed forever in the most positive way. We started out last Tuesday by sending 21 puppies to Sterling Animal Shelter. The next day we transported a mom and her four puppies to New England Basset Hound Rescue. That same day we also sent 9 dogs to The Ark Animal Shelter in Maine. Then on Thursday we flew 10 Satos to Cape Ann Animal Aid in MA and 7 to Bideawee in NY. Our hectic week of transport concluded on Friday when we successfully sent 10 pups to Little Shelter and 9 to Worcester Animal Rescue League.

Can you help sponsor these little puppies?

One of our volunteers was out for his morning run in Santurce when he saw this box with a lid on top. He stopped and found these five abandoned puppies inside! On this day of Thanksgiving we want to express our gratitude for our volunteer rescuers who have such huge hearts. They never hesitate to spring into action when they see animals in need. They will need to be vaccinated, fed, properly healed, and eventually transported to a shelter partner on the mainland. Your donation can help make their progress a reality. On Thanksgiving we also want to express our most sincere thanks to all our shelter partners, generous supporters, and anyone who has ever liked or shared our posts online. Each of you plays a crucial role helping Satos and spreading the word about the lifesaving work we’re doing each day. Thank you today and every day!

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Part of the Solution

Our volunteers are on the ground in Cidra helping out during Round 5 of Spayathon for Puerto Rico! People can come to get free spay/neuter and vaccinations for their dogs. These high quality, high volume events continue to have a significant impact in the lives of thousands of animals in Puerto Rico!

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